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random funny stuffWhen it comes to love, random funny stuff can keep your relationship interesting and sweet. Sure, there’s a time for serious and deep thoughts, but there should be a whole lot of fun somewhere in the middle.

Showing your lover that you have this playful and interesting side goes a long way in keeping yourself a mystery to him. The fact is everyone lists “someone who will make me laugh” as one of the top five things they are looking for in a relationship.

How funny are you? Can your lover truly say that he has a blast with you? When’s the last time you surprised him? Relationships are built on the tiny little things about you and who you are that he finds simply adorable. And trust us adorable is a good thing!

This section deals with cute and random funny stuff that we think you shouldn’t do without. Some of this stuff shows your fun side. Some of it shows your silly side. Some of it shows your sexy side, but all of it can help create a picture of someone who enjoys life. And Honey, that is a sexy thing to show someone!

Sexy fun!


  • Sex Scratchers: 100 Sexy Lottery Tickets to Scratch and Win!Random Funny Stuff 1Lottery tickets… with sexy “prizes!” We absolutely LOVE these! Every card is a winner and he will love the results. We recommend these for Valentine’s Day, but they’re even better for no reason at all. Try sneaking them into his pockets, his car, his book, or any other place that will surprise him.We really can’t say enough about how much fun these are and how cool they make you look in his eyes and to his friends and co-workers. This is one of those random funny things that will make him fall in love with you!


  • Kinky Sex ScratchersRandom Funny Stuff 2Same theme with a spicer outcome. These get a little bit deeper into the naughty side with spankings, light bondage, toys, sexy role playing and other racy topics. If you really really want to blow his mind, slip one of these into his Sunday paper…


Funny Books


  • Chemistry and Numbers 2: Sexy, Funny, Horrifying, and Yes, Successful Online Dating Stories from more than 50 Online DatersRandom Funny Stuff 3This is a great book about online dating dating that you should read if you’re meeting men online. It’s sweet, it’s horrifying, it’s hilarious. Some of the stories are jaw-dropping crazy, but you can actually picture something like this happening to you. Well… probably not all of these stories. Some of them get pretty extreme!The great part is that there are happy stories here too that make you want to meet that next new fella to create some crazy stories of your own. This really is a fun book and a great gift for any of your girlfriends who are trying the online thing too.


Interactive fun


  • Adult Mammoth Mad LibsRandom Funny Stuff 4Remember how much fun this was as a kid? Now place the stories in a little more… contemporary situations.Bring this along on your next bachelorette party, road trip, vacation, or just lay in bed with your honey and giggle till you cry. Warning: if you do this in bed, make sure you put the rubber sheets down. You may wet yourself with laughter. (the “Chick Checklists” pages are hilarious!).

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