How to Stop a Breakup

“I need to know how to stop a breakup. I really love this guy!”

Stop a BreakupBefore we get into tips on how to stop a breakup, first let’’s think about why. Obviously you are reading this because something is just not right with the relationship. You think he might be about to break up with you and you’’re desperate to keep him.


Why do you want to cling to a relationship where one person is not 100% in love? Someone is not getting the fulfilment they need in a partner and is not happy with the way things are going. Do you really want to force him into something he is not committed to?

What possible reasons could he have for wanting to break up with you? Are any of those reasons something you can fix? Are you dedicated to making the changes to keep him around? Are you willing to make the permanent changes to make him happy? How dedicated are you about learning how to stop a breakup?

It’’s not to say that your love is n’o the best thing around and you two are not meant to be together forever, but seriously, why do you want to know how to stop a breakup with this guy so badly? If the answer is no’t truly noble then you might consider that you really were no’t meant to be together…

OK, so you passed the test and want to keep your sweet man because your love is so pure. Let’s get started!

Let him know

Let him know right away that you’’re willing to do anything to save a relationship. Acknowledge that there are “issues” and you have noticed he’’s not happy. Guys have this thing about showing weakness and some have a very hard time when it comes to talking about their feelings. When you have this talk, you have to assume that you might do 80% of the talking.

Let him know how committed you are to him and how much you love him. Sometimes you really have to dig deep and tell him the things about him you admire and how he is the best thing you’ have ever known. If this feels like b.s. to you, skip it. Remember though, he might already have heard you say, “I love you” hundreds of times. You need to say something new to really get that impact on how to stop a breakup.

Ideally, you’re searching for this information before things have gotten too bad, but sometimes you need some magic of making up to get things back on track or to repair old hurts.

Let him talk

He might have some painful things to say. The things he might be upset about might not be what you thought at all. Giving him a chance to completely outline why he’’s considering a breakup will let you know all the areas that you need to improve.

Really let him talk

Make sure you ask him if those are his only issues. This conversation about how stop a breakup is not going to be fun anyway, so you might as well let him get everything off his chest. There may be reasons that he’’s afraid or embarrassed to admit, but usually the hardest ones to admit are the most overwhelming problems forcing him to break up.

If you want to know how to stop a breakup at all costs. Letting him say everything he needs will help you greatly.

For just this once, it’s not about you

If you think he’’s going to break up with you and you are committed on how to stop a breakup, then give him the floor. No matter how many times you’’ve heard ““It’’s not you it’’s me,”” the reality is that you are not giving him what he feels he needs most.

Ooops! Didn’’t we say in how to breakup that you should always take the blame? Yes and it’’s true. The person who wants to leave is always the most at fault. For whatever reason, that person simply chose the wrong person to love–—the wrong person for them. Not understanding this from the very beginning makes everything else in the relationship eventually lose meaning.

This is why the younger you are, the more painful breakups feel. You just discovered how awesome love is and you give every drop of it you can feel only to get dumped. The more relationships you get into, the more you start to understand EXACTLY what you are looking for. You also get better knowing how to stop a breakup. That kid in 10th grade that demolished your heart might not actually even be your type several years later.

Back to how to stop a breakup… Try to truly listen to what he has to say. Don’’t sit there trying to think of what to say next. Listen to why he’’s leaving. Ask questions. Get as much of the whole picture you can. Even if you are unable to save this relationship, you might get great insight on what you can do to prevent from getting dumped in your future.

Get out of town

Dealing with all of these problems at home is just a brutal reminder that your lives are not as happy as either of you want them to be.

Consider a trip out of town to really give yourselves a chance to hash things out without distractions. No jobs, or kids or family to come in and wreck the mood of your interaction. The truth is, you can never get through all these problems and learn how to stop a breakup without a complete discussion on the subject. Every time the phone rings or someone walks in on the situation, you essentially have to start all over again.

Besides, when you take yourselves out of your comfort zone, you both can open up and become a lot more vulnerable.

Have you guys ever even been on a vacation? If you really want to save this relationship, it’s time to start making new memories together. Once you get him away from his troubles, he may just remember why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Put words to action

This is all for the sake of saving a great love. If he wants you to stop talking about his dead-end job, then stop it. If he wants you to be more sexual, read some books. Get some better knowledge and work on being less modest when you two are alone. If sex is a touchy subject for you, check out Great Sex Even When You’re not in the Mood. It helps you come to terms with enjoying your sexuality.

There is a great book called Rousing the Lion that really helps you discover the skills to keep your man blissfully happy with you. If you always find yourself getting dumped, it might be because you’re not really lighting his fire!

If he is concerned with whatever way that you have changed, now it’’s time to stop and think. If your changes are for the better and you are doing things to follow your dreams, then he’’s a weak person who’s either jealous of you or scared you’ll discover how much he sucks and you’ll leave him. If you are doing things to make your life better and he’’s not into it, then he’’s definitely not the guy for you. You shouldn’t really be concerned with how to stop a breakup.

If you’’ve changed for the worse: weight gain, social problems, alcohol/drug abuse, becoming political/non-political, even finding a different religion or becoming more/less religious than the girl he fell in love with, now it’s time to get yourself back to “normal.” If you really want to keep this guy, it’s time to get back to that awesome girl he first said “I love you” to.

This is often when you get caught in any lies you started to become his girlfriend. If you faked being a football fan in the beginning, then he might really get disappointed when he finds out the truth. Now you know why everyone tells you not to play along just to get a guy. In this case, the damage (however small you think it is) has been done.

If all else fails, it’s time to bust out the big guns. Author, T.W. Jackson has absolutely found the holy grail on how to bring back the love of your life! Even if you think things are too far gone. Maybe he has a new girlfriend or you’ve already said some horrible things to each other, this book works like magic.

Finally, since you are the only person you have complete control of, saving the relationship is all up to you. It would be awesome if he helped a bit too. But if you’re really committed to finding out how to stop a breakup, you have to be the strong one and do what you can to make it work.

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