Where to meet men

“I don’’t know where to meet men!”

Where to meet menKnowing where to meet men, quality men, is a trouble that many women face. The only guys in her life are the creepy dudes at the office and her weird neighbors. It seems like finding a quality man is that elusive first step keeping her in perpetual singlehood.

So where are all these good guys?

Roberto Hogue, author of “The Art of Irresistible,” explains it this way:

“Quality guys are all around you. The better your life is and the more compelling person you can make yourself into, the more location doesn’’t matter. Good men are attracted to women that exude personal power.

I do know where the men aren’’t. IN YOUR HOUSE! Get out of the house. It doesn’’t matter where you go or what you do, just train yourself to be active. Foster a little restlessness.”

Basically, the best way to attract a quality man is to be awesome yourself. Guys with a good intuition can sense this. They want a girl that can “keep up” with them in all their adventures. As you get more confident about your feminine power and your sensuality, it’’s as if you send that out as a perfume that men find absolutely irresistible. If you’re lacking in confidence, then you owe it to yourself to get some Unstoppable Confidence. This brilliant audio course goes through everything you need to do to make yourself intriguing to that cute guy. Not only that, but it could help you get a raise or a better job. It really is invaluable.

Sometimes it’s goes a little deeper than lack of confidence. You might be finding the right guys, but you’re terrified to talk to them. Try a great little system called Panic Away to get past that lost feeling you get when you get around cute boys.

“OK, enough with the feminine power stuff. You still haven’’t answered the question. I want to know where to meet men!”

Don’t give up on the amazing gift of feminine power. But since you came here for the good advice, here are a few tips on where to meet men.

Start with your interests

Unless the things you do hold no interest for men, the greatest places to go “man fishing” are in ponds you’re already familiar with. If you love to play soccer, join a coed soccer league. If you’re interested in movies, volunteer to work with the film festivals. If you like hiking, join a club. These are the best places for you to meet the men you’re after.

Not only do you feel more confident because you’re “in your element,” but you guy already have something in common. The ice has already been broken! When you run out of things to say, you can always go back to your common interest. What? You don’t have any interests that you can join a club for? Get some interests!

Try an adult education course

If you want a smart man or at least someone interesting in self-improvement. This is a veritable goldmine where to meet men. The key is to pick a subject that you’ll find interesting, and is likely to be full of dudes. Sorry, that quilting class probably won’t have a good choice of straight men.

Let people know

Don’t be shy. Tell people you are looking to mingle. Your friends know someone who knows a guy perfect for you. Blind dates can be pretty painful. Try to double date if you can or simply “show up” at a place you know this guy will be with your mutual friends.

Your friends are your greatest resource when looking for an amazing man. Plus if he’s already in the circle of friends, then there’s no awkward introductions and he automatically has to treat you well or he’ll lose some friends too!

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer

Guys that have the time to volunteer usually have the means, too. Not only that, they tend to be a bit more socially responsible. You’re a lot less likely to meet a man while volunteering who turns out to be a maniac.

The great thing about finding where to meet men by volunteering as that you already have something great to talk about and you get to feel pretty cool for helping out people who really need help.

Quaint hang-outs in your neighborhood

When it comes to meeting men, this one is gold. Go to the coffee shop down the block and become a regular. Don’t be afraid to talk to people in line or ask if you can sit at a cute guy’s table when the place gets crowded.

The point here is to be available! No headphones, don’t get too hunched over into a book or newspaper. It’s OK to be looking around smiling at whomever catches your eye. If you need a super secret way to break the ice, check this out:

You must be in the way! Be in the way of everything. Sit near the door and back your chair so that the door cannot open without smashing into your chair. Sit over by the wait line or men’s bathroom just far enough that people need to squeak by you. If this is too much, hang a coat over your chair and make sure it falls on the floor when some dashing gentleman can pick it up for you. You can sit at the biggest table and make people have to ask you to sit there.

Ask to be taught

You can do this anywhere. Say you’’re walking through the park and you see a guy just starting/finishing rollerblading. Tell him you’’d really like to learn and see if he bites. Anytime you see someone doing something interesting, go talk to them about it. People love to talk about their interests. They might as well talk to you about them.

Not only that, guys love to be considered the expert at something. By letting him teach you about his interest, you let him feel the testosterone surge of pride. What would happen if you end the conversation with, “This is all so interesting. Is there some way we can continue this conversation?”

He’ll have to ask you out!

Bars and clubs

Of course, there are always bars and clubs. If this isn’t your “scene,” it can be a little scary. Try to find a great smaller place that fits your personality. Some of the sexier little restaurants have a small bar section. Sit at the bar and chat with the people around you. Maybe there’s a Jazz bar near you or a place with live music that’s not too loud. Loud places kill romance and make it nearly impossible for seducing men.

Singles events

What better way to communicate that you are searching for a man than a singles event? People go there specifically to find a mate. This might be a little too forward for your tastes, but some of these parties and activities can be a blast!

Meet him online

It used to be that online dating was reserved for the unwashed and the crazy, but listen Honey, everyone is doing it! That’s right, completely normal women meet completely normal men every single day online. Tons of women have the inside secret on how to meet men and… it’s online! If you don’t have a profile up on SEVERAL different sites right now, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to meet the man of your dreams!

No matter what you do, knowing where to meet men is totally secondary to just being fabulous. Be the person that people want to know. Be someone who loves their life and actively seeks fun and you will have men flocking to you no matter where you find yourself.

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