Always Make Them Smile

Always Make Them Smile

dating and relationshipsby Daniela

After a devastating break-up, I decided I was ready to start meeting new guys. I started chatting with this military guy online. We exchanged photos every day, texted all night, and got to know each other.

I mentioned to him that it’s odd that he doesn’t send me any pictures of him smiling. He just blows the question off and I don’t think twice about it.

Finally, we make a date to meet in the park, when he pulls up ALL I SEE ARE HIS TEETH! All of them are protruding in all directions from his mouth, none of them the same size, all of them taking on a personality of thier own. I start thinking to myself “Don’t be so conceited. It’s just teeth.” That was until he actually spoke. He claimed his “accent” was from Ohio. Personally, I think it was a mix between a slur and lisp.

After sharing this story with a friend who is also online dating. She is now sure to

  1. Get a picture of him smiling and
  2. Always speak on the phone before the meet.

I hope to spread this advice to more women out there looking for love online, I jumped in blindly

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