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After He Cheated

After He Cheated

by Tina
(Menifee, CA, USA)

dating and relationshipsEight years ago we fell in love, I broke us up a few times, but he always came back to me. I ignored the signs that something was wrong and just accepted the distance between us.

Turns out he was cheating for 3 years off and on with the HR director who is 8 years his senior, from his place of work (where we met). I found out after I moved in with him and now I do not want to marry him because I do not like him for what he did. Frankly it repulses me.

Although he has said sorry, I am still too perplexed as he says the only reason he was with another woman is because she wanted him and was more passionate during their sexual encounters, which by the way, were only made possible by his use of Viagra.

I cannot believe that he says he continued to love me throughout and he explains that he was “soulless” all the while fooling me into believing that the only reason he was unavailable to me was because of familly and work related obligations. He hasn’t seen the other woman for almost a year now, but I don’t feel a real connection with him anymore and I’m praying for direction in this dilemma.

Our Relationship Advice to You

Marriage Changes Nothing
by: Roberto

Oh Tina, I know it seems like things are getting better but let’s examine these new developments.

He’s jobless and my guess is that you’re supporting him. He needs you now more than ever? Why? Because he’s living off of you!

You said in your first post that he was drawn to this other woman because of how sexual she was. Believe me, that’s a craving that men all live with. When they feel needed that way, everything is perfect in their relationships. When they don’t, it’s all they think about.

Most people don’t actively decide to cheat. It’s an opportunity that falls into their lap, and based on their moral compass, they either say no or they go for it.

Your guy has shown that he can be tempted…

How can you keep him only about you? He told you exactly what he got from this other relationship. Is this something you can give to him? If not, then he is doomed to stray again.

He wants to feel desired. He has problems with erections and on some level, he blames it on you. Somewhere in his mind, he writes it off as not feeling attraction to you any more.

I know it seems trite that I’m saying that all your problems can be solved through sex, but you’re one of the few people who’s actually been told a pretty honest reason why he cheated. This is your blueprint as to how to save this relationship.

Right now, you have to put this man on a quest. He has to do something to win you back (especially if you’re actually serious about getting married)! Check out the book Rousing the Lion and make him excited to win you back again.


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I Seduced Him!

I Seduced Him!

by Tracey
(Toronto, Canada)

First of all, I wanted to tell you I LOVE your website! I have found so many empowering things here.

So there’s this guy. He works in a building close to my office and I always see him at the cute little coffee shop on the corner. Let me say this right now: I hate drinking coffee, but I found myself getting into the habit of going by there every morning and getting a chai (I can’t live without them now) just so I could see him.
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He cuddled on top of my back

He cuddled on top of my back

dating and relationshipsby JennyJo
New Mexico

I’ve been casually dating a man for a couple of months now. We had a very passionate and physically night of pleasure together that was beautiful! As we ended, I collapsed from exhaustion on my stomach, he followed by laying down on top of me, on my back and holding me like that for some time. It was very nice the way he held me and rested his head on my shoulder. Ive never had anyone cuddle on top of my back before.

What does this body language mean? Was it simply, he was too exhausted to move over to the bed (our last position was doggy style)? Or have I found a man that truly wants to protect me and care for me?


Our Love Advice to You

Sweet Gesture!
by: Rendiva

I loved reading this question!

My boyfriend gets “too hot” and never wants to snuggle after sex, but what better way to feel totally safe after such fun activities!

I think you got a keeper on your hands, but I wouldn’t spend too much time analyzing what it means and just enjoy your cuddler.

It won’t hurt to let him know how much you like it either…


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Loved me, used me, Left me. The one night stand.

Loved me, used me, Left me. The one night stand.

by Diane
(Henderson, Nevada)

dating and relationshipsI went to an online to this Christian dating service, and one of the men (who went to my church) contacted me. We e-mailed back and forth for a bit.

I got an e-mail request to text him and meet him at one of the local casinos to listen to a band play. He told me he was a musician with a country type band so I knew we had the love of music in common.

I got there and he had been drinking a bit but I didn’t realize how much. I found him very attractive and I felt extremely lonely. My only daughter left that day. She had accepted a job in another state, and I felt very alone.

He decided that he wanted to come back to my apartment. We had a nice time talking; he said some inappropriate things about his libido, but I over looked them. He then said he wanted to kiss me. We ended up in my bedroom. Afterward, he appeared a bit cold and left.

I never heard from him, so I texted him a message and he replied back to me that he was really embarrassed about what had happened. He said that it wasn’t like him to do something like that and he blamed the alcohol. Although, he was able to drive home that night–go figure.

He is a truck driver for a living, so be careful on the road, ladies.

He told me never to mention what happened to anyone, and that he was moving on and really didn’t want to have anything to do with me again.

I was just sick, and my spirit was ripped to shreds. I only hope this person does not repeat his behavior again with any other vulnerable women. I warned him not to hurt anyone or bring his messes into the lives of innocent women. I still feel like a piece of garbage, small, vulnerable, and distraught.

It just feels so horrible being used, and I blame myself because I allowed myself to be put in this position. I am working on getting rid of the baggage from this situation I allowed.


Our Dating Advice to You

letting go
by: Sarah

Try and see it as you both found some enjoyment that night.

It was an experience.

Nothing more came from it, and if he does have issues, isn’t it better it was only one night? Don’t be afraid of this happening again or let it stop you because it might. And when it does think.. “well good night- now whats next” and let go.


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Seduce The Teacher

Seduce The Teacher

by Nina Kapoor
(Chennai India)

I was preparing 4 my semester and Mr Andrews, my science professor, was very particular that each one of his students passed the examination.
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First Experiences

First Experiences

by Julia, 15

dating and relationshipsI guess I should start by sharing that I’m 15, and this was my first “Relationship” If you could even call it that.

3 weeks ago, I returned from a month in Mexico where I was learning spanish with 5 other students. I’ll start at the beginning.

I met him at the airport. He’s 2 years older than me, and when we first met he was totally flirting with me, but I never wanted a relationship or guy drama, so I didn’t think much of it.

Looking back on it, I guess I was played. He messed with my feelings, and it all really started the first night we went out. I don’t really drink at home, but because it’s so relaxed in Mexico, I didn’t see a problem with it. But that night he convinced me to do two shots of tequila, and when I was completely drunk, he took care of me.

We went to Acapulco and he kissed me and we danced together the entire night…Later that night we were lying by the pool, holding hands, and he asked me if we should go to my hotel room- I didn’t, because I didn’t want to lose my virginity then.

The next night he ignored me, and was dancing and making out with other girls right next to me. When this older man tried to take advantage of me I asked him for help and he wouldn’t- he was apparently too busy. Later on, I slapped him.
When we talked later I thought we agreed to forget that night and focus on fun because we would be together for two more weeks- but for the next week all he did was ignore me and would barely even look at me.

All that changed a week later- we started talking again and were making out by my house and he told me he really did like me and it wasn’t just for fun.

We went out one night and he kept pressuring me and i told him no, but we still went very far, which was a big deal for me because it was the furthest I had ever gone with someone.
He told me numerous times that we would see each other when we got back. The day after we returned, he said that he would see me after he went to Wisconsin for 3 weeks. During those 3 weeks, he ignored my texts, never called me back, etc.

Yesterday I finally confronted him, and I told him that he should have never said he would see me again, and that he was using me the entire time. His response? “It’s done, why are you so attached, I’m sorry we can’t be together forever, what did you ever want from me”

He would have never even said anything to me if i hadn’t brought it up. He was going to basically ignore me until I went away- he didn’t even respect me enough to break up with me.

It just hurts so much because everything was new to me, and it meant so much. It’s hard to know that while I developed feelings for him, I meant virtually nothing to him.
Greattttt first relationship.


Our Love Advice to You

Set Your Own Standards
by: Sarah

You are young and have so much to learn. Explore until you find the right young man – it is never too late to begin again. Respect yourself and others will too.

Men are odd creatures – most do not know how to handle their own sexuality in a dignified manner. It is up to us women to set and communicate and even then enforce the standard. You must trust that we all attract what we believe we deserve. You deserve all the best!


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He Won’t Talk to Me

He Won’t Talk to Me

he wont talk to meby Shenna Sutton
(San Diego, CA)

I don’t know what else to do. He just won’t talk to me.

My boyfriend and I met a 5 months ago. We have been inseparable ever since. We’ve met each other’s parents. We’ve gone to Europe together. His friends like my friends. It was a perfect match.

A couple weeks ago he said he needed space and that he felt smothered. Of course, I freaked out and called him a coward and now he just won’t talk to me. I’ve talked to all of his friends and his mom and they have all put in a good word for me. I don’t know why he’s doing this and I have no idea what to do to get him back.

We were perfect together and now I feel terrified that I’ve driven him away forever. What can I do? He won’t answer my calls and he won’t talk to me?

Should I go over to his house? I still have his key.

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Caught With His Pants Down!

Caught With His Pants Down!

by Anon

Where do I begin? I met “P” and it was a rollercoaster ride of exciting adventures. He has only just split up with his ex and told me that he had not wanted her to leave. She had moved out.

The early months were slow. He was flaky. He was unavailable at times. But he always came back to me. I made it clear I wanted to go steady. (At 43, with 2 children, I know what I want.) Companionship is very important to me. He was not sure and I called it a day.

He came after me! We had some lovely and very romantic times, but then he went AWOL. He disappeared for a few days. No contact. My mind was working overtime. He came back and I took him back. FOOL I WAS!!

Unfortunately. this was the beginning. One Thursday evening he disappeared again. Did not come home in the night and I knew that something was really really wrong. Call it my female dating and relationshipsintuition.

Call it paranoia.

I felt bad. I wanted to end it, but was struggling with it.. A week later, I had a stroke. Brought on – in part – I have no doubt by the stress of this relationship. I was vulnerable and needy and was off work for 4 months.

He was there for me. Or so I thought. I was still not sure, but something felt wrong. I took an opportunity to read his text messages. And what I found was scary. Lots and lots of text messages from his ex. And from him to his ex… all sorts. I kept it to myself. Next time I was at his house, I read some emails. It was all there. The Thursday he was away he had had sex with her, they were still in almost daily contact.

We tried to make it work. I requested that he broke off all contact with his ex. He vaguely promised. It was not true. I have just discovered that they had been in touch again, that he was suggesting to her that he would take her to a hotel for a pre christmas treat.

Absolutely sick to the core, I have now decided to treat myself with the respect I deserve. How can someone be so callous and selfish?! If he had told me he still had feelings for his ex. If he had been honest, I think it would have been different. We were even going to relate and a week before I discovered the extent of the contact, I said: “It feels like your ex is always with us, like there are three people in this relationship, and that whatever I do, I can never be good enough, can never be secure.”

The counselor and my ex tried to convince me that that was MY ISSUE… I now realize that my intuition was talking to me!! And I should have listened and not ignored it!! Glad and relieved now that I got out before me and my children moved in with him!


Our Cheating Advice to You

You’ve got a Cheater…
by: Roberto

It sounds like he really has no interest in keeping you around at all. It also sounds that you are pretty lucky to find this stuff out now before you guys go any further.

There is a great article on Why Men Cheat that you should look at. It might help.


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Should I let him go?

Should I let him go?

dating and relationshipsby Helen
(South Carolina)

I’ve been involved with this guy, on and off, for just over a year. We started out really strong and pretty much lived together for a short while. The problem is we can’t seem to accept each other for who we are.

He is very cocky and will tell you that he is right almost 99% of the time. Things really have to be done his way.

I have issues with trust due to past relationships and have had a hard time with his “flirty” ways and comments about other women. That’s why we keep breaking up! Although we are not “dating” each other right now, we do see each other and spend the night together.

He might be moving 2 hours away soon for a job. I’m so obsessed with having a relationship again that it’s screwing with me enjoying life when he’s not around!!! Help!!!!!!!!


Our Relationship Advice for You

Relationships making us crazy
by: Crystal

Funny how we can become so obsessive and needy of a relationship when deep down we know it is not good for us.

We turn into someone we don’t even recognize and lose ourselves in the process of wanting a relationship to work “no matter what the cost”.

I’ve been there – wanting the man I can’t have. Hoping, praying that we will stay together this time and he won’t run or I won’t screw it up or this or that….

You are better off to find yourself again. Start doing the things you enjoy doing! Go out with friends, take up an exercise program, or begin a class or hobby that you’ve always been drawn to.

If you are meant to be, you will, but you won’t lose yourself in the process. When you take your life back and focus on you, relationships have a way of either working out or falling away. Whatever happens, know that it is in your best interest. Good luck!



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Not the Person I Fell in Love With

Not the Person I Fell in Love With

by Leann, 16

dating and relationshipsWe were together for almost two years. Here it is new years and our 2 year anniversary is on January 30.

Yeah we are 15 but that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. Yeah we have broken up a few times before but now i feel like this is it. We had been fighting forever and he was too wrapped up in his band, his video games and spending too much time with one friend who really was taking over.

I was jealous of their relationship. Me and his friends get along but this was overboard. I mean when we first starting dating, it was me who had the life: going out having fun and enjoying being a teenager. I was always doing something and he was home by himself. Now i stay at home and wait for him.

It’s like he took my life away and he even agreed to that. I hate that i was waiting around for him to have time for me. It’s like he lost interest in our relationship. I told him how i felt and he said okay. That’s all he said. when he fixes things it’s for a few days.

After i told him how i felt he went back the next day and then a few days after that he wanted things to work. I told him that if we were gonna be together he would need to want to fix things everyday just not half of the time. So we spend all last night and part of this morning talking about how we felt.

I was mad and angry and i wanted to break up. I’m not the type of person to just throw all of it away but i couldn’t be hurt anymore. I wanted it to be mutual. I don’t even know if i should go back i don’t know what to do. He’s just not the person I fell in love with. I am just lost. I wanted my life back and it seemed as he didn’t care. I am tired of people just doing this to me and i thought he wouldn’t ever do this to me.

The last thing I said was we can get back together when you can be the person I fell in love with 2 years ago, i love you. ugh. i feel like crap.


Our Love Advice to You

What can you do…
by: Samantha

I know you’re gonna hate me for saying this, but you’re talking about a teenage boy here.

I had a love like this when I was 15 until… he got a motorcycle for Christmas one year and I barely ever saw him again.

I’m sorry you’re going through this but you won’t get him back by being so needy. He’s acting cool about things so you need to act cooler.

When he doesn’t have you in his life all the time, that’s when he starts to miss you. And that’s when he’ll show up at your doorstep!


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sexy outfits

sexy outfits

sexy outfitsby Minxy Poo, 33
(New Hampshire)

My boyfriend and I live together and we often play forfeit games where the loser has to do whatever the winner wants…

Well I lost and my forfeit is to wear whatever my boyfriend wants for a month. I am quite shy and dress conservatively and my boyfriend says it is time I showed off more. He says I must wear what he wants when we go on holiday in a few weeks as no one will know me.

I know I have got a good body but he has gone on the internet and bought some really outrageous outfits… very high heels micro mini skirts thongs and quarter cup bras and for the beach he has bought a micro bikini! I have tried it on and it barely covers my nipples and is only a brief thong. I want to please him but really dont think I could go out in public dressed as he wants…

Any suggestions?


Our Sexy Answer for You

I LOVE it!
by: Samantha

I really love that you guys are doing this. It’s a great way to keep the relationship fun and exciting.

The trick is to only do as much as you’re comfortable with.

I, for one, probably wouldn’t roll out onto a beach with my biscuit hanging out all over the place, but you are going somewhere that you don’t know anybody…

I would say yes to everything but the micro bikini, but don’t let that stop you from modeling it for him in the hotel room!

Have fun on your vacation! I’m so jealous.


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Things Fizzled Out

Things Fizzled Out

by Marcimarci80
(Costa Mesa, CA)

dating and relationshipsOnline date seemed to go well… I’m 30 and he is 28. On the first day we started emailing each other! Long paragraphs were written. The next day numbers were exchanged. We passed pictures and he called me twice every day.

We finally met Friday night and had a good time playing pool! I can tell he was interested he kept touching my shoulder and waist. He helped me out and he would get very close to my face and kept complimenting me.

He even asked, “Could I see you next Friday?” I said yes and he jumped up with excitement.

After that we texted each other. We would take turns messaging each other. I dared asked him on Wednesday if we were still on for Friday and he said he had a family thing going on. Then his messages dwindled down. He then said a family emergency came up and apologized about not getting back to me. So I said no problem and I haven’t heard from him and four days passed and text message him how his family problem was doing and no response.

But the thing is that I see him online on the dating site? I don’t know if he freaked out that it was going too fast? I just don’t understand everything seemed to go super well.

Should of done a little more on my part…


Our Dating Advice to You

You’re on the right path
by: Roberto

The problem with Internet dating is that it often starts out kind of slow. You might have already told him all the best things about you by email. By the time you two meet, there’s nothing left to talk about.

The key now is to never let the line go slack. If you like this guy, then keep things flirty. Message him about how you were thinking about him. Keep things fun and easy and don’t get too caught up in the fact that he’s still online or not as responsive.

As long as he sees how fun you are, he will keep you in his thoughts. A great book on this is The Right Man Online. It will show you how to captivate his interest and get him to keep coming back.


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How do I Get to Know Him?

How do I Get to Know Him?

get to know him betterby Leah
(New York)

So, to be frank, I’ve never been on a date before. I’m 18, shy, timid, and to be honest, I’m not that great looking (and I’m telling the truth, not trying to be humble or modest or anything).

There’s this guy who seems to be in his early 20s who works as a cashier in my college’s cafeteria, who other girls have called creepy looking, but I think is kind of attractive. He seems awkward, like me, but helpful too. The only problem is I have no idea how to get to know him.

The most I can imagine saying to him is “Hi” and “Thank you.” He doesn’t seem like he’d be easy to start a conversation with, but I usually go in when they’re not so busy.

There’s usually someone in the register next to his which doesn’t help if I want to have a private conversation with him. He doesn’t seem like the type who would like an overly flirty girl, and there’s no way I would be brave enough to just go up and ask him out and give him my number anyway.

Do you have any suggestions on how I could handle this situation?


Our Dating Advice to You

Shy guys are tough work.
by: Roberto

You never really know where you stand with a shy guy until you either get that first date or you get rejected.

The secret is not to get rejected…

Check out these two articles: one is about how to get a shy guy and the other is about how to get him to ask you out.

Beyond that, there’s no better solution than to just start talking to him. If he ever gives any clues as to what he likes (on a t-shirt or he says he’s about to go do something), chat him up on this subject. He’s probably dying to talk to you too but just doesn’t know where to begin.

I hope this gives you some great direction!


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Cheating with an ex, for love? Revenge? I’m not sure

Cheating with an ex, for love? Revenge? I’m not sure

by Justsomerandomgirl
(Middle of Nowhere)

dating and relationshipsMy ex is like my drug. We have ten years of history, and try as I might to get over him, I can’t forget him.

I have cheated in the past, but when I started dating my current boyfriend, I had sworn I was over that stage in my life. I broke all communication with my ex and got ready to settle down and be serious.

A year later, my ex came back into my life. The first time we got together was when he came home to visit (he lives far away), and we hadn’t seen each other in two years. I had heard my boyfriend had been unfaithful and barring any real proof had let him go with a “one chance only” deal.

The pain and uncertainty was still there. I thought it would be innocent revenge. The foolishness of that statement alone is now obvious to me. My boyfriend had told me he had just “cuddled” with this woman so I let my ex come and “cuddle” me. But it was more than just revenge, the feelings were still there. We stayed up all night, holding hands by the fire, dancing in the kitchen, and staring into each other’s eyes. He asked me to move to where he was, and be together again, I found myself wishing with all my heart that I could. That night, there was some inappropriate touching but nothing serious and no kissing or additional foul play of any kind.

A year later and he came home again. Over the past year my boyfriend had caught us communicating and flirting, and was wary of him. I met him, swearing it would be innocent. I evaded his kisses all night, with a smile, but when he dropped me off and started spewing emotions again, I let that kiss happen and drank in every minute of it. I will never regret that kiss (or the others that followed that one); the passion was so overwhelming and beautiful. I know most call it immoral, I can’t help thinking that few things in life could ever feel so right. And life is so short.

After this, I had more or less set myself up for failure. A kiss was wrong, but not so unforgivable in my eyes. We started talking almost every day. My love for him began to grow again, and eat at me as I went through the motions with my boyfriend. By this point, some might say I should have left my boyfriend, but I had grown to love him very much too. When we would get in fights, I would always think of that kiss as my “secret revenge” for anything he would do. We didn’t fight much though, and often just about my ex, and how I wouldn’t cut off communication. By now there seemed to be no doubts in my boyfriends mind about how attached I was to this man. Love is a hard thing for me to hide.

My ex asked me again to move to where he was, and be with him. Jobs weren’t available here, he said, he had looked. But I was in school, and things were complicated so I said no, though my heart ached to be with him.

I saw him again, this time on his own turf. We spent a short time together and slept together. I tried to resist it again but even I know it was only half hearted this time. For me, it is not about the physical part as much as the emotional connection. That being said, the physical part was explosive…

Since then it has been hard for me, because my thoughts are with this man more often than I would like. I have seen him one more time since then, and I felt disappointed by that encounter. My ex was extremely drunk, and rather pushy with me. He isn’t exactly a meek man to begin with, but this was just him wanting me in bed. The conversations leading up to that meeting may have something to do with that though, so I accept the blame there.

Again, recently, he has suggested I move, this time I am considering. So why do I stay with my boyfriend you may ask? I guess because I do love him. Also because I don’t want to be alone, and getting back with my ex would be sure to cause me pain as he is unreliable regardless of how much I love him.

I have considered confessing, or breaking up with my boyfriend, or breaking it off with my ex. But each choice seems so hard to make. I am sure that sounds like a coward’s excuse. Maybe it is. I guess in short, I started this out of revenge and opened a door to something I don’t have the strength to walk away from.

I am being selfish, I know this. I know it isn’t right. My boyfriend loves me so much, and wants to move in together, or get married, and after a few years now, I just don’t feel ready to do this. Maybe I should leave him. I’m sure anyone reading this would suggest that for his sake, but I can’t imagine my life without him.

I need to stop being so self destructive, but part of me likes the secrecy. I know how bad that sounds!!! I have a lot of figuring out to do I suppose…


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Just a girl with a broken heart

Just a girl with a broken heart

by chelsea
(Ionia, MI, USA)

dating and relationshipsMy ex and I broke up a couple months ago. My story is quite different from most. He was depressed when I first met him. After his grampa died, he lost his love for life.

He felt alone and lived with a pain in his heart everyday. I met him when his friend, the person I was seeing at the time kept ditching me to smoke weed with a different girl. He felt bad and would stay behind with me when they would leave right in front of me.

We would meet at this little restaurant place and talk about everything together. He was really good at art and when I told him how interested I was in his work, he was surprised. He said no one had ever really paid attention to it before. He opened up to me right away.

I had never met someone so interesting in my life. We made this little cartoon together named “Herald” and he would always draw him in notes he’d give me at school to make my day better. We were both kinda quiet people and a little depressed so when we got to hang out, it meant the world to both of us.

My mom did not want me to be around him at all because of his appearance. He always wore black or band shirts. He had gauges in his ears and lip piercings. The kind of guy u wouldn’t expect someone like me to fall for. I always wore dresses and bright colors and hung out with the more popular people even though my personality doesn’t fit the part.

I only had 2 hours per day to hang out with him so my mom wouldn’t find out. He had to see a counselor and every time he went to see him, he’d always talk about me and how I saved him. Even though he loved me, he was still depressed. One night, his mom found a suicide note he wrote to me and sent him to Pine Rest Mental Institute. I didn’t no how long he’d be in there so I felt so alone every time I went to school. He called me to tell me he was ok and that he loved me.

He was diagnosed with depression and he doctors tried to tell him that he didn’t really love me. He tried to hit the doctor and got put in solitary confinement.

The day he came back to school, I ran to him and started crying in his arms. He then tried to change into a person my mom would accept so he could be with me. He took out his gauges, he changed his clothes and his hair. He started running track with me and losing weight.

Every morning I walked in the school, his eyes wood light up like he’s seen the most amazing thing ever. He made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world. He’d always be waiting with a water and my favorite kind of pop tarts.

After a tough year, I got to see him graduate. I was so proud of him for making it through after all he had been through. Summer started and I was only able to see him once a week. After awhile, we were going to fall apart if I didn’t tell my mom. I ended up telling her and she blew up at me for keeping this from her. Eventually she excepted our relationship and let me stay over there when I wanted. I practically lived at his house in the end. We acted like a married couple.

Once college started, he started acting differently towards me. He was stressed all the time. His mom and I found out he was smoking pot and lying to us about it. He eventually got caught again and his time the police were involved and his mom kicked him out. He didn’t wanna lose me so he got help, but he was never the same.

He started ignoring me and only wanted time playing video games and guitar with his friends. I lost my best friend but he changed and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m just a girl with a broken heart. I’d just like to know how at one time he loved me with all his heart and now he’s content with me walking away…


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