Seducing Men

“I need some skills in seducing men, but the only lousy advice I get is ‘compliment him’

Seducing menWhen it comes to seducing men, there are right ways and a whole lotta wrong ways. The trick is to be assertive, yet subtle. That’s right, men are as intuitive as a shrub when it comes to interpreting your interest. You could be doing every possible move in the book and he might still be scratching his head wondering if you like him. If you really like this guy, you have to show him a few “indicators of interest.”

We prefer to give you a “whole life” approach. Seduction doesn’t just start with with a “c’mere sailor” look and kissy lips. It starts from the moment you wake up. It’s the way you dress, your hair, make up and how you smell. It’s in the way that you move and how you own your world. The seduction started the moment you decided to become a seductress.

Does this make any sense to you?

Women with personal power are seductive without doing anything. When you KNOW that he deserves a girl like you, you’ve already seduced him! It’s a big concept, but it’s one you really need to have mastered to get the guys you want. To really get good at this concept, check out our favorite book on the subject: The Art of Irresistible and make yourself into someone he can’t say no to.

If you need more about this subject or have some stories of your own, check out our brand new reader powered section on seduction stories. You can find some very specific ways that other women are tackling how to seduce a man. Tell us what works for you!

Show him you are available

So how do you show your intent without looking like a perv? Before we get to the playing with the hair stuff, you have to have the appearance that you are looking for a man. You can’t go to work or school everyday looking like a slob. Many guys have admitted that they were attracted to someone, but gave up because the way she dressed indicated she wasn’t “on the market.”

It’s a common mistake that many women make. Put a little effort into the way you look and show him that you are serious about getting his attention. Don’t you always notice the well dressed men first? That same attraction principle applies to you.

Think “sensual”

Very few women actually interact with men using their sensuality. What is sensuality? For one, it’s not about chatting and blabbing on about things he would never be interested in. Sensuality is slow, graceful movement. Speaking softly in a sexy purr. Watch a cat saunter across the room and rub the length of it’s body along a chair. This is the message you want to send to him. This is what seducing men is about!

Another thing that is not sensuality is sexuality. Sexuality is for those girls who are not yet confident in their skills. They dress too slutty with too much make up and flaunt their womanhood blatantly. Make no mistake, this will get the attention of men. If you’re looking for a one night stand, then tart yourself up by all means. If you’re looking for something a little bit more substantial, then you need to be seducing men with your sensuality.

Sensuality is screaming a confidence in your womanhood and your sexuality without obscene gestures or any words at all. Think about a beefy biker dude. Immediately you assume he’s a cold-blooded killer. He doesn’t have to say a word. He avoids trouble by looking troublesome. Your goal is effortlessly seducing men by being sensual. When you bring this feline energy into a room, he can’t help but feel attraction.

Sensuality does not include talking about sex. In fact, any blatant comment about sex, your body parts, or your sexual skills are pretty much a bad idea. Inexperienced men will get nervous and maybe get the wrong idea. Experienced men usually know that talk is almost always just talk and any woman who talks about “their skills” doesn’t really have any.

Think “confident”

Nothing is more intoxicating than confidence. If you want to get his attention,deserve his attention. Sorry to say this, but shy girls rarely get the guy she wants. Beyond that, weak guys are terrified of strong women so they go for the shy ones. If you really want an incredible guy and want to get good at seducing men, you have to own it!

What does that mean exactly? It’s a state of mind. It’s knowing what you want and what you don’t want. Being able to take his attitude and dishing it right back without getting upset or angry. Again, this whole interaction really is a game. The better you know how to play it, the more fun you’ll have.

Perhaps the best way to find out how powerful your inner confidence can be is through the Unstoppable Confidence program. There is so much outstanding information in this system that will echo into every aspect of your life. Want to get a better job? Want an awesome boyfriend? Want to seduce that sexy guy at the end of the bar, it all starts here with your unstoppable confidence.

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This easy system has a way of removing any negative thought that pops into your head so you can be 100% present in any situation. And that, my girls, makes you 100% sexy! In most cases, the results you will produce with Panic Away will seem nothing short of a miracle.

Shut up

Let your body say the words for you. Let your lips and tongue speak about your kissing skills by subtly licking them. Let the way you move and gently touch parts of your body show that you “know things.”

We are talking about how to seduce a man here! A guy can fascinate you with his words making you feel sexual towards him. This doesn’t work so well with guys. He’s pretty much interested first (and most) in your body. Acknowledging this without getting upset and using the way you stand and carry yourself to attract him will make you absolutely irresistible.

Talk to any bartender and she’ll tell you that the guy who talks about how good a tipper he is never leaves a tip! The guy who talks about sex all the time is no good at it! That goes for you too. Like we said, never blatantly talk about sex with any man you haven’t already slept with. It’s the sign of an amateur.

Notice that none of this advice on seducing men involves the sexy things you can say to him because you can never seduce him with your words! Seduction is only about you and your body. It’s a mischievous look. It’s playing peek-a-boo with your menu. It’s slowly touching your neck with your fingertips. It’s the way you move and the unspoken confidence you carry.

If you really want to get good at seducing men, practice walking around while thinking, “I am a sexual prowler.” It makes us all giggle at first, but really explore how it makes you feel. Get into the mind of a sexual prowler and then push that energy outward at the target of your beautiful seduction.

It’s time to get out there and start seducing men!

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