Signs He is in Love

“What are the signs he is in love with me?”

signs he is in loveWhen he feels it, a guy can’’t help but show signs he is in love. Guys are not necessarily the masters of their own emotions so love tends to hit them like a ton of bricks. It’’s sometimes hard for you to tell, since you most likely just met this guy or haven’’t known him long enough to know the real man.

In the beginning of any relationship, there is a lot of nervousness and anticipation. He might be in love or he might just be freaked out that you are so cool. Either way, when a man gets sideswiped by cupid, there’’s an even sweeter stupidity about him. Once you know what signs he is in love to look for, you’’ll know if you’’ve got him hooked.

Before we get into whether or not he has the hots for you, let’s consider one thing: are you awesome enough to keep this sweet guy? Yeah, yeah… the answer is yes, but is it really?

Now is the time to really make yourself worth it (especially if he’s showing you all the signs that he likes you below). Now is the time to learn how to become the perfect girlfriend! Probably the greatest place to start is by becoming the Woman Men Adore! This is a great book on how to really captivate a man to the point that he can only think of you. If you had a question before whether he is into you or not, you won’t after reading this!

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Now without further ado, let’s get to the top five signs he’s in love with you…

He spends all his time with you

When a man just seems to be around you all the time, there’’s a good chance he’’s got that feeling. Let’’s face it, you don’’t go out of your way to spend every waking hour with someone you find annoying. You wouldn’’t spend that much time with someone if you just wanted them for a booty call either.

Following you around like a puppy dog is one of your best signs he’s in love. Do yourself a favor and give him the gift of missing you. Don’’t let him try to be with you every possible moment. First of all, the more time you spend together in the beginning, the faster you get to the comfort stage. Relish these moments and try to be unavailable as much as you can stand.

The second reason is that for a guy, falling in love is something he has to figure out. He can’’t think when he’’s with you all the time so give him a chance to play with his thoughts. He needs a chance to notice the “changes” happening inside himself. Wait a second… Here it comes… ““I love you so much!””

He rearranges his priorities

If you know he has important stuff going on, yet he still makes time for you, he’’s showing signs he is in love. When you take priority over work or the hobbies he’’s obsessed with or his family or whatever, you’’re in girl!

It’s good to be the best thing in someone’s life, just don’t get too deep in your glory. Don’’t let your love puppy wreck his life because he’’s addicted to you. Sometimes you must force him to get things done. Insist he has his man time and also insist you need your girl time. These are exciting times, and it’s all too easy to get lost in each other.

He includes you in distant future events

Any time he makes plans and you’’re in them is a great way to tell if he loves you. If the event is months away, even better. It shows that he considers you part of his future. If not, it usually means he’’s wondering if he’’ll be with you for that long. Bonus if any of these events include weddings or family functions. He considers you cool enough to meet long-time friends and family. It is your job to be suitable arm candy and be your awesome self in front of his homies.

Don’t get nervous here! The more impressive you are to his people, the more he feels that sweet love for you. If the sound of this terrifies you, you might need a fun course in Unstoppable Confidence.

He looks at you “differently”

Love struck gents can’’t hide the signs he is in love. You know that large, teary-eyed stare showing he’’s about to spill his scary emotions all over the place. OK, sometimes it’s not that obvious, but he will look at you differently once he’’s convinced himself you’’re the one.

It’’s important to have observed him in the past to tell exactly when this changes. It might not be one of the biggest signs he is in love, but just as a mother can tell her child is lying by looking into his eyes, you’’ll be able to feel him softening up to you by looking into his eyes.

Unexpected or extravagant gifts

What happens in his mind the moment he realizes he loves you is, “I have to show her!” An artistic man will make great art for you. A musician will write a sappy song for you. An athlete will score a goal after staring at you in the stands. For everyone else, it comes as a gift of some kind. It may even come as an overnight trip.

Any time your man spends his money extravagantly after you’’ve slept together, he has come to a realization and is showing signs that he is in love. The reason we say after is that he’’ll spend all kind of scratch before just to impress you enough to get you naked. When he’’s already accomplished the first major goal, he’’ll only blow big cash because he’’s got the hots for you.

Accept stuff like this graciously (unless you don’’t like him). Since the beginning of time, man had to prove early on that he could protect and provide for a family. Even though the days of bringing home a mammoth to impress your honey is long gone, he still gets that urge to show his ability to provide.

It may seem like an empty gesture and you may know he can’’t afford it. If you really like him and he’’s showing you these signs he’s in love, the best thing you can do is just be impressed and show him how much fun you can have.

People change when they are in love. Some more than others. When you see these pleasant little signs he’s in love with you, It’’s important that you encourage him. Now’’s not the time to be standoffish. Let him know you’’re feeling it too. If it’s still too early to say the “L” word, you can show him by making him feel like he’’s the best guy in the world.

Don’t Get Lazy!

Now is not the time to sit back and gloat that you’ve snagged a live one! Never stop making yourself a better person just because you have a fella making puppy dog eyes at you. Check out our favorite section on how to be attractive. It’s full of ideas, tips and fabulous products that will keep a man gaga for you.

Even the most stoic of cowboys will melt in your hands as long as you show him signs you are in love by being lovable yourself and always making him feel like a magic man!

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