I’m Too Hot to Date

I’m too hot! Guys just treat me like a piece of meat.”

Question Submitted by Ashley from Indiana

“I think I’m too hot! How can I stop being called sexy or hot? When I’m out with my friends, they are called pretty or beautiful, and I’m called hot or sexy.

I don’t even wear sexy outfits. Recently, I wear an oversized shirt and jeans, just to prove a point, and still got called hot and sexy. Nobody can tell me how to stop being like that to stop being called that. I just want a loving, lasting relationship. I can’t get guys to see more as more than someone they want to have sex with.”

A good problem

too hotMany women would kill for your situation, but there are a lot of issues in having looks that turn on the caveman part of most guys brains. A few years ago, I dated a woman who made a pretty decent living as a model. She had the same problem as you. She was way too hot and we couldn’t go anywhere without guys almost breaking their necks to get a better look at her.

Dudes would hit on her with me sitting right there. At first, I thought it was hilarious! Just as a matter of time management, she would have to be a bitch to them to get rid of them. Some guys just don’t handle even blatant signals of disinterest.

I’m not a jealous guy, but I found myself having to remind meat heads to show a little respect. Somehow guys figured, “I wanna f#@& you” is a good pickup line…

What do you do when you’re too hot?

Like you said, you can’t ugly yourself down. You just can’t mask good genetics. And sometimes the attention from the wrong kind of guys is relentless. How do you get guys to see that you’re actually a pretty cool human being under your great exterior?

I think you’re setting your sites a little too broad. There are just some guys that you don’t need to know. Most guys just see you as meat and you have nothing to prove to them. Feel free to be a bitch to them. They deserve it.

What you want is the attention of a really great guy. I feel for you. Even though all guys are looking for a too hot girlfriend, most would never be able to handle one. Guys get too wrapped up in your beauty and treat you like a fragile sculpture, when all you really want is an equal.

The perfect guy when you’re too hot

So who is the perfect guy for a stunning girl? This is a hard one, and the best answer is a crapshoot. Too hot girls usually end up with too hot guys or rich guys. That’s not a stereotype, it’s the way of the world. Gorgeous men understand the bizarre nature of beauty so they aren’t as taken by your beauty long enough to treat you like anyone else. Rich guys are all looking for a trophy wife. Why else would you work so hard?

The problem is that all of the attention you get for being beautiful, your “pretty guy” is getting all the same attention from girls. This endless attention affects great looking guys in a different way than it affects sexy women. Whereas, you spend your whole life trying to prove that you are way more than just your exterior, a hot guy will often figure he doesn’t have to try really hard at anything. To be honest, most too hot guys are complete egomaniacal douchebags. Of course this is a complete generalization. Some beautiful women get themselves into the same situation.

Rich guys are rich for a couple reasons. They inherited it, or they’re totally driven. It’s great to live the lush life, but old money comes with its own set of bizarre rules. Or what’s the fun of having endless resources when your man is never there and all you do is spa treatments all day? It sounds cool, but studies have shown, once you get used to something, the magic fades.

So you’re doomed? Nope. Here is where things get interesting. My suggestion: find a completely comfortable, good looking guy who experienced some kind of awkward phase. Maybe he grew up poor or dorky, but he’s got some kind of humility and compassion. That’s the secret. If a guy’s got some dimension to him, he’ll be much more likely to treat you with love and respect.

What can you do right now?

This is not to say that you can’t do something right now to attract your lovable hottie. You might think this is bizarre, but I recommend the Unstoppable Confidence Course. You might be thinking, “I’m gorgeous! Why would I need a confidence boost?!!”

Hear me out.

The apes that hit on you all the time because you’re too hot are scared of confident women. Just by the nature of being measured by your looks, you are much more susceptible to hits in your self-esteem when you have an “ugly day.” Predators always smell fear. If you have an amazing air of confidence about you, weak men are much more likely to leave you alone.

You won’t have to hear how sexy you are when you are an imposing figure. Not only that, amazing guys are looking for amazing women. Being too hot will only get you so far in this world. Having a vivacious personality will get you the rest of the world! It’s one thing to be the girl that all men would love to sleep with. It’s so much better to be the greatest person he’s ever met.

You’re not done yet!

Do you have the skills to keep an awesome guy? Now is not the time to think your looks will be enough. You also have to play the game. I’m not talking about becoming a pick up artist. I’m talking about keeping your man on his toes.

No one cherishes something they didn’t work their butt off for. You need to make him feel he’s earned every moment with you. This applies whether you’re built like a goddess or you have a more classic appeal. You must captivate your man!

It sounds like some it’s going to take some bizarre voodoo ritual or magical incantations, right? Nope. It’s actually pretty easy once you know how to make him feel like a gladiator. HUH? Believe me, once you’ve read Rousing the Lion, you will know the key to making a man crave you!

Being too hot is not a bad predicament, as long as your goal is to make the inside match your outside.

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