Inspirational Stories About Love

Inspirational Stories About Love

inspirational stories about loveLove has a way of creating inspirational stories. Have you ever been so happily lost in love that your life became awesome in every way? Great love of a great guy can make everything perfect.

Your job sucks, your car’s breaking down, someone stole your stuff, your faucet leaks? none of that matters because you have found a perfect love and nothing can bring you down.

These are your inspirational stories. How did you get here? When did you know for sure that you were in love? What has this perfect love inspired you to do? Share your motivational story with the world.

Why is your story so important? Because there are tons of people out there who are sick of being lonely and ready to give up dating and relationships all together. Your awesome story means all the difference to someone who has just got out of another lousy relationship. It brings hope to everyone who just can’t seem to find anybody. Your motivational story will get that woman sitting in front of her computer and out of her house to go find a great guy for her very own.

You know love. Your inspirational love story might just change the world?

Has love inspired you?

Tell us your favorite inspirational story on how love has changed your life!

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     Our Favorite Inspirational Stories Submitted by Our Readers

    • For New Lovers!

      Have you recently entered into a new romantic relationship? Researchers at University of Toronto are conducting an online study looking at the development of relationships over time. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years of age, and you must not have been in your relationship for longer than six months at the ...
    • Possible Soul Mate

      Possible Soul Mate by Cheryl (North York, Ontario) I’ve been separated for just over 2 years. Life has really changed for me. My husband of 20 years is now looking after our two teenage boys and I have been living on my own for the past 17 months. I just turned 49. Weekly, if not daily, I go through ...
    • Worth Waiting For

      Worth Waiting For by Sandy (California) In 1994 I was involved with a local online club through which I met many friends, my ex husband, and the man I’m with now. Many of us used to get together for parties, pizza, and going to clubs. At one pizza outing, my original date had stood me up and I saw ...
    • Meant to be

      Meant to be by Janice, 35 (Canada) My boyfriend and I were meant to be. He and I met when we were 15 and 16 through mutual friends. I thought he was funny, a bit of a smart@ss, but a good guy. All through High School we got along great. I thought the world of him, just never thought ...
    • In Love with my Uncle

      In Love with my Uncle by Sanjida (Bangladesh) My name is Sanjida. I am not in the age to fall in love… but I am in love just the same. The man I love is my uncle. It’s so bad to fall in love with an uncle. He is not old, he is young. Love is blind. His name is ...

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