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“How to relationships, how to keep your man happy forever.”

how to relationshipsWhen it comes to how to relationship tips, nothing is more important than who you are to your man.

The reality is that you can keep your man in love with you and engaged in the relationship when you are a person he is proud of. You can never lose site of who you are in any relationship in order to help it to grow and blossom. For the best information on this subject, there is no book more complete on how to relationships than Roberto Hogue’s Art of Irresistible. It’s like the secret blueprint on how to keep relationships exciting.

Never forget the girl he first met

Think back to your first meeting. What was your style? What were your interests? Where were you in that point of your life?

It’s ridiculous to think that people never change and you should be actively striving to become a better person every day. However, your man fell in love with “that girl.” It’s important to understand why he fell for you in the first place. What did you do for him that made him realize how valuable you are in his life?

Try to embody the best parts of the “old you” as you move forward with your relationship. If he loved how positive you were or how driven or how artistic you were, try to keep that outlook or those interests as a cherished part of who you are.

Never get comfortable

Isn’t it just awesome when you find the perfect guy and you can finally relax and bask in his love?

BIG mistake!

This is the mistake that most people make in their relationships: that “I’ll make it up to him tomorrow” attitude. No matter what it is the you feel you “owe” him, don’t ever put it off! The most important aspect of how to relationships is to stay present in your own love life. Of course, there are days you are just too tired to move and can’t possibly give your man the attention he craves, but once you feel the rush of giving, you’ll understand that you’re not really ever too tired to show attention.

Along those same lines, never feel that you have got him completely. This may be the case at many times during the course of your relationship. You might actually have him so head-over-heels in love with you that he isn’t going anywhere, but love flows and recedes like the tides of the ocean so it’s important to never feel like you have his heart completely.

What this does is that it fine tunes your awareness of your man and you’ll be able to sense when things aren’t right or that he is backing away. If you have ever had to ask, “Is everything OK?” then it is too late. The moment you feel the line go slack should be the moment you do something nice, fun, or even surprising to get him thinking about you again.

Never let him think he knows you completely

This is probably the most confusing (and most fun) aspect of how to relationships. What exactly does this mean?

First of all, when you get to the point that you can complete each other’s sentences, this is not a good thing! Unfortunately, many people see this as a sign of how in tune you are with each other, but it’s the first gigantic step towards monotony. If you are both so “synched up” that you already know what the other is thinking, then why bother to talk to each other any more?

It’s so crucial to always keep him guessing what you are thinking, what you are up to, and what you might do next. I make it a point to spend a few moments a day thinking of ways to surprise my man. Whether it’s something I’ll say to shock him, a “spontaneous” activity or craving that he’ll get dragged along on, or by cooking (or even not cooking) some kind of exotic dish for him on a whim.

What if out of nowhere, you say, “I’m craving frozen yogurt! Get your shoes on, I’m buying!” If you do this every night, he’ll know it’s just your thing, but if you NEVER do it, you’ll have him enchanted at your “sponteneity.” How about, “I want to go to Las Vegas. I checked flights and hotels and we can do it for $300 but we have to leave on Friday.” Even if this is an impossible whim, he will be delighted that you can be so exciting.

The reason behind this is that everyone likes to think that they are fun, yet when it comes down to doing anything on a whim, we just don’t want to. If your lover is an endless source of surprise and fun, then by extension, YOU ARE FUN. The thought of looking for someone to “complete” you is a dangerous idea. Looking instead for someone to challenge you is the recipe for an incredible relationship. For more information on how to keep relationships exciting, you absolutely have to get the book Rousing the Lion to learn how to make him feel like more of a man than he ever has by constantly having to “win” your love. Sounds brutal? Men love love LOVE to be challenged. This book will make him think you are the best woman he’s ever met!

Relationship how to

In order to keep a great relationship, it is vital to constantly re-invent yourself in order to keep your man excited and enchanted with you.

However, you can never lose sight of why he fell in love with you in the first place. Keep those parts of you that defines his love for you. By being a reminder of who you are and also a question of what you’ll do next, you will have the perfect recipe on how to keep relationships fresh and exciting.

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