Warning Signs of a Breakup

Are there any warning signs of a breakup I can look out for?”

Warning Signs of a breakupLearning to spot the warning signs of a breakup is a brilliant way to keep your relationship healthy. Men can’t help it. For whatever reason, they start to feel like they’re lost in the relationship and their actions and body language give away they’re feelings of hopelessness.

There is no set list of things that women do that cause the end of a relationship, but there are many great guidelines that work most of the time. For every man, different things make him back away from a relationship with you. One guy might adore your individuality while another might be wishing you were a bit more conservative. These factors are based on his upbringing, how he was raised and past relationships.

One thing is for sure, if you see your man giving you any of the following warning signs of a breakup, something’s not right. He may be showing some or all of the breakup warning signs. Now’s the time to figure out whether you want to keep your love alive or move on.

Often, it’s not really up to you if you can save the relationship or not. He might have already made up his mind a long time ago. The sooner you spot the warning signs of a breakup, the better chance you have to do damage control. If you really want to save this relationship, then you actually can, but you must get the Rousing the Lion Program. We can’t say enough good things about it. Keeping your man (and keeping him in love) is a daily process. This program teaches you to think about love and turn your man back into a warrior. A guy who’s once again willing to fight for you. In the process, your man rediscovers how really awesome you are.

As with all relationship advice, some of this might not apply to your relationship. Beyond that, these warning signs on a breakup are meant to be compared to the way he’s acted previously. For example, if he rolls his eyes at everything, then him doing this to you might not mean anything.

He’s not as attentive

At the beginning of any good love, he wants to be around you every possible moment. If he’s the touchy-feely type, he can’t keep his hands off of you. Time with him is easy and fun.

As a relationship grows, the “lovey part” settles into love and comfort. It’s natural for the intensity to slowly fade, but when it stops suddenly or tapers off to nothing, this may be an indicator that something is wrong.

He kisses you differently

When hard, passionate kisses give way to flat-lipped or sideways kisses, this is one of the major warning signs of a breakup. For some reason, when the feelings go away, it’s hard to “play the part.” The quality of kisses and the emotion behind the way he touches you goes away.

Whenever he gives one of those kisses like he’s kissing his grandmother, take note. He may be giving you one of the warning signs of a breakup.

The sex goes away or gets mean

It’s a pretty standard thing for that good lovin’ to start to get a little monotonous and it’s more than probable that the frequency of sex gets less over time, but when it goes away altogether (especially if he usually initiates it), things might not be going so well.

Since sex is mostly a physical thing for men, it could indicate him losing sexual interest in you. Have you let your body get out of shape recently? Now’s the time to put an effort back into your health and getting back in shape. There’s a great complete weigh loss program called The Fat Burning Kitchen that stop your dieting all together and teaches you when and what to eat to really jump start your metabolism. No need to work out several hours a day. When you are feeding the muscle, fat sheds away naturally!

If sex goes in the other direction and feels a bit more angry to you, this is also a typical breakup warning sign. Angry sex, especially if you don’t normally do it that way could mean he’s getting pretty close to leaving you. It sounds cold, but it signifies that he might not care anymore and he’s doing whatever he wants before he leaves.

He rolls his eyes or sighs at you

When we think someone is acting foolish, we tend to roll our eyes or sigh at them to show that we’re not impressed. It’s pretty disrespectful and it shows that he is losing his admiration for you.

He used to look at you and you’d feel the love, now he makes you feel like his bratty little sister. If he’s starting to roll his eyes at you, especially when you are being serious, things are not going well. It seems innocent, but it’s one of the first warning signs of a breakup.

He acts like you’re stupid

You could be the city planner and he still thinks you don’t know where you’re going. You could be a published novelist, yet he acts like you’re illiterate. Obviously these are extreme examples, but there are things you know he knowsthat you know. If he acts like you’re an idiot in something you are quite an expert in, he’s essentially questioning that knowledge.

He does things without you

With the exception of a guys night out, when he stops bringing you along with him, he’s giving you one of the major warning signs of a breakup. Remember the stuff you used to do together and now he does alone? He may be showing you that he can be independent without you.

He’s going out with “a friend”

Let’s face it, all his friends have names. Even the girl at the office that makes you feel jealous has a name. When he doesn’t offer a friend’s name, then this friend might mean a little something more to him. This little warning sign is a powder keg though. Don’t go in the direction of accusing him of cheating on you unless you are very sure of it and have made some decisions on what it will mean to both of you.

Ask who this “friend” is and see how he reacts. If he says a name right away, there might not be anything to worry about. If he stutters or has to think, then something might be fishy.

He stops talking

This is one of the most crucial warning signs of a breakup. He might be afraid that if he says anything, it will be to break up. When the communication dies in any relationship, the end is not far away.

Keep in mind that all of these warning signs of a breakup are not meant to freak you out and should be measured on how well he’s treated you in the past. A guy that never talks is simply a guy who never talks, nothing more. Yet if he has always been super chatty and now he’s silent, you have a very big cause for concern.

So what do you do now? Hopefully you’ve noticed the warning signs of a breakup early enough and now you have the chance to save the relationship. However, sometimes it’s too late. He may have already made up his mind. At this point, you might consider why all of this is happenening and start asking yourself all the important questions. The book, Should You Stay or Should You Go will point you in the right direction. Find out if you are staying for all the wrong reasons or if you are leaving for all the right ones.

Things get really tricky at this point because you’re compelled to do any number of stupid things and most of them will only speed up the breakup. The most important goal to stop a breakup is to remind him of the girl he first fell in love with. You can bring him back into your heart.

If things look like they are too far gone and you’re seeing several (if not all) the warning signs of a breakup, it’s time to start protecting your heart and learn ways keep your sanity in these really hard times.

Super secret weapons

What if you love this man with all of your heart? What if you read the book, Should You Stay or Should You Go, and came up with a resounding “YES! Now what do you do? Judging by all the warning signs of a breakup he’s leaving, he’s obviously not happy with the relationship. It’s time to start bracing for the worst, but what you do next is very crucial.

If a breakup is inevitable, all is not lost! You can still keep your man and sometimes that time away is all he needs to see how awesome you really are. It’s time for the double whammy: First you need to get your hands on The Magic of Making Up to avoid all of the common mistakes people make during a breakup that make that make up impossible. Follow everything he says and you will have your man back into your life and more committed than ever before!

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