He cuddled on top of my back

He cuddled on top of my back

dating and relationshipsby JennyJo
New Mexico

I’ve been casually dating a man for a couple of months now. We had a very passionate and physically night of pleasure together that was beautiful! As we ended, I collapsed from exhaustion on my stomach, he followed by laying down on top of me, on my back and holding me like that for some time. It was very nice the way he held me and rested his head on my shoulder. Ive never had anyone cuddle on top of my back before.

What does this body language mean? Was it simply, he was too exhausted to move over to the bed (our last position was doggy style)? Or have I found a man that truly wants to protect me and care for me?


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Sweet Gesture!
by: Rendiva

I loved reading this question!

My boyfriend gets “too hot” and never wants to snuggle after sex, but what better way to feel totally safe after such fun activities!

I think you got a keeper on your hands, but I wouldn’t spend too much time analyzing what it means and just enjoy your cuddler.

It won’t hurt to let him know how much you like it either…


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