Funny Love Stories

Funny love stories

funny love storiesFunny love stories can happen at any moment when you have an easy, playful relationship. The best thing about your funny stories is that they become relationship legend. You will always remember those perfect little moments and share them with friends and family… and each other! If there’s one story that’s going to be told at your wedding, it’s gotta be this one!

In this brand new section we hope to fill it and your hearts with all the greatest fun love stories. Think back to your favorite moments with your current boyfriend or husband or lover or maybe even that old flame that got away and share some of your lighthearted moments. This is the most popular user created part of this website. Make your awesome story one that fills the hearts of all of our readers.

We want to know how it made you feel and why you still remember it to this day. Who was there? Where were you? What makes this story your favorite part of this relationship? Is this a story you tell over and over again? Great moments sometimes have a way of becoming legend. Give us all the juicy details!

Do you have a funny love story?

Sometimes love can be pretty hilarious. In this new section, we are gathering all the best funny, sweet, and downright cute stories about being in love. Tell us yours!

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     Our Favorite Seduction Stories Submitted by Our Readers

    • He cuddled on top of my back

      He cuddled on top of my back by JennyJo New Mexico I’ve been casually dating a man for a couple of months now. We had a very passionate and physically night of pleasure together that was beautiful! As we ended, I collapsed from exhaustion on my stomach, he followed by laying down on top of me, on my ...

    This brand new section is all about you! These are your own funny love stories. Thanks for your participation in making this site a premier resource for dating and relationship information!

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