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cheating confessionsIt’s good to hear other people’s cheating confessions to know you’re not alone in this world.

Why do you cheat? How did it happen? Does it happen every time or was this just an opportunity you couldn’t say no to?  What are the circumstances that led up to infidelity? Our readers want to know.

This is a forum to get things off your mind and see what other people think about your situation. Do you think you should stay with your boyfriend or husband? Can you make things right again? Is it even worth it? Maybe you’re happy with your situation… Either way, here is going to be where you can get some relief from carrying around your little secret.

The thing about cheating confessions is that infidelity is out there. It affects more relationships than the statistics probably even show. We are trying to figure it all out and we need your help. Tell us about your stories. If it’s over, how did it end? If you’re considering cheating, maybe putting it all into words will help you make up your mind. Maybe it’s a story from when you were younger that you wished would have turn out differently.

This is the place to get it all out. You’ll be surprised how writing things down will change everything!

Do you have a cheating confession to tell??

Share your cheating confessions with our readers and don’t skimp on the details. We wanna know how, why, who, and every other thought or feeling that made you fall into infidelity. You never know, you might just find the perfect solution to your situation…

Please use a screen name so there’s no way that you’ll get busted!

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    Cheating Confessions Submitted by Our Readers

    • I am your husband’s mistress

      I am your husband’s mistress Laurene S. Ansonia, Connecticut I am your husband’s mistress. We do love each other. Not intentionally, but we do. You were once suspicious, and we stopped. For only a short time, and started to see each other again. This has been going on for 4 years. On and off. Mostly on. You have NO ...
    • I Paid Him for Sex

      By Anonymous Hi everyone! So I found a place where I can tell my story. I’m 33 years old, married with kids. My husband and I have been together for 12 years. From the very beginning there were problems in the sex department: he wanted a lot more sex than I did. And every time I turned him ...
    • I do not confess and I don’t feel bad. What is wrong?

      I do not confess and I don’t feel bad. What is wrong? by Riviera (London, UK) I have had a few pretty long-term relationships and had cheated on them all. Not compulsively but when things have come naturally, I have gone with it. This is the way I live my life in all aspects. I go with the flow… I ...
    • About to Have Sex With Someone I Love (Not My Boyfriend)

      by Anonymous It’s a long story… I’ve been with the same guy for almost 8 years. A few years ago, he confessed to me that he had feelings for my best friend. I didn’t think it was a big deal because, hey, things happen, being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t find someone else attractive. At first ...
    • I Can’t Stop Cheating

      by Dumpster (New York, NY) I feel like a whore! I can’t stop cheating. I’ve cheated on every single one of my last seven boyfriends. I don’t know why I do it, I just get these opportunities and I go with them. My current boyfriend really is the best guy in the world. He’s perfect and soooo nice. We’ve ...
    • I Can’t Believe I Cheated

      by Mad Mardigan (Florida) I can’t believe I cheated on him! My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 4 years and needless to say, things have become stale. I mean, I love him completely, but his idea of romance is taking his socks off when we have sex. Last Friday, I was at a house party my ...
    • Cheating with an ex, for love? Revenge? I’m not sure

      Cheating with an ex, for love? Revenge? I’m not sure by Justsomerandomgirl (Middle of Nowhere) My ex is like my drug. We have ten years of history, and try as I might to get over him, I can’t forget him. I have cheated in the past, but when I started dating my current boyfriend, I had sworn I was ...
    • Do I Tell him I Cheated?

      Do I Tell him I Cheated? By Milly, 31 (Grand Rapids, MI) I’ve been with my boyfriend for over two years and we’ve been best friends for nearly 5. He means the absolute world to me and I love him so much. We usually get along really well and he makes me happy. I never thought I could ...
    • Turns Out I’ve Been Lying Too

      Turns Out I’ve Been Lying Too By: Anonymous I was an amazing girlfriend over my guy’s deployment. A few months after he got back, he changed and I felt a big distance. How did I fix it? I went out and had numerous affairs. He had no idea and still doesn’t know that I cheated on him. Long story short, ...
    • I Just Hate Myself

      I Just Hate Myself by Hannah (Pcb) I had been sleeping with a guy for 8 months, and always wanted a relationship with him. He was a pretty well-known bachelor and told me repeatedly he liked the way things were going. Around the time of my birthday, a guy from work saw me out one night and told me ...

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