What do Men Want?

“What do men want?”

What Do Men WantWhat do men want is a brilliant question that has confused women since the beginning of time. Men are strange, yet often simple creatures who are on a constant quest to define themselves in a world that no longer cares what they accomplish.

There are no valiant causes to fight for. There are no more glaring injustices to stand against. Even if he went off to fight in any of the current worldwide conflicts, he would not really be looked upon with pride. He’s more likely to be met with the sadness and grief that war creates.

Men are lost. The things that used to mean something have lost their meaning so meaningless pursuits have taken their place. All you have to do is listen to the messages of pop culture to see that disrespect and criminal behavior are the new pursuits.

If you asked a man today what he wants, he might not even be able to tell you.

This leads us to you, the last true and traditional pursuit that a man can be proud of. The answer to “ what do men want” is actually easier and more simple than you might have imagined: who cares? Uh oh… time to explain.

Love the one you’’re with

If you spend your life trying to figure out what do men want, you’’re going to always be in unfulfilling relationships. The better question is: what does the man you love want and how does that fit into what you want?

Any time you generalize into what groups of people do or don’’t do, you’’re bound to get it wrong at least a third of the time. What is important to him? What are his opinions about the world around him? And probably the most important question: what is he looking for in love?

Does he want love?

Without any kinds of “rites of passage” any more to let him know he’s now a man, nowadays it’s cool to remain a big fat baby. He might not want to get too close because that would be a commitment. Too scary!

This is probably a very small segment of the dating population, but it’s important to get a basic dating history. If he’s never had a relationship longer than a few months, what does he want? He’s likely not to be looking for love. He might not even know what to do with love. How do you find this out? Flat out ask him! “How long was your longest relationship?”

That’s not to say that you can’t be his first real love in his life, but you are going to have to put some serious effort into becoming irresistible to him. That’s right! If you want to keep one of “the un-catchables,” you should probably read this book on how to captivate him completely.

OK, OK, but what do men want?

If you really have to boil it down, men want six basic things:

  • To be appreciated. He wants to constantly be reminded how you feel about him. Compliments, touches, reinforcement of how much you are into him. This is what you want? Here is where men and women are the same!
  • To be understood. Since there are no’t many ways left for him to express himself physically besides sex, he wants his words to be listened to. Don’’t we all? Men barely say anything in comparison to women. When he actually does manage to communicate, you better believe it’s something important (if only in his mind…).
  • He wants conquest. Not necessarily sexual conquest, but he’’ll take it if he can get it. This is one of the harder aspects of the ” what do men want” list. He needs to feel like he’s accomplishing something in his life. If he’’s not doing anything to achieve something, he’’s probably not very happy. If you really want to blow your mind and really learn how to make your man feel invincible, read Rousing the Lion. This book is so good, it’s scary how well it works to make him feel like a gladiator!
  • He wants to be trusted. Boys are born with a physical advantage over girls. If they are hurt, they answer with violence. The one thing they don’’t readily get from this advantage is trust (which must be given to him from you in a place of power). If you show him you trust him, he’’ll love you.
  • He wants sex. “Yeah yeah. Tell me something I don’t know.” Sorry to tell you this, girls, but men express themselves physically. Your ability to talk about your emotions on so many levels probably has him scratching his head. Your ability to break out some dirty talk in those most crucial moments will leave him wanting you more than you will ever know. When he wants to show his love, he prefers to do it in the buff.
  • He wants bragging rights. This stems from the need to conquer. He wants to be with a woman that makes his friends jealous. If you’’re not the hottest girl in the room, you can make up for it by being the coolest. Check out this article on how to be beautiful.

So what do men want?

To be honest, nothing. You can choose to work on all of these aspects, but what’s most important is what you want to do for him? Stay with me for a second… what if you always gave him good loving without that little expectation to get something back? What if you thought of new little ways to show him how much you cherish him all the time?

You don’’t need to work on what do men want if you want to give him everything. Give love never expecting reciprocation and he’ll step up too. Think of it as a rising tide. As the water (or love) flows in, it raises all the boats in the marina.

What if you were always there to give back rubs, have great conversations, cook and appreciate good food, and any other loving gestures you could think of without ever complaining about your needs? He would feel compelled to give back to you.

Of course, as stated above, some dudes are giant babies and will never feel the need to give back. Hopefully you’ve been able to weed these losers out before you give him such good loving. So don’’t be so concerned about what do men want. Instead, think about how much you are willing to give to your relationship and his needs will all be covered.

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