sexy outfits

sexy outfits

sexy outfitsby Minxy Poo, 33
(New Hampshire)

My boyfriend and I live together and we often play forfeit games where the loser has to do whatever the winner wants…

Well I lost and my forfeit is to wear whatever my boyfriend wants for a month. I am quite shy and dress conservatively and my boyfriend says it is time I showed off more. He says I must wear what he wants when we go on holiday in a few weeks as no one will know me.

I know I have got a good body but he has gone on the internet and bought some really outrageous outfits… very high heels micro mini skirts thongs and quarter cup bras and for the beach he has bought a micro bikini! I have tried it on and it barely covers my nipples and is only a brief thong. I want to please him but really dont think I could go out in public dressed as he wants…

Any suggestions?


Our Sexy Answer for You

I LOVE it!
by: Samantha

I really love that you guys are doing this. It’s a great way to keep the relationship fun and exciting.

The trick is to only do as much as you’re comfortable with.

I, for one, probably wouldn’t roll out onto a beach with my biscuit hanging out all over the place, but you are going somewhere that you don’t know anybody…

I would say yes to everything but the micro bikini, but don’t let that stop you from modeling it for him in the hotel room!

Have fun on your vacation! I’m so jealous.


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