How to be Funny

Do I really need to know how to be funny?
Isn’’t he supposed to be the funny one?”

how to be funnyThe fact remains that everyone is attracted to someone who knows how to be funny. Even the most crabby man will feel his heart melt when someone makes him laugh. You really have to understand humor if you want to hold on to a dynamic guy.

Women always say they want a man who can make them laugh. It’s almost always in the top 5 requirements. So why isn’’t it something a man will generally ask for? To be honest, men generally don’’t consider women funny. Even some of the biggest female comics have a portion of their sets dealing with women’s issues. Although they might say otherwise, most guys don’t really get women’s issues.

Often, the women comics that achieve the most fame are usually pretty filthy. We’re not at all saying you need to be filthy to be funny. In fact, being filthy is the worst thing you can do when trying to get a man’’s attention. You are sending out all the wrong signals and given that a majority of men would like a feminine woman, all that “fart humor” is killing your hotness.

So what can you do to be funny and be a sultry seductress? All humor requires you to be present in all conversations. It requires listening to what’’s being said and reinterpreting it into something funnier. If you really want the most valuable resource on learning how to tell a story, this indispensable book, Comedy Mastery that really breaks down the entire process of making people laugh and being a great conversationalist. Obviously, this book was made as a way to seduce women, but it works on guys too! More importantly, it shows you how to think funny AND seductively. This way, you don’t just come off as a clown on your dates. If you’’re one of those people who doesn’’t consider themselves funny, this book will change your life! But for now, let’s start with the basics:

Know your audience

Figuring out how to be funny requires you to think on your toes, but more than that, you need to be a good judge of how the other person is reacting to you. Pay attention to the look on his face. Does he have a “tell me more” eagerness or just a pleasant smile, or maybe a look of horror?

The ability to tell when you are losing him is a crucial skill when trying to be funny. He may be laughing, but what is his body language saying? Is his laugh genuine or forced? You may think you’’re doing great, but he may be sitting across from you thinking, “When is this crazy lady ever going to shut up?”

You don’’t have to finish a story if it’s not working. Change the subject. Ask him a question. You are much better off being thought of as scatterbrained than being a bore. A man will tolerate a woman who’s a little kooky. He won’t stick around if there’s not a lot to talk about afterwards.

Know his interests

Bringing in his interests as funny metaphors is a great place to start. The only forbidden aspect of this is not to make fun of something you don’’t understand unless he’’s already explained it (see call back humor).

If you share common interests or know common people then this is where you can get much of your material. You can bring up funny stories relevant to the interests you share, but be warned: Have you ever said, ““you had to be there”” or ““it was funny at the time”?” Stop doing that! If your story isn’t funny right now then don’’t tell it.

When you get into in-jokes and silly stories that no one else would care about, it just makes you look like a self-important jackass.

Learn how to tell a story

How about learn one story and make it awesome? If you ever saw the movie, “Reservoir Dogs” by Quentin Tarantino, there is a part in the movie where a character is forced to learn a story top-to-bottom that helps the criminals think he’’s one of them. You need to do that too. When you learn how to tell one story really well and start to understand when and where people laugh, you really learn how to tell a story. It’s a crucial step in how to be funny.

Most local colleges and theater troupes have story writing classes and improv comedy classes. If you really suck at telling a funny story, do yourself a huge favor and learn this valuable skill. It will help you in every aspect of your life.

Learn call back humor

Most great comedians have this very important skill. Call back humor is when you (or he) says something really funny and later on in the conversation, you work that into something you’’re talking about. Watch any DVD of a comedian’s set. Almost always the joke that they lead with (or the one that got the best laughs) is worked into the final joke of the night.

Some of the funniest things you can say will all involve call back humor. The best part about this is that it really helps you gain rapport with your guy since you are proving that you are listening and you are creating in-jokes with him. He might tell you about a boring stapler malfunction at work, yet you can somehow work that into your car breaking down the other day, “”It’’s not as complicated as a stapler, but I managed to fix my car.””

He now thinks you were really listening to his boring stories and liked them enough to tease him about it. If he laughs, you’re in.

Don’t be a clown

When seducing a man, there is a fine line between keeping his interest by being funny and being a full-blown stage show. Being a stage show is bad. At some point, you need to make things a bit more intimate by turning down the comedy routine and turning up the seduction.

Sure, there is an enormous pride in being really funny, but don’’t forget why you are there. Slow things down a little bit and really get into him. That doesn’’t mean you need to shut off the funny completely, but it’’s hard to go from deep belly laughing to soulful eye gazing.

Being funny and understanding humor is a skill that leaders and captivating people have. It is a major stepping stone in learning how to be attractive. If you do everything else we recommend yet skip out on this step, you’’re not working at becoming the ideal woman for that awesome man. Who knows, you might love the new funny you so much that you decide to learn how to do stand up comedy.The bonus book on how to deal with hecklers is amazing and you can work it right into your dates by really learning how to tease a guy.

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