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music stuffEvery once in awhile, we come across music stuff that we just have to tell you about. Your love gurus here at Dating and Relationship Advice for Women all happen to be huge music fans. We strive to find you some of the coolest gadgets, greatest music stores and fun things to make your romancing just perfect.

Music is a universal language. You can really connect with your lover if you can make that connection with similarities in musical tastes. It’s even better if you can expose him to music that he’s never heard of before. Do you remember the person who turned you on to your favorite band? We all do. So what if you become that girl he always thinks about fondly when he hears his favorite song…?

It’s time to take serious interest in your musical tastes and really consider what that says about you both personally and sensually. Yes, that’s right: what does your music say about your sexuality?

A music-loving guy can tell a lot about who you are physically by your taste in music. Are you a rocker or a goth girl or a country girl or do you just listen to radio music as background noise? Are your favorite bands the ones that many people hate? Are they considered chick music? For example, there are no’t many straight guys who would openly confess to loving Celine Dion. So if your musical tastes stay mainly in the realm of stuff that guys normally hate, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to make another serious connection with your man.

Try to broaden your musical tastes and look for music that is a little further outside of the mainstream. Have you ever thought of music in foreign languages? You can really show an interesting side of yourself if I guy came over and you had some French hip-hop on the stereo. Or what if he saw all the great music stuff you own? Once again, your musical tastes are a mirror into your sexuality. Take a little time to explore what that means…

Music Stuff 1After that little speech, we’re gonna throw you into the fire. Here is a new way to actually love your music. The OhMiBod is an amazing little gadget that really makes you rethink your musical tastes.

This little cutie pulsates to the music bringing listening to your favorite music to a whole new level. The blueMotion app enables over the Internet control, pre-set patterns, touch control, tap and record, motion control and audio record functions. If you’’ve never really been into music before, this will change your mind about your musical tastes. Rock becomes rapture. Hiphop becomes heaven. Classical brings you to a crescendo. Old country… not so much…

Help a sister out

There are thousands of great little gadgets and other music stuff out there. We will keep adding more as we find them. If you have a something you’d like reviewed, Contact us. Or if you’’d like to send in your own review, Send it in!

The more you can include art and culture and music into your relationship, the richer it becomes.

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