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bedroom stuffWhen it comes to saying something about yourself, your bedroom stuff can really say a lot without you needing to say a word. What does your bedroom say about you? Does it make you look young or old? Does it make you look mature or immature? Does it make you look sexual or whimsical or mysterious?

Or does it just make you look boring and that this is just a place you sleep?

You can say a lot about yourself by how you decorate and accessorize your living space. Especially to the guy that you might like to share some time between the sheets with…

First of all, it’s important to always tidy up your place before you go out on any date even if it’s a matter of stuffing everything into the closet and hiding your dirty dishes. Why? You have no plans on bringing this (or any) guy over that night, right? WRONG! You never know what might happen. You might have left your ID at home and had to rush back. When you get there, he might really need to use your bathroom and boom… crash… he sees your pigsty.

You simply never know what will happen on a date and going back to your place is not completely out of the question. You might just decide on the spot that this guy is “the one” and drag him back to your place to jump his bones. Unlikely? Possible? Probable? It doesn’t matter. Clean up your stuff! Besides, even if the date sucks, it’s always great to come home to a clean place.

The Bedroom Stuff Reviews Section

Here are a bunch of products and things we adore for your little nests. The more alluring and sensual you can make your sleeping area, the more likely he is to spend more time at your place. We’ve found that a couple will generally stay at the place that is the most comfortable. If you make it your place, then you get to shower in a bathroom that you know is clean and has all of your products and bath stuff.

When you make your home into the perfect little space, you will have him feeling comfortable and serene. Add a little bit of your charm and beauty and it’s only a matter of time til he starts to think about love…


  • Royal Opulence Satin Sheet Sets from Divatex Bedroom Stuff aIf you’re kind of girl who prefers sheets that are a bit more sleek, then you have never really lived until you have treated yourself to the mind-blowing experience of sleeping on satin.
    Really? Satin? Yes… satin! Most people picture some sleazy 70’s bedroom scene when they think of satin, but once you sleep on these sheets, sleeping on cotton again will feel like sleeping on cardboard. Just think about what he’ll be thinking when you show him around your place and he sees those red satin sheets peeking out under your blankets. Mee-yow!!


  • Mulberry Silk Charmeuse Silk Sheet Sets from Feeling Pampered Bedroom Stuff bIf you’re really in the mood for luxury, then there is nothing more perfect and luxurious than sleeping on silk. Imagine all the sensual delights of satin without satin’s tendency to trap heat (silk is way better if you live in a warmer climate or are prone to overheating when you sleep).These are spendy sheets, but the feel and durability and the amazing sleep you’ll have is really the only way to reward yourself!


  • Bedroom Stuff cPacific Coast Touch of Down Pillow Set If you go nuts over comfy pillows like we do, then you are going to be sleeping on a cloud with these fabulous pillows. These are the same pillows you’ll find in the most luxurious hotels throughout the world.There is an old saying that you should always get the best shoes and bedding you can afford because when your not in one, you’re in the other. Pillows are no exception. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud with these amazing pillows and the best part about buying these is that they offer a 30 Night Comfortable Sleep Guarantee!It’s really hard to find just the perfect pillow, but we think this is as close as you can get without some kind of magical incantations and if you’re not happy, send it back!


  • Hip Removable Chalkboards by Wallcandy Arts Bedroom Stuff dWant to encourage a little communication with your lover? Just put up one of these great removable chalkboards and encourage a little playful banter to keep the flirting fresh and fun.Leave little love notes to each other as you head out for work. Plan little interludes or just say “I love you” in a sweet way with these fun message boards. If you’re dating a guy who rarely says sweet things to you, this will definitely encourage him to get used to the little things about romance and maybe even encourage him to go bigger.We love to leave sexy questions like? “Kissing on the neck or nibbling on the ear?” Trust us, he will respond!


  • Embossed Wall Tiles from Inhabit Bedroom Stuff eInterior Design Magazine’s Eco-Friendly Product of the Year. Simple and modern! These wall flats make your place look stunning!Is your place pretty boring? Does it say nothing about how interesting and artistic you are? Inhabit’s Wall Flats will take your place from common to surprisingly unique. You just stick the 18×18 inch panels on in any configuration and enjoy how cool your place looks. Or you can paint them any color a really make them look incredible.We love them because they are made out of 100% bio-degradable bamboo paper pulp so no trees get hacked down for your stylishness and we think you’ll love them because they’re easy to hang, easy to maintain and make you look like some jet-setting international fashion model!We can’t say enough about how cool these things are because everyone who comes over says how cool they are…


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There are thousands of great little items and other bedroom stuff out there. We will keep adding more as we find them. If you have a something you’d like reviewed, contact us! Or if you’d like to send in your own product review, send it in. The sexier you can make your living space, the sexier you feel and the better your relationship becomes.

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