First Dates

First dates are your chance to learn everything you can!

first datesSo many women think about first dates and their heart starts racing. Their palms get sweaty and they feel like they are about to pass out.

Slow down champ! You’’re putting too much meaning into this. It’s simply a chance to meet someone face to face and see if they have a chance with you. Think about it. On your last date, you spent the first half worrying about that zit on your nose and the second half wondering if he noticed that stupid thing you said.

Wanna know the truth? He’’s freaking out about something unrelated too. It’s natural to feel self-conscious when meeting new people, but your goal here is to see if he’’s interesting enough to get to know. All you have to do is show up, look cute, and be charming enough to make him interested too.

Stop worrying about how well you’’re doing or if he notices the run in your stocking and be present in the moment. This is all part of self confidence that makes you so attractive. When he sees you are having a good time, he will calm down and reveal more of himself.

Besides, there are six billion people on this planet. Is it really that devastating if you mess up this one date?

Take a step back and relax. The first date really isn’’t that big of a deal. Sometimes it’’s best to assume you’ll never see this guy again and just be completely present in the situation and try to have some fun. It’s nearly impossible to really get to know the man sitting across from you if you are too busy worrying about everything else besides what he’s saying.

Be Impressive!

Whew! Now that we are in a calm, no worries mindset, what are some good guidelines for this initial meeting?

Keep it short and sweet. Most people just assume a first date is dinner and a movie. So you can spend a bunch of money to nervously sit through dinner and not talk to each other during an hour and a half movie? Yuck! What if it’s obvious right away that he’s not the one for you? Now you have to hang out with him all night and try to offer the handshake when he goes for that awkward kiss on your doorstep. No wonder people hate these things so much.

  • Before we get too deep in planning your first date, it might help if we see some of the signs he is into you first so we can plan for something fun with a guy who really wants to be there.
  • Then you gotta get him to ask you out. Learn how to get him to make a move and then you need:
  • First date ideas. For the first date (even if you know him), limit it to only a half an hour. Time enough to get coffee and maybe a stroll through the park. Impress him with some fun ideas! The goal here is to leave him wanting more. You’re way more likely to get the second date if the first one “didn’’t really count.” Tell him you have a meeting afterwards. If things are going really well, you can conveniently “cancel” this meeting. He will be more impressed that you made more time in your busy schedule when in reality, you had nothing planned all day.
  • Pay careful attention to your first date conversation. Learn ways to get him to want more and avoid common mistakes.
  • You can also learn about great first date questions to impress him with how smart you are!
  • Don’t forget to check out our first date tips that has all the super-secret information you need to know to have a perfect first date.

And finally, remember why you’’re here. To get the second date! Nothing more. Even if you sleep with him right after your cappuccino, you are still here to get that next meeting. The trick is to make it natural. If he’s already talking about step two, then don’t worry about it. If he’s a keeper, then step up and do it yourself. The less you make this seem like dating, the less he’ll keep his guard up, and the more you get to know about him. At the end of the date, try something like, “Hey, I’m going to my favorite sushi place tomorrow. Would you like to come along?”

See that? You already have plans and he can come if he’s not busy. That’s not a date, it’s some more quality hanging out! No pressure…

If you’re really on it, you might need to keep your eyes out for those “does he like me” signs!

First dates can be a blast! Just slow down, relax and understand that he is going to be into you as long as you are cool, confident, and cute!

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