First Date Ideas

“Help! I need some first date ideas¬†because I really like this one.”

First Date IdeasComing up with original first date ideas is rough. The whole “dinner and a movie” thing is played out. You can really say a lot about yourself and set the whole tone of the relationship if you can come up with something truly brilliant.

Traditionally, first date ideas were the job of the man including the financing of these activities. Nowadays, things are a bit more equal and you have a say in this too. Planning a fun date for him is a chance to really show what you’re all about as well as bring him out of his comfort zone (more on this later).

The problem with those first few dates is that you really need to consider how adventurous he is and if you can top any of the pastimes he’s already involved in. Hopefully, you know a little bit about him so you have a better idea what he’ll find impressive. If not, no big deal, but it’s always best to do your homework.

For example, if he’s on a bowling league, do not take him bowling. You don’t want to take him out to do anything that he does on a regular basis. You might think you’re impressing him by showing that you can hang with his lifestyle, but there’s a reason why we are often attracted to people outside of our circle. Because they can show us something new.

Out of his element

Outsiders are mysterious and hold the promise of new and exciting experiences. Think about it. There are two guys, both are financially stable, good looking and kind to animals. One is a friend of a friend, the other just moved here from the other side of the country. Which one is more compelling? Most people would pick the new guy. There is just so much more you can learn from him (it’s OK if you wanted to pick both!).

So it’s important to create an experience for him that he will remember with your first date ideas. Besides, when your girlfriends ask how you two got together, do you want to say “we went to the same bar I go to every night” or do you want a great story full of action and cute, charmingly embarrassing happiness?

Here’s where we bust out the big guns! There’s a book called First Date God that’s brilliant. It’s marketed for men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this information for yourself! It’s like using his own ammunition against him!¬†It’s an e-book so you can download it now and in 3 minutes, you’ll start formulating your perfect dates.

Great first date ideas make for great stories. You’re not only doing this for him, you’re doing it for the bragging rights. If guys start to hear what great first date ideas you have, they’ll decide you’re pretty awesome and start to see you in a romantic light. Then maybe, they’ll make a move.

So make with the first date ideas already!

As we said before, you want to take him out of his comfort zone. You best first date ideas will actually cause his adrenalin to help his mind to like you more. There was a study done where guys walk across a rickety bridge. On the bridge was a cute girl that they would have to maneuver around. They were three times more likely to ask for her phone number than if they met a girl on a park bench.

“I already have his phone number what do I care?”

This goes way beyond an introduction. Today’s men have lost their way. They don’t have to hunt to survive. They rarely have to defend their honor. Besides a keyboard, they never get to do or build things with their hands. Put them in a survival situation and they might not make it. All of those instincts and desires are still there! But there is no outlet. The closest they get to hunting their own food or survival is video games.

Centuries of aggression that used to keep them alive has no outlet. No other species on this planet has such horrible health problems. Know any animals with erectile dysfunction?

This brings us to how to awaken the warrior within your man. Maybe you’ve already set a time and place for your first date. Maybe you’re desperately waiting for him to ask you out. We’re going to let you in on a little secret. It’s a book called Rousing the Lion that really gets into the deepest part of your man and wakes it up in the most exciting way possible. Sure, we’re only talking about first dates here, but if you knew this stuff from the very beginning, you will be unstoppable with the men in your world. Not only that, you’ll have great relationships too!

First date ideas guys love

Getting back to first date ideas, if you’re planning it, plan it for the man. I know there’s a great French restaurant with doilies all over everything you’ve been dying to go to, but taking a guy there before he actually falls in love with you is a relationship killer. You want to find an activity that can awaken some of that manliness and adrenaline in your fella. Try some of these:

  • Go to a paintball course. Nothing is more fun to a dude than hunting down his own girlfriend especially if he has never hunted before in his life. If you’ve never done it either, hide somewhere where you’re relatively protected and blow him away when he wanders by. WARNING: getting shot by a paintball can be pretty painful!
  • Go-cart racing/bumper cars. A little friendly competition can be fun, plus it pumps in a little testosterone. When you cen get your guy to feel manly, those conquering urges get directed eventually at you?
  • Be a tourist. Most people have never done all the cheesy things in the city they live in to attract tourists. Bus tours, mini-golf, tiny amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, alligator preserves, even one of those old furniture stores with a big snake in it. Think of all the weird places you drive by every day and have never thought about going inside. This is one of our favorite first date ideas!
  • Wacky tours. Take him on a tour of any of the local manufacturing plants. This takes some pre-planning, but it’s usually a lot of fun. About ten years ago I went on a date and we ended up at a cowboy hat making place. The owner let us sit and shape hats for an hour. It sounds random, but when we see each other every once in awhile, we still talk about making cowboy hats.
  • Ironic sports. This one might be a little harder to determine, but take him to do a sporting activity that he never does. As said earlier, if he never goes bowling, take him bowling. If he doesn’t like baseball, take him to a batting cage. If he doesn’t fish, take him fishing. Beware: the goal is not to embarrass him here. You are not there to out-bowl or out-bat him. You are hopefully both doing something you have no skills in.
  • Sporting events. It helps if he’s not much into the sport because you both get to bond and share in the excitement, but if he loves football and you take him to a game, he’ll dig you just the same.
  • Live music. Know of any strange local bands? The reason for the “strange” part is that it gives you something to talk about and bond with later. Watching crappy garage bands gives you nothing to do but complain afterwards. But if it’s a crappy band that plays naked or has a bizarre stage show, now you have something fun to talk about.

Final first date ideas

We recommend that you really think hard about your first date ideas. Really, it doesn’t have to be all “death sports.” Your main goal is just to provide an experience he’s never had before. This could be as simple as playing chess in a park (as long as you know he’s not some kind of champion chess player).

Also, don’t lose sight of why you are here: to get a second date if he’s worth it! Make sure you stay cute and do all the things he’ll find irresistible. Before you get too caught up on doing fun first dates, you really should meet this guy first for a quick meet and greet before you start flipping out your cash. Many of these first date ideas assume you have already introduced yourselves in person. It would suck to plan out something great that might take up a big chunk of your day only to find out that you would never be attracted to him on a very basic level.

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