Seduced Him All Over

by Kitten

Well guys, I really wanna share my story here.

One day just after the new session at school started, a hottie (blue eyes, nice body) entered our class. We were introduced by my teacher. We just shared a handshake, a smile, and a naughty look in our eyes.

how-to-seduceI became curious about him and very tactfully tried to look for the earliest opportunity. Then by cupid’s strike, I realized that his seat has been transferred by my side. I started conversing with the hottie and realized that although he was hot, he was a bit shy (I luv such guys). I think I was the happiest gal at that time.

His dad was the principal of our school and being a good student, I became close to his dad and mom. Eventually his parents came to know my parents and we became family friends. I broke down when he told that he liked another gal in our school though she was 5 yrs younger than him… but I knew I had to have him. I captivated his parent’s minds and went in closer and deeper into his personal life. He too started liking me as the best friend.

I brainwashed him a bit for me and told him to leave that gal as she was inappropriate for him. He believed so much in me, that he started hating her like anything. One day he and his parents came 2 our house. {here the major twist comes} He started to come over to my house to play games. He actually began chatting with me…..lolz….. I became more and more curious for him as each day passed by.

Then one day my parents had to go to my relative’s house for a week and I had 2 stay in my friend’s house. I had the duplicate keys of my house… I told him about this event and I saw a flash of light in his eyes. That evening, I expected him to come over to my house. I decorated it and made it special. I even arranged for a great dinner. He came at 7 pm. We chatted, watched TV til 9 pm and he told me that his parents had gone to the wedding of a relative 3 days ago and he too was staying with a friend. He brought his rucksack in my house that was sitting on the porch. I was dumbstruck to see that he came to stay with me… but I enjoyed it.

After our candlelight dinner, I was going into my room alone. He said that he was afraid of sleeping alone, so can he sleep with me??? I was again dumbstruck but I allowed him (god knows why?). At first, we slept on the corners of my bed but slowly and steadily he came closer to me. I just allowed him whatever he was doing. He started kissing me everywhere.

He said, “I loved you from the first day I saw you and that other gal was just to tease you. I know you love me a lot and I too love you.” And then he asked, “Are you in mood dear?” I got a bit overcharged by all this and started flying in the air and replied positively 2 him. He again started kissing me, touching me… I tore off his shirt and started touching him. His body was just awwwwwww. I can still feel it! Then I got overcharged and made a fuss of the situation and seduced him all over (decently).

We slept the whole night together and all the days when my parents were out of station… those days were my best days up until now. We Are still together and are now great lovers and I was successful in my plan of grabbing the hottest guy of our class.