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We could all use some relationship advice to make an amazing thing better

relationship adviceFor some women, asking for relationship advice is like a man asking for driving directions. Somehow, it’s embarrassing to not know the stuff that we all seem to deal with.

That’s the problem. When it comes to turning dating into a relationship, none of us have read the manual. And believe me, there is a manual and there are a bunch of relationship tips you can use to “help” your man fall for you.

Don’t get caught in dating limbo. It’s important for you to make him know that you are better than any other girl out there. You know and understand your man better than his own mother. You need to work on building the relationship and show him how cool you are.

Wait a minute?

We forgot a very important step. Getting into a relationship with the wrong guy can be devastating in the long run. Here are 7 easy questions to see if you have chosen the right man. If your man doesn’t have these qualities, there is a pretty good chance it won’t last.

Now for the relationship advice

  • So now you got him, what do you do? Learn how to make relationships work. See how easy it is to keep your man hopelessly in love with you.
  • Now we can move on to the relationship issues every woman should know about so that you can keep them from popping up. If they do pop up, we help you to fix them quickly so you can get back to that sweet lovin’!
  • What’s the best way to Get what you want out of relationships? Here are some simple tasks to get you perfectly on track to having an incredible relationship.
  • A reader asks “Why do we fight all the time?” Discover how to get back to the good times.
  • Sometimes things can’t be fixed so easily and turn into big problems. Learn some ways to repair a broken relationship.
  • Sometimes you need a little bit more help. Is he showing you any warning signs of a breakup?
  • Find out how to save a relationship. Everyone needs a little help getting back to basics.
  • Sometimes it’s as easy as learning how to apologize. Find out ways to tell him you’re sorry for messing up.
  • What happens when the trust is gone out of the relationship? Should you go and what can you do if you stay?
  • What happens when you think, “He’s taking me for granted!” Learn how to get him to get back into that romancing feeling.
  • Maybe the relationship just fizzled. Find out if you can get him back.
  • How to train a man! Yep, here’s actual advice on how to get a man to do your bidding!
  • Find out what to do if you have an abusive boyfriend. Get some great perspective on what’s really going on.
  • How about some great relationship advice on how to relationships Here a few thing you really need to make your relationship solid.
  • There’s also some great advice on rebound relationships. The cards are stacked up against you. Find out ways to make it work.
  • How about when your boyfriend is addicted to porn and can’t get hard during sex? This problem is way more prevalent than you can imagine.
  • A reader wonders how to save a relationship when she admits I don’t want sex. Can she keep her husband if he can’t touch her?

Make sure you check out the section on relationship questions where you can ask any question and one (or several) of our gurus will give you great relationship advice.

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