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how to be happyThere’s something awesome about great real true love stories. Sure you can see all the sweeping romance and swooning actresses in your typical movie, but to actually see there are real people out there just like you who found love.

How did you do it? What did you do when you found it? What did you learn about the world when love fell into your lap? Here is a BRAND NEW forum to talk about your story. Tell us what inspires you and what makes you hurt. The great part is that you can receive kudos and advice directly from our love gurus and our subscribers alike. There are a lot of smart people who find their way here and we’re all looking for that one great epic story that makes it all worth while.

They’re not all stories about love though. Sometimes love comes with sadness and bad feelings. We want to hear about all the cheating and breakup stories too. Sometimes writing out everything you’re feeling is that first huge step to finding some healing. Expect some great advice and some virtual hugging to go along with it. We’re all here to help and we all want you to feel better so when that next perfect guy comes along, you’re ready!


Headquarters for Love Stories

To make everything easy, we’ve split up all our stories into sections. Feel free to read them all or just go to the page you need most. But don’t forget to come back and read the other sections for warnings and inspiration as you deal with all aspects of dating, relationships, and marriage.

  • Inspirational stories about love. Check here to see what other readers have learned in the path to finding great love and what love has helped them accomplish.
  • Quick Dating Questions. Got something on your mind? Need an answer to that “one thing” you just don’t get about him? Ask here and we’ll hook you up or point you in the right direction.
  • Funny love stories. Being in love can be pretty hilarious and it can make you do crazy things. Click here to read about real stories about how funny love can be.
  • A sad love story could also be just what you need right now. What is it about sad love stories that gives you perspective and lets you know that you’re not alone in your pain?
  • Internet dating horror stories. This is bound to be a fun section! There are a lot of wackos out there. Find out the stories of when they actually make it to the first few dates.
  • Got any seduction stories? Let our girls know how you got the guy of your dreams and what you do to keep his mind only on you!
  • Infidelity stories. Read how other readers have confronted and faced the devastating reality of infidelity. If you have your own cheating stories, let us know how you found out and what you’re doing to heal.
  • Cheating confessions. Or maybe you’re the one who’s cheating. Tell us how it happened and how it affects your life. Don’t skimp on all the juicy details!
  • Breakup stories. Love isn’t always long walks on the beach. Sometimes you have to let him go or the rug gets ripped out from under you. Read about what happens and how real people are dealing with the same situation you’re in.

Tell us your story

This brand new section is all about you! These are your true love stories. This is your life! We want to hear from you because, in the end, real life is always way more interesting than the stuff you see in movies.

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