Creative dating ideas

“Got any creative dating ideas? I really want to impress this guy.”

Creative dating ideasIn the old days, all the creative dating ideas were left to the man to figure out. Nowadays, you have a stake in this too and you can really impress that cute guy by your ability to entertain him.

The whole point of arranging some interesting dates is to help along the natural development of attraction. Attraction isn’t all just about being cute and batting your eyelashes at him. It also involves all of his senses. Sure, you could have a series of coffee dates and a movie date or two and he might fall for you, but without ramping up his attraction, you probably won’t have a very passionate relationship.

There is a great book called 300 Creative Dates that has tons of great ideas for first dates as well as future dates. Some of them aren’t possible in your area or maybe a little cheezy, but the great ideas alone are with the value of this book many times over!

Passionless relationships are easy, but if you’’ve ever been with a guy who would walk on hot coals for you, you’’d know that passion is the spicy cornerstone to a phenomenal relationship.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Creative dating ideas should be about you first. Does this sound like fun to you? Are you considering something scary or educational or physical? Either way, it should make your heart thump at least a little.

Studies have shown that men are more likely to ask a woman out if they meet under exciting situations. You can use this to your advantage by using the dates you plan to put him in “peril.” That doesn’’t mean you take him somewhere where you might both die, but definitely take him somewhere that will make him feel exhilarated.

So what does this mean? It could be as simple as dealing with heights such as a footbridge over a valley to going to a crash-up derby. You might not be in danger, but watching other people do crazy things works also. You might consider:

  • Balloon rides
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Trail riding or mountain climbing
  • Silly touristy things in your city
  • Go to a gun range or paintball
  • Arcades (Whack-a-Mole rules!)
  • Car races/truck rallies

Notice that some of these things you might never do. Quit being such a prude! Use these creative dating ideas as a chance to learn something about yourself.

Also check out our section on random fun stuff to find some strange things that might inspire you.

Find out if he enjoys your interests

If you are the type who can’t live without dancing and clubbing, then take him out to your playground. If he just won’t dance, then you get to decide if he makes the cut or not. Keep in mind there are things you might like to do that he might loathe. That is the fun of dating: two different minds discovering ways to love each other. That said, don’t take him to any scrapbooking or quilting conventions. The object is to help him desire you, not bore him to tears.

In fact, avoid taking him places you know he’s going to hate especially if this turns into a serious relationship. You always see the guys in the mall that found the only seat in the store silently wishing he was dead. Don’t bring that kind of pain down on your man…

Set the tone for romance

Let’’s get one thing straight: guys rarely think about romance. If you set the tone for the kinds of loving you like, he will find ways to impress you. At the beginning of any dating relationship, you can set the standard as to how much love you need. If he likes you he will step up.

Never lose sight that the main point of creative dating ideas is to make this man fall deeper in love with you. Have you ever made a man stop the car so you two could dance in the headlights to a great song on the radio? A guy reading this might think that’s pretty cheesy, but it will be a great memory if it ever happens to him. In fact, you should always be thinking about ways to captivate him and make him feel like a man.

Think of things that you would like done to you and do it first to him. A little piece of cloth used as a blindfold can be the stepping stone for any number of encounters. Lead him to beautiful views, feed him sensual foods, whisper in his ear while giving him a massage. Leave the blindfold on as long as he can stand it.

Show him your wacky side

He wants to know that he will have fun with you. Creative dating ideas are about letting the guy know that he will have more fun with you than anyone else. If you’re making the plans (and you definitely should), then give him the time of his life. Go to a thrift store with him and pick out an outfit for each other. Each of you has to wear whatever is chosen for you for your date.

Whenever you give him an opportunity to be creative, you become permanently etched in his mind. Plus you actually get to see how creative he can be. Above everything else, have fun! Don’’t get upset if you have to wait for a table or you get crappy service. Don’’t freak out if your plans don’t work out. Give him your fun and carefree side and show him how easy it is to be with you.

When it comes to creative dating ideas, do just that. Be creative! Look for things neither one of you has done and if you find a winner, never forget it. If you are seeing a bunch of different guys, take them all to a great place. The better you get at dating, the more likely you will find the perfect guy and be able to have the skills to make the relationship work.

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