Getting in Shape

“I know getting in shape is the best way to attract a man

Getting in ShapeSo why do I always get discouraged soon after you start getting in shape?

The answer is simple. You must stop viewing losing weight as a band-aid to your problems instead of a lifestyle. You can’t just eat an apple a day for a week and expect your problem to go away. It is imperative that you see this as a lifelong and permanent part of the new you.

Since we’re looking lifelong here, it kinda takes off a lot of the pressure. There is no more, “I need to be a size two by Thursday.” If you really need to get to size two, you can do it, but we’re going to take the long way there. In the process, we are going to develop a healthy eating and exercising regimen that will work it’s way into your daily routine.

The first step in all of this: NO MORE DIETING! No more wacky schemes to make the pounds melt away only to come back a week later. You need to eliminate the bad food from your diet. It’’s as simple as that. Cut back on the Doritos and ice cream and stop going to get fast food. One more time: no more fast food. If you absolutely have to eat fast food for whatever reason, most of them now serve salads. Even if you’’re just not a salad girl, this is the only thing you can eat at a fast food place that won’’t make you feel like a jerk later.

If you’re starting from the very beginning so to speak, you owe it to yourself to get the book, The 3 Week Diet! It’s funny, it’s easy, and it’s brilliant. Even if you think you eat healthy enough, but still have trouble shedding the pounds, this book teaches you the foods that increase your metabolism and really will create a whole new world for you.

The biggest problem with eating healthy is that you figure out a few meals, eat them like crazy and then get sick of them. You have to make this fun. Get as much variety as you can. If you search for “healthy recipes” in any search engine, There are hundreds of awesome websites with recipes to tons of yummy food. The trick is to switch it up and get as much variety as you can handle. How can you get sick of eating healthy when you know about this awesome recipe you haven’t made yet?

Learn to cook

This is where you say something like, “I can’t cook.” I knew you were going to say that. Have you ever thought that your inability to cook is probably the biggest factor in you being overweight? By not knowing how to make yourself a tasty healthy meal, you have limited your options to processed foods that not only have a lot of fat, they are also packed with chemicals.

Consider taking a few cooking classes. There are hundreds of places you can learn to cook. Local schools and colleges are always putting on cooking courses. Local grocery stores often put on small-sized classes that teach the essential skills for cooking. Watch the health-conscious cooking programs on TV and actually make the recipes! Or perhaps you just want to start small. In that case, we recommend Fat Burning Kitchen. Just read their page and know there are so many ways you could be creating better meals for yourself. Another great book is Metabolic Cooking. Create recipes that actually help you burn off excess fat. Now that’s awesome!

Drinks have calories!

Now I really mess with your head… Stop drinking those extra-large super-sugary coffee drinks. Did you know that a 16 oz. Java Chip Frappuccino® Blended Coffee with whipped cream has 460 calories, 19 grams of fat and 55 grams of sugar? That’s the small size! Everyone of those equals a complete meal. A simple 16 oz. Mocha has around 300 calories whereas a normal cup of drip coffee has only 5 calories. If you need your fix, switch to the regular stuff.

The sodas, energy drinks, and even many of the “healthy teas” are all packed with sugar. To top it all off, anything you drink doesn’t give you that full feeling so you still feel hungry after your calorie-pack-ultra-power drink. Perhaps it’s time to get back to your roots and start drinking water again…

Three square meals makes you fat

The other problem with losing weight is the three-big-meals-a-day system. We gorge ourselves three times every day so we’ve trained our stomachs to like that full feeling. If you split this up into several small meals a day, your body not only has energy to burn all day, you also get used to not needing to fill your stomach all the way up.

We recommend the Clinically Proven Medifast Meal Replacement Diet. I know, we said no diets it’s true, but to label this a diet isn’t as accurate as calling it a system. With MediFast, you learn better eating habits without having to count or weigh or obsess. You simply munch away at some tasty food (the soups are a little bland, but taste better if you add some veggies to it) and train yourself how to eat right. The best part is that by going through this system, you make a permanent change in the way you look at food so once you’re done with it, you have the necessary skills to keep the weight off permanently. How many weight loss systems encourage you to make a permanent change in your habits? You should seriously check it out!

Now we come to the scary part. And this one is unavoidable.

You have to get active

A healthy diet is only about 20% of weight loss. The rest comes from physical activity. You don’’t need to get out and run a marathon. You don’’t need to lift weights until you look like an Ultimate Warrior. You do need to get out of the house.

Find an activity that you enjoy and join a team. There are groups in your city right now that get together and play tennis or go swimming or even walk around the park for an hour everyday.

So what’s keeping you from being active and getting in shape? Think of all the reasons why you just can’t do it and write them down. You don’t have the proper gear? Go out and buy some shoes. Embarrassed about how you look? There are many “women only” gyms popping up all over the place. Join one of them and get started.

There are millions of reasons you tell yourself not to do anything. If you conquer each little problem separately and systematically, you’’ll find you ran out of excuses and now you have to get out of the house.

If you just don’’t have the patience, the time, or the dedication, or maybe even a downright fear of working out, then think of this. All men (all humans for that matter) are attracted most to healthy people. We can’’t help it. Our genes want us to reproduce with whomever can give us the most superior children. If you are sick of being lonely or just sick of the quality of men you seem to attract: the better you look and the healthier you are, the higher you can climb that ladder. Don’’t let your fears get in the way of you finding love with a great man.

Don’t give up on your workout routine

So you’ve taken care of all the “issues” that are keeping you from getting out there and getting in shape. You found an activity or a workout that seems to be doing the trick. You’ve got more energy and you are starting to see a difference in the shapeliness of your body.

and then BOOM!

You reach a certain point where all of those gains seem to slow down. The visible signs you are getting in shape aren’t so pronounced. You start to get discouraged. You start to get bored with the same workout everyday and slowly… you stop going to the gym. You make excuses why you “just don’t have the energy to work out” or you had a hard day at work so you decide to treat yourself with some good, old fashioned sloth.

A couple weeks pass and you are back to sitting at home watching TV, consumed by the guilt you had before. This time it’s worse. You were actually making progress! Now you can feel the weight slowly filling back in.

Don’t let this be you!

This time you are committed to getting in shape no matter what. There is a great man out there waiting for you to hit the peak of your self-confidence and then he’’ll roll in and scoop you up! This is how these things work!

So how do you get past the hump and truly commit to making fitness a permanent lifestyle change? It’s not failure to admit you need help. What are your options? You can just power through those feelings of discouragement. You can get a personal trainer. They can get expensive, but remember, you are making a promise to get healthy and this is a great investment in your life. Or you can do what we do. We use the 27 “lifestyle hacks” workout system.

In this course, A professional personal trainer gives you all the hidden secrets in how to transform your body without experiencing all the failure that creeps in while trying to reach your weight loss goals. This is a great step towards getting in shape that you will really enjoy!

If you’’ve finally hit that place in your dating history where it comes down to changing or resigning to dying alone, it all starts with making yourself awesome. If you resolve to get healthy, get in shape, get happy, and love yourself, you won’’t have to go looking for a man, they’’ll flock to you. That you can bank on!

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