Home Laser Hair Removal

Is home laser hair removal
even possible yet?”

Home Laser Hair RemovalHome laser hair removal is finally here! If you’re like me, you want to get rid of unsightly hair here or there, but it’s too expensive and too embarrassing to go to the clinic. You probably thought you could never do laser hair removal at home, but (and we hope you’re as excited as we are about this) the time is now!

It’s rare that everyone that writes for Dating and Relationship Advice for Women absolutely freaks out over the same thing. All of us, gals and guys, are going nuts for the TRIA Beauty

Whether you’re brand new to permanent hair removal or an old pro, everyone has the same thoughts, “It’s way too expensive!” “It takes too many return visits!” or simply “It’s too embarrassing!” We’ve had more than one conversation around here about wishing it was something we could do at home.

The laser hair removal process

The pulsed light hair removal system essentially works by slowly killing the hair follicle. What it does is zaps any follicles with hair still in it. It’s kind of a contrast seeking system which is why it works better on people with light skin and dark hair (and why it doesn’t work perfectly with blonde hair). Essentially, you zap the follicle and any hair that grows from that place will come back thinner and shorter.

After several treatments, the follicle is essentially dead. No more ugly hair pops out.

The problem with doing any of these treatments in a salon is that the cost is incredibly expensive. Worse than that, most salons offer “package hair removal deals” usually consisting of about five to six treatments. If you’re like most people in the world, permanent laser hair removal almost always takes about eight treatments. If you’re really hairy, it could take up to ten!

So no matter what they sell you, you have to figure you’re almost always going to have to buy a couple more treatments to get completely hairless in any given area.

Another laser hair removal problem is that hair grows in stages. There is a growing, a shedding, and a resting stage for your follicles. If you plan your visits while most of your remaining hair is in the shedding or resting phase, then the laser hair removal equipment isn’t as effective thereby making sure you’ll have to do more treatments.

The whole thing is time consuming and kind of unpredictable. But now that it’s a home laser hair removal process, who cares? You now have the luxury of time without continually paying more and more.

Laser hair removal prices

To be blunt… it aint cheap! Let’s say you’re sick of shaving and want your legs done. Depending where you live, it could cost as much as $600 to $800 per treatment! How about genital hair removal? How much fun does someone holding a laser to your vagina sound? It’s embarrassing and sketchy not to mention it costs about $350 per treatment.

What if you had complete control with your very own home laser hair removal system? Each TRIA Beauty unit has a switch with 5 comfort levels so you can go easy on the more sensitive areas. Believe me when you’re paying a hundred bucks or more per treatment, you make them give you the highest power setting you can handle. With the TRIA, it allows you to go easy. It no longer matters how many treatments you need because you own it!

Does home laser hair removal work?

Great question! And a lot of people are sceptical because they might get one treatment done and not see any results. The answer is a definite yes! However, the amount of treatments needed are usually a few more than what a salon will recommend.

So most people get to their 5th treatment expecting that they will no longer need to shave their armpits and get very dissappointed that they’re not done yet. So really, there is no question that laser hair removal at home or in the salon works, it’s a matter of needing just a little bit extra that they never seem to mention…

Male hair removal

The absolutely awesome thing about the TRIA Beauty laser hair removal device is that now you can hook up your guy too. There aren’t very many guys who will ever be caught getting home laser hair removal yet somehow they eventually manage to grow into human wildebeasts! This is where home laser hair removal comes in.

Go ahead and get the TRIA personal home laser removal system and get to work on your lips, your legs, your bikini area etc., and talk all about how much you love it. We swear he will ask you to try it on him. Our TRIA has gone from household to household and every hairy husband or boyfriend has gone under the zapper! Trust us when we say that a dude who’s in serious need of some laser back hair removal KNOWS how much he looks like a walrus. He desperately wants some male hair removal but he thinks it’s a chick thing so he guesses he has no options.

Next thing you know, there’s a cute little device in his very own home that will make him human again and you bet he’s gonna want to try it! You better bet having a home laser hair removal system is going to make short work of those hairy backs, hairy ears, unibrows, and more. This alone is worth the cost just so you don’t have to make believe he’s a werewolf anymore.

Share with your friends

This is one of the best things about getting the TRIA Beauty. Eventually, you will have zapped off every bit of ugly or unnecessary hair on your whole sparkling body. Now what? You pass it along! You sell it! You rent it to your friends! This little guy is good to go. We’ve had some home laser hair removal parties and had the benefit of someone else at the controls for those really tricky areas.

It’s happened more than once that someone had to call around the neighborhood to find out where it was living at the moment.

Other hair removal products

Sure you can Nair your hair off. You can Veet your hair off. You can do waxing or sugaring or an Epilady. You can burn it off and do a hundred other tortures and toxic nightmares.. but it always grows back. How many times do you need to be buns up and kneeling on a table while some poor girl goes to work? Is the Brazilian hair removal appointment for beauty or for humiliation and torture? …And when it grows back all itchy!!!

If you look at your whole lifespan of Veet hair removal (or any of the others). If you add up all the shaving lotions and razors, you eventually will pay the same amount as having laser hair removal in a salon, so is the laser worth it?

You betcha!

But if you are paying to get your legs or armpits done, you will definitely be paying to have other stuff done so that cost ratchets up ever higher and higher. Permanent hair removal is not a cheap process for anyone. In fact, if you go for all the treatments, it could cost upwards of $10,000. We can’t say enough good words about the TRIA!

Home hair removal… at home!

Most people are looking for laser hair removal New York or Laser hair removal Los Angeles, or London, or Chicago, or Paris… The magical thing is now it doesn’t matter where you live. This is home laser hair removal! You can bring this little guy with you anywhere and do a mini treatment right before you head out for a night on the town.

We simply can’t believe that you can do a major beauty treatment in the comfort and peace of your own home. It’s like re-inventing the wheel (only this wheel permanently removes the hair from your bikini zone)!

Home laser hair removal is here!

If you’ve ever had a laser appointment, then you’ve probably wondered why you can’t do it at home. The technicians are almost never real physicians and the techs only get a couple hour’s training to be certified on the equipment. Are people really too stupid to operate one of these things by themselves? Heck no!

The problem was that a big laser unit costs tens of thousands of dollars to buy.The TRIA is only $595! If you’re not very good at math, it simply means you’d have to be a blathering idiot to not get one of these if you are even remotely thinking about laser hair removal.

If it doesn’t work or it scares you, return it, but we’ll tell you right now, there will be no shortage of your friends that wouldn’t jump at a chance to have their own home laser hair removal kit and buy it from you.

There are so very few devices that we absolutely love: Our iPhones, the Kindle Fire HD eBook Reader from Amazon.com, the Kegelmaster, and now the TRIA. And the TRIA is going to the top of the list! If you’re seriously looking into home laser hair removal or just hair removal in general, do what ever you can to get one of these little guys: borrow from your parents, sell a kidney, rob a bank, just make sure you give this device a try!

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