Things Fizzled Out

Things Fizzled Out

by Marcimarci80
(Costa Mesa, CA)

dating and relationshipsOnline date seemed to go well… I’m 30 and he is 28. On the first day we started emailing each other! Long paragraphs were written. The next day numbers were exchanged. We passed pictures and he called me twice every day.

We finally met Friday night and had a good time playing pool! I can tell he was interested he kept touching my shoulder and waist. He helped me out and he would get very close to my face and kept complimenting me.

He even asked, “Could I see you next Friday?” I said yes and he jumped up with excitement.

After that we texted each other. We would take turns messaging each other. I dared asked him on Wednesday if we were still on for Friday and he said he had a family thing going on. Then his messages dwindled down. He then said a family emergency came up and apologized about not getting back to me. So I said no problem and I haven’t heard from him and four days passed and text message him how his family problem was doing and no response.

But the thing is that I see him online on the dating site? I don’t know if he freaked out that it was going too fast? I just don’t understand everything seemed to go super well.

Should of done a little more on my part…


Our Dating Advice to You

You’re on the right path
by: Roberto

The problem with Internet dating is that it often starts out kind of slow. You might have already told him all the best things about you by email. By the time you two meet, there’s nothing left to talk about.

The key now is to never let the line go slack. If you like this guy, then keep things flirty. Message him about how you were thinking about him. Keep things fun and easy and don’t get too caught up in the fact that he’s still online or not as responsive.

As long as he sees how fun you are, he will keep you in his thoughts. A great book on this is The Right Man Online. It will show you how to captivate his interest and get him to keep coming back.


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