Sexy Things to Say

“What are the best sexy things to say to a man?”

Sexy Things to Say to HimOf all the questions we get, the sexy things to say to a man ” has to be one of the most asked.

Before we get into the actual great things to say to him, nothing says sexy better than being and amazing woman. The sexiest thing to say to a man is that you are vibrant, daring, capable, and sensual. What could you possibly say that would eclipse how already irresistible you are?

That said, we all want to be adventurous. We don’t want to come of as sex-crazed sleazebags. And to be honest, your man doesn’t want this from you either. He does love it when you act aggressively though. In fact, that is the biggest complaint men have about their girlfriends and wives: she never takes charge in the bedroom.

So what’s a good girl to do? You want to be a more sensual in the bedroom. You want to get your man worked up. You want to be the girl unlike anyone he’s ever dated.

Well, Sex kitten, you’ve come to the right place! The keys to sexy talk is to keep it fun for you. And by fun, we mean FUN! Whenever you break out the sexy talk or even the dirty talk with your man, it will always seem awkward the first time. It will always feel weird and silly and perverted. It will feel funny for you until you understand that it’s OK to be all these things with someone you really care about.

When you are with someone that you feel comfortable enough to show this side of you to, then letting it all hang out is really the next step. Talking sexy is about giving yourself permission to be a sexual being. And when you say sexy things to your man, you let him know that you trust him enough to show this side of you.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to know sexy or even slutty things to say, just the fact that you’re looking for this information shows that you are pretty adventurous! The ULTIMATE resource for this is Devian Day’’s Dirty Dialogue.This racy little guide gets you from playfully suggestive all the way to downright hardcore. You only need to read the sections you feel comfortable with, but you’ll probably want to read the whole thing! All your man will know from this day forward is how he can’t get sexy thoughts of you out of his mind… and he loves every moment of it!

Tell him he is sexy

That’s right! Women are no’t the only ones who like to be told how good we look. Men do too. In fact, when you tell him how sexy he is, there’s a great chance that you will be the first girl to ever tell him this.

By sexy, we mean specifically sexy. What is it about your man that makes you melt? Is it his chest, his arms, his dimples… his rock-hard bottom? Tell him! What if he’s not in too good of shape? Won’t it feel like you’re teasing him? A simple guideline is to not lie. If his belly isn’’t working for you, NEVER ever tell him how sexy he looks pregnant. Then you will be condoning him being less than perfect for you. But there are things about him that really get you keyed up. What are they? Is it his presence, his confidence, his sexy voice?

No matter what it is about him that floats your boat, don’’t hide it from him. Never skimp on the compliments especially when you’re marveling at his physical beauty. Still feels weird? All humans are vain creatures. We all want to know “we still got it” no matter what we look like or how old we are. Appeal to his vain side and you will have sexy things to say directly to the tiger inside him.

Tell him how much you crave him

Of all the sexy things to say to a man, letting him know how much you desire him will really get him going. Let’s face it, most guys aren’t very inventive in bed. They know what they have learned in high school or college and those are all the tools they need in their tool belt.

Assuming that you are reading this to put some spice in your relationship, whenever your man does something new or even slightly creative, you absolutely NEED to praise him. What if you tell him, “I was thinking all day about what you did to me last night.” You will get his mind working! He will start to think about new ways to please you.

By telling a man that you need him for whatever reason, you get him to start thinking about pleasing you. Sexy talk is all about desire and really connecting with your partner. Let him know how sexy he is to you and how much you need his touch.

Talk about his package

Oooh! Now we’re getting racy! In the great audio course, Light His Fire, author Ellen Kreidman says to tell your man he’s hung like a gorilla! The funny thing is that gorillas actually have pretty small penises compared to their size, but no one really knows that. Your guy gets to feel like an animal with you and you’’re not technically saying anything that’s deceptive (…if you really care about being deceptive). Probably not a good idea to use as one of your sexy things to say to him if he’s a zoologist…

If talking about his penis is a little too much for you, then talk about how it feels. Somehow, he’s the perfect “fit” for you. Trust me, there’s nothing sexier to him than having you describe what that feels like.

Sexy things to say in public

One of the best things about talking sexy is when it’s completely inappropriate. The key here is to whisper it to him. You can’t be blurting out in the middle of a library about how you want him to take you home and ravish you, but you can lean over and describe to him in detail about your new underwear or that you’re not wearing any at all…

You can whisper about what you plan to do with him when you get him alone. You can tell him that you touch yourself when you think about him. And yes, you can even whisper that he’’s hung like a gorilla and giggle if you want to. Just let him know that you desire him.

One of the best tricks with saying sexy things in public is where you are when you say these things. Everyone in a sex shop (except the person behind the counter) is thinking about sex. So whispering that you want to lick hot fudge off of him there is not as effective as if you said that waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Saying sexy things in the least sexy places makes it even that much more forbidden… and forbidden is good. It’s what makes dirty talk so much fun!

The best part about revealing stuff like this in public is that there isn’’t much he can do about it. He is forced to sit there anxiously and think about how he can get you alone. It may seem like torture, but it’s such a sweeeet torture.

Put the lead in his pencil


The Kegelmaster!

Perhaps you’’re looking for this information to figure out sexy things to say for how to help with your man’s erection problems. Good for you, girl! It takes a smart woman to understand many erectile dysfunctions have nothing to do with you, but you can do something about it by distracting his mind to get him back in the action.

Distracting his mind? Yep. As soon as he senses he might not be working properly, his mind kicks into high gear. Mainly, he’s saying “Oh my god oh my god oh my god! This can’t be happening!” Not very sexy thoughts indeed. Once his freaked out brain takes the steering wheel, it’s over. So it’s up to you to get him back in the present and focused completely on you.

Start by telling him how you love the way he makes you feel and keep him focused only on you. Don’t mention anything about his plumbing because he’ll start thinking about it again. Just enjoy touching him. Eventually, there’s a chance he’ll settle down and get back into the groove.

One way to get him always excited about you is to tell him sexy things with your body. What?!! The vagina is lined with all kinds of muscles. Can you “squeeze” him? If you don’’t know what I’’m talking about, then you need to see this page about erectile dysfunction.

If you really want to have something to say without saying anything at all, then the book, Kegel Magic will leave him speechless! Even better, you can get The Kegelmaster! It is a spring operated workout for all the muscles in your pubic area. Not only will it help you impress him with the way you feel during sex, it will impress you with the duration and intensity of your orgasms after using this device.

If you want to get in shape, you have to exercise. This goes for ALL the muscles in your body. This really is a win-win situation when you can give him incredible orgasms just by squeezing him and make your orgasms more intense and incredible all at once. If you haven’t yet checked out these links, you really owe it to your relationship to give it a try. It pretty much the best of all the sexy things to say to your man…

Remember: dirty talk is fun

We won’’t lie to you, there will be times when you say something in the heat of the moment that might shock him. He might say something back that might creep you out. One of you might say something so bizarre that you both have to stop and wonder.

Moments like these are bound to happen because the nature of sexy things to say to your man is all about pushing his buttons to see what turns on the lights. Some will turn on green lights, some will turn on red lights (some will turn on the whole Christmas tree). Just the notion of talking dirty to your man is what adds that scandalous sexiness to your relationship.

So what do you do when things get too weird? What else can you do but laugh and say “Oops, I got a little too carried away.” Follow that up with, “You get me so worked up, I don’t know what I’’m doing.” Or if he’’s going too far, just put a finger over his lips to quiet him.

Besides, there’’s something sweet about laughing in each other’s arms. Always make sure you never take things too seriously when you are have sexy things to say to your man.

So what do I say?

“I just read a whole article and you haven’t given me anything to say!”

That’’s just it. You know your level of comfort with dirty language or even just suggestive language. The trick here is to let yourself go and the sexy things to say will come to mind. Describe how you feel when he touches you. Tell him about any sexy dreams you’’ve had about him. Whisper how weak in the knees you get when you hear his voice. Think of the dirtiest thing you can until you actually blush and find a way to say that using terms you’re comfortable with.

Talking dirty is about permission. It’s about giving yourself permission to say things you normally would no’t. It’s about allowing him to get a little freaky too. Remember, this is fun and just have fun with it. The only way to get everything you want is to go for it. You might find out things about yourself you never knew when you have sexy things to say to your man!

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