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“Enough with all the normal advice.¬†Gimmie some dating secrets”

dating secrets are awesome!Knowing great dating secrets, makes you stand out from the crowd and turns you irresistible to men. In the world of relationships and dating, everyone is struggling to do what everyone else is doing. As you might already know, this doesn’t work very well and it will only make you attractive to the most common of guys out there.

We will tell you some things that seem like they won’t work. They might even go against your better judgment. But as we said before, you can’t keep doing the wrong things harder and expect results.

In the next few months, we will be pooling all our knowledge and coming up with the best dating and relationship secrets we know. Bookmark us now and come back often to see what genius we’ve come up with.


Dating Secrets Topics

  • To whet your appetite, read about how having an open dating relationship will greatly increase your chances of finding that perfect guy. One at a time takes way too long?
  • Even further along these lines, as a couple, are you considering an open sexual relationship? As more and more couples explore this part of their sexuality, you can find out ways to protect yourself from danger and possibly wrecking your relationship.
  • And for the question on everyone’s mind: “Does he like me?” Find some great advice on how to answer the age old question.
  • Learn that seducing men is not about what you can say to a man to make him fall for you, it’s what you don’t say! Learn 3 crucial ways to bring him under your spell.
  • Let’s see if he’s giving you any signs of flirting and figure out what you can do to get him to come over and ask for a date.
  • To get a little more specific, try some sexy things to say to a man to get him so crazy about you, he won’t know what hit him!
  • The age old question: How to turn a bootycall into a boyfriend Find out the secret ways of getting that boy not just in your bed and into your life!
  • Discover the very best secret on How to attract a guy The secret is not what you think it will be…
  • Every great relationship comes down to the question: “Is he the one? Find out what you should actually be asking yourself to determine if you have a soul mate on your hands.
  • Learn how to use a little eye contact flirting to make him get up the courage to come say hello.
  • Things are starting to get easier (and FUN!). Now it’s time to open up a whole new world and figure out How to meet men online.
  • Discover the ways to find out if the guy you’re flirting with will be good in bed.
  • What if you need to make a choice between money and love when your man is an amazing lover but he’s kinda poor?
  • A reader wonders How to tell her man he needs Viagra. Find out the delicate way around this situation.
  • Why won’t my boyfriend sleep over? Why is he always taking off when it’s supposed to be snuggle time? Find out the dating secrets of keeping him right where he belongs.
  • What do men want? Discover an interesting twist to this age-old question that every woman ponders.
  • Seeking a sugar daddy? Find out the reality behind dating someone who pays for everything.
  • A subscriber asks the question, “How do I find a husband?” Discover the real-world advice we pass along.
  • Falling for a shy guy Find out ways to make it a great relationship.
  • What happens when you feel like you’re too old to date? Things aren’t as bad as they seem whether you are getting out of a divorce, a bad relationship, or just starting over.

Come back often for new updates on juicy dating secrets or feel free to ask some questions of your own.

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