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your seduction storiesWomen never tell their seduction stories… but we have them. Sometimes, the most gorgeous guys are also the most clueless. A girl might not have any other option than taking matters into one’s own hands. Sometimes that boy has just got to be seduced.

What do you do when you’’ve given the guy you’’ve got a mini-crush on every single signal in the book? You have flirted yourself silly and he’s still not getting it. The only other option open to your is a little seduction to finally get him to figure out how much you’re into him.

Yet seducing men is a very delicate affair. Sure, you can flash him and give a wink and that would be fine for most boys, but the skill in any seduction is to make him think he’s in charge. He thinks he’s making all the moved, but you have practically paved the trail all the way into your arms. When you let the man feel like the conqueror, then you’’ve done a successful pickup.

However, sometimes, you just gotta take matters into your own hands. You have no other choice but to pounce and take what you want. We like those stories too! Just make sure to keep it clean, girls. Our moms read this site too…

Got any saucy stories about how you’ve seduced your man?

What are you doing to keep your love alive? How do you get your man to melt in your hands? Tell us your great seduction stories!

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     Our Favorite Seduction Stories Submitted by Our Readers

    • Seduced Him All Over

      by Kitten Well guys, I really wanna share my story here. One day just after the new session at school started, a hottie (blue eyes, nice body) entered our class. We were introduced by my teacher. We just shared a handshake, a smile, and a naughty look in our eyes. I became curious about him and very tactfully ...
    • I told myself to go for it!

      by Terri (Cleveland Ohio) When I first saw my current husband, it was at a party at my friend’s house. He was all the things I wanted in a man: tall, blond, and handsome. I asked around and no one seemed to know anything about him. Finally, I asked the girl he was speaking to the most. I ...
    • I Seduced Him!

      I Seduced Him! by Tracey (Toronto, Canada) First of all, I wanted to tell you I LOVE your website! I have found so many empowering things here. So there’s this guy. He works in a building close to my office and I always see him at the cute little coffee shop on the corner. Let me say this right ...
    • Seduce The Teacher

      Seduce The Teacher by Nina Kapoor (Chennai India) I was preparing 4 my semester and Mr Andrews, my science professor, was very particular that each one of his students passed the examination. I was very weak at science.In fact I was the only one weak at science. Mr Andrews told me to meet him at his place that evening ...
    • Affair Turns Into an Unexpected Love

      Affair Turns Into an Unexpected Love by Charoletta (California) So before I start, I just wanna let everyone know it’s never a good idea to date a good friend or his/her sibling. I hardly knew him, but he is my best friend’s older brother. We didn’t talk much for the first weeks of knowing each other, since I was ...
    • Seducing The ONE

      Seducing The ONE by Sarah (Upstate, New York) Well, like lots of women, I have had a dream guy in mind for years. Tall, blond, blue eyes, and adventurous, to name a few items on my list. I live in a rural area where it is hard to meet new people. This led me to try online dating ...

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