Seduce The Teacher

Seduce The Teacher

by Nina Kapoor
(Chennai India)

I was preparing 4 my semester and Mr Andrews, my science professor, was very particular that each one of his students passed the examination.

seduce-the teacherI was very weak at science.In fact I was the only one weak at science. Mr Andrews told me to meet him at his place that evening at 5 for extra coaching.

I was sure that his efforts would not make me get through the exam.

So my friends – Anna, Sam, Ria, Steven, Jake and Oliver told me how to seduce Mr. Andrews for better grades.

Sam changed my dressing style from a typical American girl to a hotty. I wore a tight t-shirt, and hid my bouncing boobs with a cardigan. I also wore some make up that day. Anna lent me one of her sexiest looking pants… a tight one that made sure everyone could see my bouncing ass.

Later that evening, I knocked Mr Andrews’ door and walked in. I was able to sense that his eyes were on me. He went to his bedroom to switch on the PC. I was waiting in the living room. “Nina…” He called.

I went in running so that he could see my bouncing boobs. And guess what? He saw them.

“I guess you would like an A this semester, wont you?” He asked.

“Yes Mr. A” I replied, as I ACCIDENTALLY dropped my pen. I bent down i such a way that my butt touched his zipper.

That’s it!!

I removed my cardigan to reveal my boobs through the see through top. He removed my pants and thong and the rest is history.

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