How to Make Relationships Work

Knowing how to make relationships work is all about keeping things fresh

how to make relationships workUnderstanding how to make relationships work is a lot less about what you do and more about who you are. Have you ever noticed any of your girlfriends who do the absolute minimum in the relationship, yet their boyfriend or husband adores them? How do they get away with being so “lazy?”

The answer is very simple. They understand what their man truly needs and give it to him in bulk. Sure it’’s pretty awesome to have a mate who takes care of all your business, handles all the details and even does all of the “traditional” things the woman historically did. It’’s awesome to have your laundry done and home cooked meals or whatever, but think of this: what would he do if he didn’t have you? If you stopped doing all these sweet things for your guy, would he wither away and die?

He’’ll keep on living just the way he always has. Knowing how to make relationships work is more about giving him the things he can’’t get from everyone else or do on his own.

Let’’s explore what can he not get from anyone else in his life?

Give him understanding

You guys have been together for a while. You’re so committed to him, you are seeking ways how to make relationships work. You’’ve come to know his quirks and peculiarities and have a good idea how he’ll react in most situations. You know this man and this understanding has helped you to fall deeper in love with him.

So why do we always treat the ones we love worse than we would treat a stranger?

“”I never do that! I love him!”” There is no doubt that you love him (or else you wouldn’’t be right here), but do you really have his back? When he complains about his job or future, do you tell him to stop complaining and how lucky he is to have a decent job? When he has problems, do you tell him to stop being such a baby? Can he truly tell you anything knowing that you won’’t judge him and help him through his problems?

Sometimes we get to know someone so well that we don’’t tolerate their quirks. Instead of giving him the brush off when he has issues, really listen to him. He might not even need advice and just needs an opportunity to talk. Sooo?… So shut up and listen.

The simple act of listening to your man without trying to figure out what to say is an essential part of how relationships work. Really listen. No judgments, no “you should have’s,” No changing the subject. Repeat back what you think he’’s trying to tell you and let him keep talking. Since birth, society has told your guy to “man up” and to disregard his emotions. The truth is, he would love to feel like someone really understands him.

If you’re really serious about holding on to your man, you need to bring out the big guns and learn to make him crave you by learning better ways to keep your man interested. The more you know about how he craves understanding, the more irresistible you become!

Give him compliments

We’re not talking the typical, ““nice tie”” stuff anyone can offer. We’’re talking comments on how attractive you think he is. WHAT?!!

That’’s right. Compliment him on his physical beauty. Unless he’s an Adonis-type male model, no one has or ever will tell him how sexy he is. The first one who does will have his ultimate attention whether it’’s you or that cute, young co-worker who thinks he’’s amazing.

Make sure it’s you who lets him know what you find attractive about him. If you really need to know how to make relationships work, it’s your job to be his biggest fan.

Why does this work? Women are admired for their looks, men are admired for their accomplishments. Has anyone ever called you brilliant? How exhilarating did that make you feel? Men love to be the virile, desirable stud but sadly, never get to be. They just get older and have to put more effort into their accomplishments.

Yes this is totally silly, but a nicely timed, “”I love your cute butt”” compliment every once in awhile will send him into fits of giddy delight.

Give him something to look forward to

We get up, go about our daily routine, go home, watch TV and go to bed. Living life can be pretty boring sometimes and it’’s easy to get stuck in scheduled monotony. People want so desperately to have something “happen” in their lives. We bide our time until we win the lottery or some other windfall comes along and saves us from our dull existence.

What if you became his “lottery?” What if every once in awhile, you do something shocking and unpredictable? Always keeping him on his toes works great for how to make relationships work. You don’’t have to run naked through his place of work, but what if you do random things that he’’ll never expect? He’’ll find himself drawn to see what is going to happen next.

We are drawn to unpredictable people. We can’’t help but be sucked in to the drama and surprise. There is a reason celebrity mishaps are so damn exciting. Haven’’t you ever found yourself anticipating a Hollywood starlet’s next scandal? You don’’t have to be scandalous, but you have to shake things up.

Rent a limo and pick him up from work wearing something spicy under your coat. Have him meet you at a bar and pretend you just met him. Dress completely opposite to how you normally do. If there are things you don’’t do or allow, go against your own rules and see how he freaks out. Be passionate about never letting him feel he really knows you. Mystery plays an enormous role in how to make relationships work.

Take him away

At least once every other month, go on an overnight trip somewhere. Don’’t invite friends. Don’’t go visit the family. Leave the kids at home. Get away. Just the two of you.

When you have so many other priorities, he starts to feel like he’’s at the bottom of your list. When you spend time together at home, you are still thinking about stuff that needs to get done. Walk away from all of that and make “date night” last a lot longer.

I know what you’’re thinking, ““We can’’t afford that!”” There are two answers to that. When figuring out how to make relationships work by using “alone time,” you don’t have to go to a 5 star resort hotel. In fact, some of the sleazier hotels can have a certain appeal for certain activities. You can even go camping. Find a secluded place that most people don’’t know about and have extended sleeping bag time.

The second answer is: if he’’s not going away with you, eventually he’’ll be doing it with someone else. We’re not trying to get you all paranoid, but if he doesn’’t get this quality alone time with you, he might turn his attention to someone who will give it freely. A little money spent now is well worth not paying for a relationship counselor later.

Start a budget! Go to your bank and have $100 deducted from your account each month into a separate savings account. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to get away in a couple months. When you finally do, you’ll have $300-$500 bucks in there to do something extra special. Call it your “Relationship Sanity Fund.”

Give him your sexuality

Notice we’re not specifically saying “give him sex.” The quantity of sex you give him is not as important as the quality of sex. Sure, he’’ll take all he can get, but if you really try to blow his mind every once in awhile, he will be yours for life.

Explore your sexuality a little more with him. Try new things and go with some of your fantasies. It’s time to read a great book by Roberto Hogue, The REAL Secrets of Sex. You can download it right away and uncover some mind-blowing techniques by tonight! Any time you can show him some skills and a willingness to learn some more, you’’re speaking directly to his heart. If that sounds a little too racy for you, there is a book that still allows you to check out your sexual side and still feel comfortable. Check out Great Sex Even When You’re not in the Mood. It will help you to get comfortable with your sexuality in a much more pleasant way!

Secret weapons!!!

If you really want to break out the super-secret ninja stuff and really blow his mind, you seriously need to check out The Kegelmaster! He will never know what hit him! The Kegelmaster is a workout device that helps develop the muscles in your pubic region. It creates powerful muscles in and around your vagina that makes it feel incredible during sex for both of you! Not only that, it helps you recover before and after childbirth and can tighten you up no matter how long ago you had your children. The best part is that it makes your orgasms deep and mind-blowing.

If learning how to make relationships work is at all important to you, then following these steps will make you the queen of his world. If you’ have ever even wondered if he might cheat on you or he’’s thinking about breaking up, how can he if he’’s getting everything he ever wanted from you?

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