Signs He is Into You

Are there any signs he is into you to look out for?

Question submitted by Trini, 29, Victoria, British Columbia

signs he is into youA very simple (body) language

What are some signs that he is into you? Trying to decode guy into English can be difficult sometimes, especially it you have one of those “silent types” on your hands. However, if you know how to look, guys aren’t so difficult to figure out.

The key thing to look out for when looking for signs he is into you is how much he’s around. If a guy is really into you, he will make it a point to be seen as much as he possibly can… even to the point of maybe being a little creepy.

And as long as you have him coming back for more, you have a great chance at landing this guy! Are you truly ready for him? Having a guy who likes you won’t make any difference if you don’t have the skills to seal the deal. You need some expert advice on How to be The Woman Men Adore to really understand on a fundamental level how to keep a man infatuated with you.

Is he showing any effort?

Has this guy done anything special to catch your eye? Maybe he dresses better around you or is wearing some kind of cologne. If you can spot anything he’s doing to draw attention to himself, you can bet this is one of the sure signs he is into you.

Some guys are way more subtle, but there is an inescapable urge to try to impress the girl he’s got the hots for that drives men to incredible (and often embarrassing) excess. For a guy who doesn’t have all of his cards on the table, you need to decode a little deeper. Pay attention to the things you find impressive about him. Did you figure it out on your own, or did he tell you about the thing that impressed you?

This indicates his effort to impress you. Even if it’s something very small, but has affected you all the same, just pay attention to how you get your information.

Stare at him

This might feel like it’s way too forward for you, but it works perfectly on any guy. Even when it backfires, it will let you know whithout a doubt whether he’s into you or not.

The trick here is to do it in a semi-intimate situation. This can be anywhere where there’s not a zillion people all watching you. Stare him down using your cute look or even a “predator” look. We don’t want you to look like a maniac, so practice it in the mirror (and no, it’s not ANY look that involves you making a kissy face: that never looks good on anyone).

So while you are gazing at him in a reasonably private situation, how does he react? If he looks away first and then looks right back at you, you are probably dealing with a shy guy who is definitely showing signs he is into you! If he stares you down until you look away, it’s a little bit more difficult to decipher. He might just be a very confident guy. So when you look away and then look back, it’s very crucial to smile a little bit and “flash” your eyes. For an explanation of this, check out eye contact flirting to learn how to say everything with your eyes.

The final (and not so great) thing that could happen is that he makes a smarmy comment about you staring at him. But even then, you still might have a chance. It’s all in how he says whatever he says. If he says it in a funny way while smiling, the you are in! If he says it in a mean way or insults you loud enough for others to hear, then he might actually just be a jerk. Now you know that a jerk doesn’t like you and you’ve saved all the time looking for signs he is into you.

He might give you no clue when he makes his comment, in that case, it’s probably best to simply assume he’s not showing signs he is into you. Besides, dating guys who never show any indication of interest usually aren’t good at showing affection either. Dating guys with the emotional range of a carrot makes for a painfully boring relationship anyway…

When looking for signs he is into you, it important to realize that if you really have the goods and the confidence and the personality, it really doesn’t matter what he thinks right now, because when you really show him how awesome you are, he will find you irresistible!

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