Get Your Ex Back?

How to get your ex back

get your ex backSo you got dumped and now you are faced with the reality that you desperately want to get your ex back. Take it from us: it’s a hard road ahead but it’s not impossible. As a matter of fact, it’s easier than you think.

Provided you can do one thing…

Get ahold of yourself!

The reality is that you’re hurt. You’re reeling from the pain of the breakup. You’re going crazy wondering what he’s doing right now. The thought of your ex boyfriend with another girl is killing you. You’re depressed and maybe even severely depressed…

Girl, you’re not standing on solid ground! Take a step back. Take in a few deep breaths and lets get ready to build a game plan to get you ex back into your life. This is not a last ditch effort before you lose him forever. This is not an attempt to throw everything you can at him and maybe he’ll just get so worn down, he’ll relent and come back.

Nope! This is a special three-pronged approach to not only get your ex back, but keep him permanently happy in your relationship. After all, there’s no reason to bring him back into your life unless he’s back for good no matter what happened in the past, whether it was fighting, cheating, lying or just general boredom.

How to get your ex back, part one

You need perspective! All the blubbering in front of him and his friends is not working! The pleading and stalking stops TODAY! It’s not too late to get your ex boyfriend back, but it will be if you continue to make an ass out of yourself at every corner. So STOP. The NO CONTACT rule is in effect as of immediately.

The reality of breakups is that there is a brilliant science behind it. We all pretty much act the same way in these situations. What this means for you is that there is a science to getting him back! If you put forth any of the psychological principles put forth in Michael Fiore’s brilliant new book, Text Your Ex Back, you will find super-secret counter-intuitive methods that you can use right away to change your ex’s mind about you and your relationship.

These methods are based on psychological principles that are proven to push his buttons. Let’s face it, he doesn’t want to talk to you. He feels lousy about ending your relationship. He always seems to be “busy” and runs away from you as fast as he can as soon as he sees you. By all accounts, it looks like it’s really and truly… over.

That is why you need Michael’s book. In just a few short hours, you’ll discover that the hardest part about trying to get him back into your life is that you are very emotional and he doesn’t want to see you in this wrecked state. If there was a less in-your-face way to communicate with him, then he won’t have to feel uncomfortable and you can actually reach him in a fun and playful way. This is an absolutely brilliant way that gives all the simple steps to rebuild your broken relationship. As we will say in a little bit, there is no amount of money in the world that is worth true love. If you’ve lost your true love, don’t let anything stand in the way of your goal to get your ex back.

Part two: Get yourself back

So you’ve downloaded Text Your Ex Back and you’re already blown away, what do you do next? It’s time to get back to being that hot, invincible little number he fell so madly in love with. I know, it’s hard to want to feel invincible again when you are struggling just to get out of the sweats you’ve been wearing for the past three days. It’s the ONLY way to get your ex back.

So what happened to make him lose interest? Did you change in any significant ways? Have you changed the way you feel about the world? Did you use to be super sunny and now you’re cynical and depressed? Maybe you found or lost religion. Maybe your job or finances have you so bogged down, you used to take it out on him. Maybe you put on some weight…

The fact remains: something about you changed. What I want you to do right now is look for a picture of yourself from near the time that you two met and started your new romance. DON’T LOOK AT HIM, just look at you. Obviously, you were younger, but I want you to crawl into that girl’s head and think about her goals and dreams. Think about the things she loved about herself the most. Think about what was really magical about you that made him fall so hard in love with you. I don’t want to hear you say “nothing” either! That girl is who you need to rediscover.

Sure, we all change and grow and you are going to have to do a lot of changing and growing to keep any love alive, but what we need here is for you to realize¬†your essence! There is something about you that all men find irresistible. You simply need to know you had it once, but you never lost it. All the things about you that are awesome are still there, you just need to knock the rust off and get going. It’s the only way to keep him once you get your ex back.

I’m not saying you have to go back to the old you either because sometimes changes HAVE to happen in your world in order for you to blossom. We simply want to reconnect with your awesomeness and show a little reverence to the girl he fell in love with. Now there are a ton of books about this out there and they all have one or two awesome ideas that will help you become the woman who can get your ex back, but why not go straight for the book that compiles all those great ideas into one place. If you have read much of this website, you’ll know there are only a handful of books that we love and recommend over and over. One of those is The Art of Irresistible.

In short, if you wanna get back with your ex, read it, live it, love it! That is all…

Getting him back: The cost of love

How much would you pay to have and keep that one perfect love? Everything? (You better have said everything!) Anything short of everything is a failure that’s bound to repeat itself throughout your life. You need to get your ex back, and you know you have to work at it, so don’t get stingy now! It’s time to get some books¬†and actually read them! The truth is that most people are desperately lazy. Do you think your ex is interested in dating someone so lazy?

We’ll buy a $5000 television set (that only helps expand out bottoms) or a $28,000 car (when a cheaper one would have worked just as well), but we won’t spend a DIME on making our lives better. This entire website is dedicated to the idea that the better YOU are, the better man you can attract and the better your relationships will be. It’s time to work on you no matter what it costs.

That cost is not just in money either. Yes, there are the two great books on how to get your ex back that we recommend on this page and they are mandatory reading, but there is also the investment of your time and effort to get your ex back. To be blunt, there is no one in this world that can’t benefit by making themselves sexier! This involves every aspect of your life. Obviously, now is the most perfect time you will ever get to make a commitment to being active and healthy.

What if instead of moping around your house for the next month, you spent that time getting in ridiculous shape. And then that one day comes and your ex sees you out in public looking gorgeous? I guarantee you that he will feel the pain of his decision.

It doesn’t just stop there! Get your hair done! Get a makeover and some new make up! Buy some new, sexy clothes and definitely throw away any clothing that doesn’t say “sexy minx” to the world! If you lost the sexy in your relationship, you need to bring it back in an avalanche!

After that little tirade, there is one other thing to consider: what about your personal affairs? If your job life and financial life are complete train wrecks, there is no way a guy is going to commit to you knowing your debt will eventually become his debt. Here is a great article on how to fix your finances you should definitely check out. In order to get your ex back, it helps if he can see you as the “total package.”

Get your ex back: The final step

This is probably the most important step to get your ex back: you need to make him feel like he is earning your love. You’ve probably heard that no one wants to eat in an empty restaurant? Along those same lines, no one truly cherishes something they didn’t work hard to get or spend a lot of money on.

He’s hurt you. He left you alone to all of your suffering. And once you get your ex back, are you gonna let him back in unconditionally? I don’t think so! He has to regain your love and trust, but how can you have this happen in a way that’s both easy and engaging for him? Let’s face it, if he comes back, he’s not going to stick around if you constantly remind him of his failures. He’s not going to give you the love you deserve if you are a total bitch to him for leaving you.

So how do you make him feel like he’s earned your love back and make him love it? The answer comes from a book so brilliant, it should be illegal! This is just about the best book in the world for “training” your man. You need Rousing the Lion. It teaches you how to talk to a man in a way that makes him want to do everything for you… and he’ll love doing it!

So you want your ex back? You have some reading to do and some soul searching for why he fell in love with you in the first place. You don’t need to become what you used to be. That’s impossible; you are smarter now. What you can do is turn yourself into someone irresistible to him and start a brand new love affair with your ex better, stronger, and more incredible than the first time you met! There’s no use to get your ex back unless you get him all the way back!

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