Don’t Let The “You’re so beautiful” Fool You

Don’t Let The “You’re so beautiful” Fool You

by Jessica
(North Carolina)

Well, my friend Lisa had her heartbroken and thought about dating someone she meets on the internet. Guess she got the idea from me, cause I’ve done this since I was 14. dating and relationships

Well she joined this dating site. And she found a guy who lived about eh, maybe 60 miles away from us and lives in TN. All he would ever do was talk about how gorgeous she was, every message he texted her was always something like “Damn baby, you’re fine” and “Did I tell you how gorgeous you are today?” and she thought “OMG! I found someone.”

So the planned to meet each other a few days later. I was asked to be there with her when they met. Lisa had told him before meeting that she was overweight and he didn’t care because he said he used to be 300 lbs.

Well, the day came for them to meet. He pulled up at her house, got out of the car and walked up on the car port to find me, lisa, her mom and another friend. And guess what?

He had a look of disgust on his face and didn’t even bother to look at her or any of us. He just had a looked down. Lisa asked if he wanted to go anywhere and he said sure, so I got in the car with them and it was AWKWARD AS HELL.

He wouldn’t speak, he just drove. We went to walmart because Lisa needed cigarettes, and he stayed in the car. She was freaking out like, “Oh god, he doesn’t like me.” And I was like, “I dunno dude.”

We went back to the car and she asked if he wanted to go to the park? Still another sure. So we went there, and still he wouldnt speak. I was the only one talking, and that was weird cause I’m the shy one.

We stayed there just sitting, having people stare at us. And I was like, “So do you like Lisa?”

He just shrugged.

Some guy walked over to ask how we were, and then finally the guy talked and ignored us! We decided to leave and when we got in the car, he started being an asshole.

He told Lisa she shouldn’t have lied to him and that she looks nothing like her pix. When that was 100% her. He only saw 2 or 3 pix of her before they met. Lisa got pissed, and he took us back to her house.

All he said was it was nice meeting you, and lisa “yeah….you too.” And he drove back to TN. Lisa ended up leaving her wallet in his car, and he spent $15 to mail it back to her. Thats the last they ever talked and now my friends paranoid that her pictures lie.

Don’t fall for a guy who is like “omg you’re so beautiful”. Looks are everything to them, one little imperfection will result in them being disgusted.

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