Should I let him go?

Should I let him go?

dating and relationshipsby Helen
(South Carolina)

I’ve been involved with this guy, on and off, for just over a year. We started out really strong and pretty much lived together for a short while. The problem is we can’t seem to accept each other for who we are.

He is very cocky and will tell you that he is right almost 99% of the time. Things really have to be done his way.

I have issues with trust due to past relationships and have had a hard time with his “flirty” ways and comments about other women. That’s why we keep breaking up! Although we are not “dating” each other right now, we do see each other and spend the night together.

He might be moving 2 hours away soon for a job. I’m so obsessed with having a relationship again that it’s screwing with me enjoying life when he’s not around!!! Help!!!!!!!!


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Relationships making us crazy
by: Crystal

Funny how we can become so obsessive and needy of a relationship when deep down we know it is not good for us.

We turn into someone we don’t even recognize and lose ourselves in the process of wanting a relationship to work “no matter what the cost”.

I’ve been there – wanting the man I can’t have. Hoping, praying that we will stay together this time and he won’t run or I won’t screw it up or this or that….

You are better off to find yourself again. Start doing the things you enjoy doing! Go out with friends, take up an exercise program, or begin a class or hobby that you’ve always been drawn to.

If you are meant to be, you will, but you won’t lose yourself in the process. When you take your life back and focus on you, relationships have a way of either working out or falling away. Whatever happens, know that it is in your best interest. Good luck!



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