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Beauty advice!?? I’m pretty hot already!

Beauty AdviceThat’s true.

But when it comes to beauty advice, are you just looking good for yourself and your friends, or are you cultivating “The Look” that attracts men? And if you don’t have a problem attracting men, could it be that your look is saying the wrong things about you?

What does your look say about you? Specifically, what does it say about your sexuality? Does your look make you look interesting and available? Does it make you look like you’ll sleep with anyone? Do you look like you are permanently about to go camping?

Stop for a moment and get back to the original purpose of asking for beauty advice: to attract a mate. Recently, conflicting ideas in society has split that purpose into two directions. Either you are going too far with over-makeup and slutty fashion or you don’t do anything at all. The fact remains that a majority of women taught themselves how to define their own style without really knowing how or why.

This leads us to an even bigger issue of the beauty industry just reinforcing stereotypes and making women who have to follow these traditions into second-class citizens. Whatever your opinions on this, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of men prefer feminine women. They enjoy that you have dresses and love that you grow your hair long. Makeup has been around for almost the entire history of womankind.

Makeup is the easiest way to look good.

In fact, just the simple act of applying any makeup signals to the man that you are at the very least, feminine. At best, it shows you might be available. Have you ever considered that you might get way better at applying makeup if you just knew how to properly use the right makeup brushes? Find some celebrity hacks in the book, The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes.

So let’s start with makeup and its intended purpose. Its basic goal is to make you look healthy and mimics some typical biological responses. What happens when we start to “get that lovin’ feeling?” Our cheeks turn red. Makeup’s response: blush. “Eyes are the windows to the soul…” Bingo: eye makeup draws a man’s eyes into yours. Foundation evens out the skin’s appearance making you look healthier. This little piece of beauty advice might just be the thing you need.

A man will never particularly notice your makeup unless it’s excessive. His mind simply thinks, “Pretty girl. Must talk to her.” His brain will also register that you have made an effort to beautify yourself and this means that you could be interested in him talking to you. By beautifying yourself, you are making it easier for the man (who has very little intuition on these matters) to make the first move.

The right way to do makeup

Ideally, your skin is perfect and your bone structure is striking so you only have to put a little lipstick on as you run out the door. OK, so in the real world, we all need a bit more work than that. You should have two different looks at the very least. An easy, minimalist daytime look that you can do yourself without making you wake up an hour earlier before you go to work. You also need a more involved “night” look that is a bit more glamorous.

If you’ve never done it before, now is the time to schedule a makeup session at your local mall. It’s usually free and they’ll give you tons of beauty advice on applying makeup to fit your facial structure. They might expect you to make a purchase of some of their makeup afterwards. The trick here is to tell your makeup artist that you need a clean, easy, daily look that she can teach you to do. Ask for beauty advice on what compliments the shape of your face and matches your skin tone. Once you have your day look perfected, go back and get your night look too.

Never loose sight of the purpose for doing all of this: will this help attract a man?

How much is too much? Guys love the fact that you take care of yourself, but when it takes two hours just to get you out of the house, you might be going a little too far. If your makeup makes you look like a prostitute or makes his pillowcases look like a clown slid across them, tone it down a little bit. You are looking for dates, not stalkers.

Did you know you can make your own skin care products at home? Imagine mixing up a bunch of super-healthy skin food at home for a fraction of the price you already pay for your skin care products. Check out the Skin Care Resource Center and start making your own products that will make your skin purrrrrr.

Be healthier

Healthier?!! Is that even a word?

Who cares? What matters is that healthy people are naturally more attractive. So in the world of beauty advice, what does “healthy” mean? For starters it means to get more active. Yeah, EVERYONE has ALWAYS said that, but it seems that this is the hardest thing to do. So alow us to get a little “freaky” here and pose the question: have you ever thought about hypnosis?

Hypnosis isn’t about turning your brain into some kind of secret assassin or stage performing chicken, it’s about sending a message directly to your subconscious mind and suggesting it think a different way about something.

To put it plainly, your mind will NEVER do anything it’s not 100% OK with. Now is the perfect time to start some incredible self-hypnosis? It’s pretty excellent in getting past any sticking points you may have. What if you woke up each day with a new desire to get outside and do something fun and healthy? What if you never really had anymore cravings for fast food or smoking? Once you try one session of self-hypnosis, we know you’ll go back and do it a whole bunch more… it’s that effective!

How about eating better for beauty advice? This is by far, the best beauty advice you can get. Eating better is not just about eating a bunch of salad for a couple weeks, it’s about training your body to stop producing those fat storage hormones and start releasing the fat burning hormones. The folks at 3 Week Diet have all of this figured out. They teach you to eat more times a day and add in foods that increase your fat loss hormones. It’s a brilliant system really and some of the best beauty advice you’ll ever hear.

Warning: if you start losing more than a pound a day, be safe and stop dieting for a couple days.

The final component is to stay young looking for your whole life. There is some great info on our page on how to be beautiful, but another great secret comes from our friends at Staying Young Secrets. And that secret is stress management!


What does your clothing say about you?

More importantly, what does your clothing say about your sexuality? Does it say anything at all? Once again, subtlety is the best beauty advice here. Maybe not… If you are looking to hook up with a guy tonight, a tight and revealing outfit will work just fine. If you are looking to find a guy that you can start a long-term relationship with, give him a chance to take you seriously. Basically, if you always dress like a slut, he will only think of you as a slut. If that is just one of many of your looks, now you are a bit more intriguing.

Avoid classifying yourself with just one type of clothing. Although it’s comforting to identify with only one group, play around with your styles and work other elements in. For example, if you are just the “goth girl” you limit yourself to a large group of great and available men who might be intimidated by you or just plain uninterested. If you can work in other elements and mix styles, you target a much larger audience (dare we say “business goth?”). Once again, your ability to do something different than your friends makes you stand out. Conformity is for the lonely.

So what if you’re completely lost when it comes to beauty advice and fashion? What better way to figure it out than going to fashion school?!! If you really want to be attractive, then you have to stand out. There’s simply no better way to get that “eye” than to really learn it inside and out. Who knows? You not only attract an awesome guy, but you also get a whole new career!

Perhaps one of the best pieces of beauty advice is to always look good. You never know when you are going to meet the one so why blow it because you just aren’t feeling it that day.

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