Understanding Men

Learning about how people think is the first step to understanding men.

We have all been told from a very young age that men and women are equal. We are all humans and essentially exactly alike. In the dating world, this is dangerous thinking and the wrong way to go to understanding men. The stark reality is there is a big difference in how men think versus how women think.

The following is a semi-scientific (and not too boring) look into the inner workings of a man’s mind. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “what is he thinking?” this should be something you should have a fundamental grasp of, so definitely read the whole thing. But when it comes right down to it, figuring out how the mind of a man works and learning the easy steps on understanding men isn’t as important as learning a new way to influence his mind… it’s not as creepy as it sounds! Men love to conquer and if you can figure out a way to always have him feel like he’s questing for you, he will be permanently smitten with you.

OK, back to the science. To put it simply, men and women have different goals when it comes to what we need from a relationship. Not only that, men and women have completely different sets of “basic commands” pushed on us from our own genetic drives.

We certainly have all of that great free will, but have you ever found yourself doing something or getting into a situation you just knew was stupid? In some cases, the will of your genetic makeup tries to take over and do things that make no sense at all.

When we look at a man’s brain and what is he thinking, these directives go through an entirely different set of filters. If you’ve ever wondered how men think, or why men do the things they do, things are about to get interesting. (It’s also about to get a little technical.)

Psychology describes in each person’s brain there are actually three different brains, each handling a different process. This makes it so we don’t need to think about breathing or walking. It also helps us to immediately react when the body senses danger so we don’t always need to think of saving ourselves. For our purposes, we only need to think about how this fits into mating, understanding men, and how feelings of desire and love are formed.


understanding menThe Lizard Brain

The first part of the brain is the “lizard” part. It doesn’t deal with any complex thoughts, just plain old survival. It keeps us safe and fed, but it also does the most basic calculations when it comes to choosing a mate such as desire and lust. It does simple basic comparisons like:


  • “Is this person healthy?”
  • “Is this person dangerous?”
  • “Does this person have good genetics (can I create successful offspring with him/her?”
  • Most importantly, it asks, “Am I sexually attracted to this person?”


The Monkey Brian

The next part of the brain is the “monkey” part. It handles a bit more complex thinking and forms your subconscious mind. It is the basis of your emotions and also the home of your self-esteem. This is where you decide things like:


  • “Does this person understand me?”
  • How does this person make me feel?
  • Its main function is to ask, “Am I emotionally attracted to this person?”


The (Wo)Man Brain

The last part of the brain is what separates us from the lizards and the monkeys. Here is where we make all the super-complex decisions and also where we house our function to think. This brain looks the prospective partner over and asks:


  • “Will I be intellectually stimulated by this person?”
  • “Is this person in my ‘clan’ or in a group I am interested in?”
  • “What does this person make me think?”
  • Its basic function is to determine, “Am I intellectually attracted to this person?”


So what does this all have to do with getting a cute guy to hang out with you? First of all, it determines the order in which men get “hooked.” Typically when a woman sees a cute guy, her first thoughts are based on more intellectual factors than his endowments. She starts from the human part of her brain, goes to her monkey brain and determines her emotions on the subject, and then checks in with her lust.

When a man sees a woman, his split-second calculations start from the sexual and work their way into the intellectual. The attraction blueprints for men and women are opposites of each other. The common cliché on understanding men is that men think with their privates isn’t entirely true. It’s more like they think with their… um… lizards.

Men don’t think like you do

What can you do with this crazy knowledge? What does it have to do with understanding men? First of all, it helps to recognize that men don’t think like you do. While we’re here, it’s pretty safe to say that men are never thinking what you’re thinking. So for the next date you’re on, here’s a good reason to quit obsessing over something and be totally 100% there. He’s really not thinking what you’re thinking!

You can use this information to grab hold of his monkey brain and make a deep emotional connection with him before he starts checking in with logic. How? By having an incredible amount of confidence! After taking the Unstoppable Confidence course, you will see that men are somehow drawn to you. Confidence is emotional status. You can be so-so in the looks and smarts department, yet still hook him with how confident you are.

How does this work? When you act like you’re a pretty big deal, you trick the monkey brain into wondering “why?” You create intrigue and more questions where there usually are just split-second yes or no questions. Let’s face it, confident people are more trustworthy. What? No way! OK, maybe not “trustworthy,” but you can trust a confident person to act and react confidently. A shy person gives you no indication how they might react to something. The brain knows this and doesn’t even consider the shy person as a potential partner.

To put it plainly, a confident person “gets it.” She shows not only a fundamental knowledge of understanding men, but of herself. That gets us back to trustworthy. A girl who understands herself is way less likely to be unstable or crazy.

So we’ve connected with the monkey brain by getting it to really notice you, now it’s time to do the slam dunk and really captivate his chimp. The Rousing the Lion program is like starting a fire with gasoline! When you captivate a man emotionally, you own him. This isn’t manipulation here, this is getting in touch with your inner cheerleader. If you’re really interested in understanding men, being his support system is by far the most important weapon in getting a great guy.

Most guys are just OK in their relationships, but the key to understanding men is knowing that the ones who stay infatuated are that ones that know you will always have his back. Just saying it isn’t enough. This audio program gives you tons of specific examples on how to keep him infatuated with you.

You should also note the importance of looking clean and healthy. Great hair and shiny skin speak directly to Mister Lizard. If you need more tips on how to look your best, check in with how to be beautiful and how to look healthy. Once you can show a guy that you have a great understanding of men, your “cool chick” factor skyrockets!

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