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naughty stuffSometimes you need a little naughty stuff to really explore your sexuality. Let’s face it, sex can get pretty boring after awhile unless you use a little creativity.

That is why you need some spicy, naughty stuff to introduce into the bedroom to show your man that you are thinking about these things. Especially thinking about these things and HIM.

“Do I really want him to know I have a freaky side?”

Oh hell yes! Guys love women who are totally comfortable with their own sexuality. We all have a weird or silly or unfathomable little thing that really turns us on. Why be embarrassed to talk about naughty stuff if you really like this guy?

Sex is as much about playing and exploring as it is about sharing yourself with a guy you love (or like… or even lust after). When you can bust out some crazy contraption or naughty stuff, you accomplish several things. First of all, you show him you are creative. He gets to see you are comfortable with your sexuality. You are comfortable and trusting enough of him that you would open up to him. Plus you show him that you LOVE sex.

Society has always tried to control women’s sexuality. So much so that many men still believe that women only give up sex because they have to, not because they want to. It’s time to take back your sexuality, girls!

This isn’t a page about naughty stuff, this is a page about awesome stuff that is going to make your love life rock! Have fun!!!

The Naughty Stuff Reviews Section

The following reviews are for all of the sexiest, funniest, raunchiest, and strangest toys, lubes, sexy clothing, and fun gear to make your sex life unbelievable. Of all pages, this one will probably take the longest to complete. We are busy testing out everything and sometimes… re-testing. Well, and re-testing.

As you can see, it’s so hard to get distracted here. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to write a review about naughty stuff when your in that glowing numb state. OK, gotta get back to the lab and do some more research.

The Kegelmaster

Naughty Stuff 1If you’ve read a few pages on this site, you’ll see that this little wonder gets mentioned A LOT! That’s why it’s the first sexy thing on the list.

This fella will change your sex life in ways you can’t imagine. It’s a little workout machine for your vagina. What does it do? It turns your vajayjay into the Incredible Hulk! OK, maybe not a crazy green monster, but you will be blown away by how much better sex is after using this guy for even just a week!

More importantly, your lover will be blown away (but you might not really remember he’s there after you see how incredible your orgasms become)!

Here’s how it works: you put this little guy in and grip down on it with your pelvic muscles. That’s it?! There are other exercises you can do, but that’s essentially it. Who ever knew that exercising those muscles could create a Wondervagina!

Are you pregnant? Get this today! When you tone up your muscles before childbirth, there is less chance of tearing and scarring that can occur. Your muscles simply stretch the way they should. And since they’re in such great shape, they spring back to normal much faster than if you never developed these muscles.

The Kegelmaster tightens and tones all the muscles down there and the orgasms! Oh my god, the orgasms are unbelievable! Imagine all those great sensations of an orgasm. Now imagine them on steroids! Ladies, I present to you, The Kegelmaster.

IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Kit
intifit-kegelThe IntiFit is a weight-based Kegel Exerciser kit. It’s also a bit more affordable and a lot less bizarre looking. This accomplishes the same things that the Kegelmaster does, but instead of squeezing the device, you use your vaginal muscles to hold it in.

No matter which one of these wonders catches your eye, you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your sex life, you owe it to your awesome boyfriend to get one of these. It’s the best money you will ever spend!

Cal Exotics Wild G Spot Vibe

Naughty Stuff 3When you look at all the best inventions in history, the creation of the rabbit vibrator has to be near the top (somewhere after the invention of the wheel). If you’ve never tried a rabbit, do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these beauties.

The magic of rabbit vibes is that they hit just about every happy zone you have all at once. You have the beads in the middle playing with your G spot. You have the twirly tip hitting just about everywhere else. Then there’s the cute little rabbit tip going loco on your clitoris.

It’s like having a racing pit crew all helping you towards your orgasm!

We love the Wild G Spot Vibe because it’s made out of Silicon so it’s super durable and doesn’t have that plastic smell other toys have. The three speeds also give you a chance to go big when you’re really feeling friskier.

If you have a toolbox of naughty stuff, this will make all the others obsolete! You’ll go for this one first every single time.

Caution: there are a ton of moving parts on these so they tend to break down after awhile (or with really heavy usage). Buy the best one you can afford and you won’t be sorry!

Skyn Condoms

Naughty Stuff 4Is your guy one of those “I can’t feel nothing when I’m wearing a condom” guys? Try out Lifestyles’ Skyn condoms and you’ll make him into a condom fan again.

The great thing about this naughty stuff is that they’re not made from latex, but they’re still strong and safe like latex. Skyn condoms are super smooth yet have a softer, natural feel. Pretty much like wearing nothing at all. You’ll be able to feel the difference too.

Exotic Dance Private Dancer DVD

Naughty Stuff 5Getting your man all worked up has got to be the most fun you can have in a relationship. This instructional DVD gives you all the great advice and moves to give a seductive lap dance for your fella. Yes, a lap dance just like the strippers do!

Why should I act like a stripper for my man? You love this guy, why wouldn’t you? Many women think of these advanced seduction techniques and think that it’s for low-class women or hookers or whatever. They think it’s definitely not for them. This couldn’t be more untrue!

Your man wants to think about you sexually. He wants to crave you. He want to do all of the naughty stuff you already think about. He wants those experiences with you that will always pop into his mind and make him want to blush. Why would he waste his money going to a strip club, when his hot girl gives him all the fantasy he desires?

Erotixxx Adult Board Game

erotixxx-boardgameAll we can say is “Whoa!” If you ever want to get to know your lover, I mean really get to know your lover, this amazing board game will blow both of you away. It will help you and him reveal yourselves in a safe, fun and enchanting way that will keep your heart pounding for days.

Seriously, of all the naughty stuff we have reviewed, this one has been passed around to everyone we know and we think everyone who’s played this has ended up owning it. Just writing this makes me want to track it down and have some daring, sexy fun tonight. It might take awhile to find out who’s got it hidden away for their own pleasure?

Fukuoku Waterproof Massage Glove

Naughty Stuff 8Holy Cow! This thing is brilliant! The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove is a stroke of genius! You slip this guy onto your hand (the fuchsia one comes in right hand only) and can go to town just about anywhere.

Each finger has a tiny vibrator on it with adjustable speed control. The best thing is it’s waterproof so those long hot baths don’t have to be so lonely. If you love your vibes, imagine having five of them doing completely different things! Your only limitation is your imagination (and maybe your arm getting tired). This wonder sucks up a lot of juice though so you should do what we did and get a bunch of rechargeable AAA batteries.

Our favorite thing about the Fukuoku is it’s stretchy material so it will fit most men’s hands too. Creative guys can direct symphonies on your body with this thing!

Erotic Card Games for Couples

Naughty Stuff 9These cards are a blast! You’ll love the sexual questions. How else will you get to know the really naughty stuff your boyfriend or husband thinks about? When you make things fun, you can get anything out of a guy… especially when you get to the striptease cards.

Any of these decks of cards is a must-have for sexy fun time. What? You don’t already have sexy fun time? You will if you have a deck like this laying around the house…

Help a sister out

There are thousands of great little sexy things and captivating naughty stuff out there. We will keep adding more as we find them. If you have a some naughty stuff you’d like reviewed, contact us. Or if you’d like to send in your own product review, send it in! The sexier you can make your world, the sexier you feel and the better your relationship becomes. Bring some naughty stuff into your world and set your sex life on fire!

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