Horrible Online Dating Experience to Cry About

Horrible Online Dating Experience to Cry About

by Jena
(Huntington Beach, CA)

dating and relationshipsI met a PHD attorney on-line on Match.com. We talked, emailed and he appeared to be a man of character. He had a regulated personality (Selman’s 5th Perseptive). In other words someone that should have it alllllllll together at age 62.

We decided to meet in San Clemente and he would drive to Del Mar for the Kentucky Derby horse races and then on to do something fun for the rest of the afternoon.

He pulled up in an old car, dressed in jeans/ok, clean look. He was pleasant and nice to me, but not my match, but I decided to give it a try. I was kind, nice, and happy the entire time.

Long story short, after the race he took me to a after race meet-up with his friends. A lovely group of gambling alcoholics. He had drink after drink and I lost count. He was totally “DRUNK” and offered to drive me back to San Clemete. I refused. I’m a Nurse and nooooo way would I drive with someone drunk.

I tried to drive him home, but he didn’t know the way. He became verbally abusive in the car and after driving 25 minutes with him, I decided to turn back to the restaurant. I didn’t know what else to do with him. I tried to order dinner for both of us. Two plates showed up at the table and the man got up and left. Where he went, I had no clue.

I decided to leave. I got a taxi to the train station but I missed the last train and couldn’t get back to San Clemete that night.

I began to cry in desperation!!

As it turned out, I believe God sent two SD college students who were at the station that offered to drive me to San Clemente… 35 minutes on the 405 away!

NEVER AGAIN! Terrible Scary Ordeal and never again will I agree to meet someone again that far away without my car.


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