I Seduced Him!

I Seduced Him!

by Tracey
(Toronto, Canada)

First of all, I wanted to tell you I LOVE your website! I have found so many empowering things here.

So there’s this guy. He works in a building close to my office and I always see him at the cute little coffee shop on the corner. Let me say this right now: I hate drinking coffee, but I found myself getting into the habit of going by there every morning and getting a chai (I can’t live without them now) just so I could see him.

I-seduced-himHe’s always on his laptop and would always flash me this gorgeous smile that would make my knees buckle, but he would never ask me out!

I tried everything. I’d stare and smile when he smiled. I’d brush up against him whenever he sat near the door. I’d drop things around him and give him a great cleavage show. I swear I made him blush one time!

Then I found your article about how to seduce a man. I finally realized that I need to take action. If I want this. I’m gonna have to go for it… So I did! I seduced him!

One day, when all the tables were full, I asked if I could share a table with him. He stuttered a bit and said yes (thank you Wonderbra!). I introduced myself and he gave his name. I could finally tell how really shy this guy was. I knew from reading you site that I had to “pace” him and not be too over the top. So after a few moments in silence, I asked him where he got his haircut. He mentioned the same salon I go to! Then he got a phonecall and had to leave 🙁

I called my hairdresser and asked who cut his hair and after some doing, I made sure I had an appointment the next time he did and that we would be sitting next to each other for it! Hair day came and I looked AMAZING. Usually, I’m dressed like a business woman, so I don’t think he’s ever seen how I really like to dress.

He was in the chair when I walked in and said hi to him. His jaw dropped when he saw me all dolled up. I sat down next to him and he had this happy deer in the headlights look on his face. Both my hairdresser and his were in on it so they kept making conversation that would include us talking to each other.

He was done before me, so I fumbled for my card and purred “You’re so much more fun when you’re not in work mode. I’d love to keep this conversation going.” He blushed and took my card! Then he called me that night!

I have my first date with him tonight! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

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