Online Dating Takes Too Long

Online Dating Takes Too Long

by Lia625
(New York, NY)

dating and relationshipsI decided to give online dating a try. After weeks of getting messages from much older men, someone I was actually attracted to messaged me. I told him I wasn’t a huge fan of the site and gave him my number in case he’d like to talk outside of the site.

He called me about 5 days later, which at that point I had pretty much forgotten about him. I missed the call but he apologized for taking so long to respond and said that I seemed like a really cool person and that he was interested in getting to know me. I waited a day or so to call him back (after a pretty bad first date with someone else) and we started playing phone tag with one another. We switched to texting for a day and then we finally talked a few days later.

He seemed great and we both laughed on the phone, and I was shocked that he actually called as opposed to texting or just messaging back and forth online. It showed a lot of confidence which I liked. We continued talking the following week, mostly by text b/c we both work all day and he suggested that we grab a drink after work one day.

Here is the problem though, he has yet to give me a time or date of this proposed drink. I told him when I was free this coming week. Its now Sunday and I haven’t heard from him this weekend, I’m assuming b/c he’s on vacation this week. So my question is, should I just give up or ask him one more time when he would like to hang out?

Any advice is much appreciated!


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