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Your sad love story

sad love storyIf you’ve ever loved, then you have your own sad love story. When things that seemed to be perfect and meant to be turn bad, it has a way of making you never want to love again.

The best part about reading about what went wrong with other people is that it lets you know that you are not alone in your sadness. Bad things happen to great relationships all the time and getting a little advice or encouragement is sometimes all you need to get back out there and find the perfect love.

Sometimes just the simple act of telling your story gives you a little perspective and helps you to re-focus your efforts to getting happy again.

What’s your story? What brought you here? How did your love go wrong and what are you doing about it? Post your story here and join our community. Together, we will get you through these tough times.

Share your story with us. Who knows, writing out your sad love story might just be the best way to start healing. Check out our reader’s sad love stories below the fill out form.

Do you have a sad love story?

Sometimes love can make you sad. Sometimes it feels like the end of the world. Tell us what happened and how you are coping with your pain.

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     Compelling Sad Love Stories Submitted by Our Readers

    • Rekindling after all these years

      Rekindling after all these years Reimi Japan After deep thinking, I decided to look for somewhere to share my story not much to get advised but mostly to share. To say it out and see what your dear readers would think of it… I’ve always believed only in my way of thinking things through so I couldn’t share ...
    • In love with a married man

      In love with a married man by CL (cruel love), 21 (Philippines ) I’m a 21 year-old female living in the Philippines. I work in one of the top advertising companies as a Researcher/Advertising Executive. I wanna share my very complicated love life… So it goes like this: 2 years ago, I had a longtime boyfriend. We used to ...
    • He told me to move on

      by Kay Witherspoon (Lost in Florida) Gordon and I met on a vacation to Hawaii. We were both sitting at a bar right next to the beach when the waiter walking by with a tray full of glasses tripped and soaked us both with pina coladas and mai tais. We laughed for about 20 minutes and agreed to ...
    • The Ring

      The Ring by F.G.B. – 13 yrs. old (Philippines) It has been a year, but still, memories are very fresh, as if it happened yesterday. It was September 2013. I had my boyfriend, his name is Ash. We’ve been together since we’re children. Actually, we’re childhood sweethearts. He courted me when I was 11, and with no 2nd thought, ...
    • Love Can Kill You

      Love Can Kill You by Alisha (London) Well, where do I begin? Let’s start by asking how many of you guys believe in love? I do not disagree with you either, only if you find the RIGHT PERSON or else you will mess your life up. I fell in love in 2010. It was my true love (I will ...
    • He’s giving his love, time and devotion to someone else

      He’s giving his love, time and devotion to someone else. by robin lee (los angeles) How painful to know the person you love is giving all their love, time and devotion to someone else. There are few things worse in life than when someone you love is with someone else. Your life stops. You are devastated, and in many ...
    • After He Cheated

      After He Cheated by Tina (Menifee, CA, USA) Eight years ago we fell in love, I broke us up a few times, but he always came back to me. I ignored the signs that something was wrong and just accepted the distance between us. Turns out he was cheating for 3 years off and on with the HR director ...
    • A Million Thoughts to say

      A Million Thoughts to say by joy (secret) I wonder, how should i begin? i have so many ideas i don’t know where to start. what i mean is, i have none. so i can’t write an article for valentines day. only the endless sadness of my aching heart… when i was in high school, i never believed about ...
    • I Love My Best Friend

      I Love My Best Friend by Haley (Rhode Island) My best friend and I have gone out before… But we were young and nothing really changed. Our friendship was such a strong thing and taking the next step to a relationship still kept us in a strong friendship. I’ve known him for years and I’ve always felt something for ...
    • Greatest Love of My Life

      Greatest Love of My Life by Shirley (Samou) We met when we moved to the city. He was always chasing after me but at that time he already had a girlfriend and I didn’t bother getting involved with him. Desmond always teased me when I walked passed him and his friends and I started to hate him but ...

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