Internet Dating Horror Stories

Your Internet dating horror stories

internet dating horror storiesEveryone who’s been online has their share of internet dating horror stories. Let’s face it, when you can’t meet someone in person, they can be anyone they say.

How many astronauts and millionaires have turned out to be dorks living in mom’s basement? How many 28 year-olds have turned out to be 48? How many 6 foot tall dudes barely clear five feet? Those are just the “white lies” people say to fudge their profile?

There are the guys who get upset, storm off and then leave 20 messages on your machine about how you two are soulmates! It gets worse than that! Over the last few years, we have heard hundreds of hilarious online dating stories. The strange thing is: we want more!

This new section will feature all the strangest, funniest, and downright unimaginable stories of internet dates gone horribly wrong.

Don’t let these scare you away from online dating. It’s still a blast to meet men online, you just need to approach it sometimes with a little bit of… perspective.The best part about dating this way is that you sometimes get a legendary story that you can laugh about with your friends!

Have you had a terrible internet dating experience?

Share your story with us. Who knows, your story about internet dates gone wrong might just be the best one we’ve ever heard! Now that’s a tall order! Check out our reader’s internet dating horror stories below the fill out form.

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     Our Favorite Internet Horror Stories Submitted by Our Readers

    • Did you really pee on my bathroom floor?

      Did you really pee on my bathroom floor? by Gina (San Francisco) I met this guy online, he had a fabulous profile: witty, different, direct, mysterious, cute, very good looking. We didn’t do much email chatting, he just asked me if I wanted to meet up for a drink and I agreed. So we met at a train station ...
    • Well, how do you define “single?”

      Well, how do you define “single?” by Bella (Los Angeles, Ca.) Met a great guy on a dating website; tall, witty, smart, fun and a hell of a kisser. The relationship status portion of his online profile indicated that he was single. Prior to our first date, he disclosed to me that he lived with a roommate. Upon ...
    • Always Make Them Smile

      Always Make Them Smile by Daniela (Virginia) After a devastating break-up, I decided I was ready to start meeting new guys. I started chatting with this military guy online. We exchanged photos every day, texted all night, and got to know each other. I mentioned to him that it’s odd that he doesn’t send me any pictures of him ...
    • Five Month Online Love Affair

      Five Month Online Love Affair by Cathy (Canada) Boy do i have a good one! I met a man on a 3d chat, we spoke briefly the first day and I was intrigued by him. He told me he was 43 and that he lives in Florida (I verified this by DNS search of emails he send me, so ...
    • Loved me, used me, Left me. The one night stand.

      Loved me, used me, Left me. The one night stand. by Diane (Henderson, Nevada) I went to an online to this Christian dating service, and one of the men (who went to my church) contacted me. We e-mailed back and forth for a bit. I got an e-mail request to text him and meet him at one of the ...
    • Online Dating Takes Too Long

      Online Dating Takes Too Long by Lia625 (New York, NY) I decided to give online dating a try. After weeks of getting messages from much older men, someone I was actually attracted to messaged me. I told him I wasn’t a huge fan of the site and gave him my number in case he’d like to talk outside ...
    • Imperfect

      Imperfect by Trish (Connecticut) I have two girlfriends who were on dating sights at the same time I was, although we were all on different dating sights. One summer evening we were all sitting on my deck eating pizza and drinking wine and of course talking about our favorite subject MEN… We decided to tell each other our ...
    • Horrible Online Dating Experience to Cry About

      Horrible Online Dating Experience to Cry About by Jena (Huntington Beach, CA) I met a PHD attorney on-line on We talked, emailed and he appeared to be a man of character. He had a regulated personality (Selman’s 5th Perseptive). In other words someone that should have it alllllllll together at age 62. We decided to meet in San ...
    • He Used a Coupon

      He Used a Coupon on our First Date! by DolphinGirl (Florida Keys) I met this guy on Catholic Mingle and he seemed sweet. We had all the same interests and he had a boat. I’ve always wanted to learn how to waterski so I was excited he was willing to teach me. We chatted for about a week and ...
    • Don’t Let The “You’re so beautiful” Fool You

      Don’t Let The “You’re so beautiful” Fool You by Jessica (North Carolina) Well, my friend Lisa had her heartbroken and thought about dating someone she meets on the internet. Guess she got the idea from me, cause I’ve done this since I was 14. Well she joined this dating site. And she found a guy who lived about ...

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