Infidelity ruins so many relationships. What can I do to protect mine?

infidelityInfidelity and cheating can really hurt a relationship. Whether it’s you or your boyfriend who is having an affair, someone is likely to get hurt. Even if the other person never finds out, those little signs of of shady behavior are always there.

Before you get too involved in looking for “signs” or making up you own mind about your boyfriend. Please pause for a second.

Consider if he’’s actually capable of destroying your trust. Have you had the “monogamy talk” before? Is it possible that you have a problem with jealousy and it’s likely he’s not actually cheating on you?

Going down the road to finding out if he’s having an affair is a one-way street. Even if he never finds out that you had reason not to trust him, something will definitely and permanently change in the way you love him.

Only go down this path if you really feel you must, but before you do, consider that somehow he has violated your trust in a significant way. Sometimes it’s better just to walk away than spend another minute trying to catch him in a lie.

Feel free to check out our brand new section on reader submitted infidelity stories. Find out how other people have dealt with the problems you are facing or tell us your story and how cheating has affected you.

The in’s and out’s of cheating and infidelity

  • First, we are going to discover why do men cheat. Some guys just fall into it. Some guys are players. Look into the mind of a man so you can better understand if he has a problem with monogamy.
  • How to spot a cheater. Finding a guy less likely to cheat in the first place will save you a lot of problems in the long run.
  • The signs of infidelity. If he’s cheating on you, you’ll be able to tell by the warning signs of an affair.
  • Learn the signs of lying so you can tell if he’’s telling you the truth.
  • Is an emotional affair considered cheating? Here’s some information you should consider if you catch him getting a little too close to another woman.
  • Feeling tempted to cheat? Is your man OK, but not good enough? Feeling like you need a little attention? Get some good advice before you do something you might regret.
  • We are busy compiling information on the statistics on infidelity. Check back soon to see the results.
  • Forgiving infidelity. Can a relationship survive after he ha’s cheated on you? Gain some perspective to see if you can pick up the pieces.
  • Is my man cheating? There are ways to find out.
  • Although we really wanted to leave this one out, we get too many questions about this. Discover how to cheat and avoid the common pitfalls that allow you to get caught. This provides a good look into the mind of a cheater.
  • And finally, now might be a great time to figure out how to end the relationship. Whether he’s the one or you’re the one who’s caught up in infidelity, some things are just not worth saving…

Cheating can be devastating to your relationship and could affect all the other relationships in your future. It would be silly to go into this half-hearted. If you need to know, then do it. If it turns out to not be true, be ready to apologize and try to move on with rebuilding the relationship.

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