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breakup storiesWhen you break up, it seems all that’s left are the breakup stories. You feel lost and hurt and can’’t figure out where to turn. There’s a giant weight on you and you’re trying not to be crushed by it.

The scary reality is that your mind is racing with thoughts about how to get him back, revenge, the future, and possibly even suicide. It hurts. It hurts so bad.

In this forum, we want to hear about your story of lost love. How did it happen? Did you expect it? Maybe you finally decided to leave him. How do you feel now? And where do you go from here?

The best thing is that you can receive great advice from our love gurus and our readers to give your strength, to give you perspective, and to help you figure out where to go from here.

Share your story with us. Who knows, your story about the ending of your relationship might just encourage someone to take a necessary step themselves….

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     Breakup Stories Submitted by Our Readers

    • I’m still grieving over my ex

      I’m still grieving over my ex by Laura L. (Florida, USA) I had a 3 year relationship with this guy who treated me badly and was abusive because he used to be an abused child himself. But since I had a low self esteem and my own issues when I was growing up, I went on with it. ...
    • Lying About My Ex

      Lying About My Ex by Hopeless New York So… I dated a guy from the age of 14-20 on and off. I was so crazy about him and did whatever I could to make things work while he treated me like crap, lied, and cheated. He finally broke it off completely with me because he couldn’t take my ...
    • Cat and Mouse

      by Madison (Next to a big black horse and a cherry tree) A little about Joe: Joe is very smart, but he has very intense emotions, his ability to feel hate, sadness, and happiness is like ten times stronger than a normal person. He can read people like no other; he can tell what you’re thinking like ...
    • Everything For Him

      Everything For Him by Anonymous (Canada) I have just broken up with my boyfriend 2 days ago. We have been dating for 2 years, and we were both truly in love and saw a future together. He has stuck by me through the roughest patches when some of my close friends turned against me. Everything was my fault. I ...
    • To Spy or Not to Spy

      To Spy or Not to Spy by Marilyn C. (Laurel, MD) We had been going out for 11 fun filled months. Oddly enough I was the only one who was sharing much of my life with him. Supposedly he had a male roommate who was a family friend and reported his every action back to his overbearing mother. I ...
    • Loving a Man With Trust Issues

      by Rose McFarland (San Jose, CA) My ex (from just a few hours ago) and I have been together for about a year. But the first 4 to 5 months we were just friends because that’s how he wanted it. We both had been hurt several times and his last girlfriend lied a lot. Now he has ...
    • Life Goes On

      Life Goes On by Anonymous The summer of 2008, I was only 14 years old. I had just started “dating” boys, which weren’t real relationships anyways. The kind where you see each other at school and hold hands in the hall, maybe stay after school and sneak around the halls flirting, and talk on the phone all ...
    • He Stole Everything from Me

      by Jessie, 27 (Canada) My ATM card was missing. I assumed that I had been robbed somehow, so that night we went down to the local Police station. He tried to talk me out of it, but I filed a report. The more we investigated, the more I realized was missing. To make matters worse, his job had ...
    • He Faded Out of the Relationship

      He Faded Out of the Relationship by collegegirlNk (louisiana) My ex and I dated near three years, mostly long distance. The first year was fine. He loved me to death, a nice gentleman, spoke to me nearly every day. Of course, half the time we spent arguing over pointless things but in the end we always got a ...
    • What was I thinking?

      What was I thinking? by Catholic Katie My story is a bit complicated, I have been or should I say “was” with my ex for 7 years… We were basically high school sweethearts. We met at a school party through mutual friends. We were both very young & immature. I thought it would be a phase for him ...

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