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I Think I Have to Apologize

I Think I Have to Apologize

dating and relationshipsby Esther

I have known this guy for years and he has been asking me out. But I couldn’t say yes outright because of a girl’s pride. We would call each other on the phone and still visit each others home.

Then one day, I spent the night in his house. He started asking me why I won’t date him and what my problem is with him.

I didn’t allow him to finish. I said he was only asking me out for sex. I really know he wasn’t asking for that since he says he’s loved me for years now.

I knew I hurt him very bad with my words but he still calls me on the phone It’s close to a year now since the incidenct.

My conscience has been nagging me to apologize to him, but I’m not sure what to do. Please help me out because I actually loved this guy.

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Even if You’re Gone…

Even if You’re Gone…

dating and relationshipsby Miaka
(Quezon City)

Hi, just call me Miaka. I can’t reveal my true identity because I’m too scared to be known, especially to my ex boyfriend. Let us call my ex bf under the name “Kulit” because that’s what I called him when he just started courting me, but when we become a couple, everything changed…

Kulit is the most insensitive man I’ve ever known. He doesn’t make any effort to make me feel that he loves me but still I love him with all my heart. Continue reading

Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted

by Sheeelah

Nine years, and what do I have to show? A ring that means nothing and a broken heart.
dating and relationships
High school is where our love began, we were so crazy about each other. Despite ups and downs, we have managed to keep our love going strong (so I thought). Until recently when I found the most devastating proof that my fiance was cheating.

A month ago I found naked pictures of a girl that said “thinkin of you baby” and “no one has seen these yet.” At the time, I thought this broad could be linked to some porn site because the pictures were professional. I chose not to confront him. I think I chose not to because part of me wanted to justify his looking at porn, I didn’t know if that was bad enough to confront over.

Come to find out he has had a facebook for 4 years without my knowledge. I just happened to come across a piece of paper with his email address and password. I logged onto his facebook and found messages from a girl. He gave her his number and apparently they had been talking. When I found out about this I blew up. I brought up the email pictures and the facebook. The emails were more serious than I thought.

This chick was someone he knew through mutual friends and they have been talking for 3 months. He swears up and down that he did not do anything physical with her. Part of me wishes that it was just sex, and not anything emotional.

He’s begging for me to forgive him and stay with him. I am so heart broken, I don’t know what to do. I love him still, but I don’t know how I could ever trust him again. I gave him back my engagement ring and said it meant nothing to him, so I didn’t want it. I am so lost and sad!! How do people get through this????


Our Infidelity Advice for You

He will always hide things from you
by: Trina

I think if he hides these things from you that he said that he loved you, I’m sure he has many other things that he hidden from you. You only found these.

If he really loves you, he must control himself for your love. I don’t think that he cheated on you for a long time. He will be honest again and want to be honest with you. If yes, he must tell you all those things that he has hidden.

He cheated on you for more than 4 years? Then how can you be sure of him in future if you forgive him? He thinks that if you forgive him, he can continue again but this time he knows how to do those things so that you don’t find anything. He had 9 years to show you a real love, but when he hid things, in future he will try again. I hope that I could tell my meaning to you, and I hope that I don’t make you unhappy with my comment.

Think right with open eyes on the truth.


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Love-Hate Relationship

Love-Hate Relationship

by Nina

dating and relationshipsI like a guy who I never used to get along with. We are both 17 and go to school together. We hang around with the same small group of close friends but have never gotten along ourselves; we would argue about pretty much everything and always have conflicting opinions.

Over the past year or so, we have learned to get along better. We can hold a decent conversation and be nice to each other in the group. Anyway, I’ve also realized I like him. I tried to ignore it at first, but it’s been ages and it isn’t going away. I don’t know what to do.

While we get along better and don’t act like we hate each other anymore, it’s still pretty awkward between us outside of a group situation. It seems strange for me to even go up and say hi to him and would be weird for me to talk to him on facebook. Our friends often tease us about actually having a ‘love-hate’ relationship or secretly liking each other, which we have both always taken great offense to. This also means that when we are having a good conversation one of them will often make a remark and that will immediately end it. Neither of us have had a relationship before (that I know of), and I am pretty awkward and shy around guys in general, and it’s worse with him. I don’t think I’d have the confidence to go right up and tell him.

I have no idea if he would feel the same, sometimes I think I notice possible signs but I suspect I’m just over-reading pointless things. How can I drop hints that I might like him without being obvious, and how can I pick up clues that he might like me more easily?

We really don’t have much in common, like I said we have very conflicting opinions about everything from trivial things to deeper matters, and we have completely different personalities and like different things. It’s the perfect love-hate-relationship I have a lot of trouble starting a conversation with him that isn’t awkward or obvious.

I really like him and I don’t think it’s going to go away anytime soon. Could you give me any hints on how I can talk to him without it being awkward? How can I hint to him that I might like him and read into whether he might feel the same? How can I develop a better friendship with him? Is there even any point in a relationship between two such completely different people?


Our Advice to You

This Happened to me too!
by: Samantha

There was this guy in high school that I faught with all the time. We were downright cruel to each other!

A few years later, we met at a party and hit it off immediately. We started dating and it was super hot since all of the tension build up over the years. I highly recommend it!

I think your problem will be with your other friends. They will probably make this very difficult and make you guys regret your decision. The goal should be to hook up in private until you just can’t take it any more, then you can go public and be sure to let them know the you two have been together for a long time. That way, they can’t do anything that will influence how you feel about each other.

Now how to get together… No one can be blamed for what they dream. When you guys are alone, tell him that you had a dream about him. When he asks about it, tell him about you guys doing something then falling into each others arms for the perfect kiss. Be descriptive and vivid!

He has two options: to kiss you or make some rude comment. Don’t get offended at the rude comment; it’s how you guys treat each other. If he does say something smarmy, counter with “I know, but I woke up with my heart pounding! I’ve been so busy battling with you, it just made me realize how cute you are.”

Then flick him in the nose and skip off.

Did I just say that? YES! Plant a seed and see how it grows! It might happen right away, or it might take awhile, but you just turned the tables to flirty so you won’t blow it by coming out blubbering how much you love him only to have him laugh. You can get him. Just stay flirty.

If you need more info, check out The Art of Irresistible to learn how to captivate him completely.


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What does he feel?

What does he feel?

by Jenny
(Carroll Maryland US)

dating and relationshipsMy boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and two months now. But I have noticed a lot of changes throughout him during the last couple of weeks. I can’t figure out what does he feel.

About 3 weeks ago I found out that he cheated on me with another girl so I broke up with him. He tried his hardest to get me back, and he apologized for everything. He lost contact with her in every way, but now he after we got back together he does not act the same.

Usually he would tell me he loves me all the time, and hug me or hold my hand in public but now he rarely hugs me. Whenever something is wrong with me & I say “nothing” he just says “okay” & walks away.

I need help to know what I should do, I am really attached to him but I feel like he doesn’t feel the same about me. I ask him if he does and he swear he still loves me, but it isn’t the same feeling from before. Please help!!!

Continue reading

Love that Never Fades

Love that Never Fades

dating and relationshipsby Verna Villegas

It was late in the evening when I called him to ask how he was. We had been talking for almost five minutes and he happily said to me, “I have a new girlfriend.” I was so shocked because we were still in a relationship.

Actually we’ve been together for almost five years but because of my internship here in Korea we decided to keep the relationship open. I left him with my sweetest smile and told him not to be lonely. I was sad to find that after only one month he told me that he was in love.

I told him, “I’m happy for you.” Two months later after that he said, “We will be getting married.”

Really? “OK.”

Just keep it up.

Until now, almost two weeks have past. Still I hurt and felt sad for being dumped by him. I became more strong though I miss him. I still love him so much.

One thing is for sure: God made all things beautiful in his time. I put my trust in God who knows everything about it. And then I was inspired because of love. This is a love that never fades.


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Horrible Online Dating Experience to Cry About

Horrible Online Dating Experience to Cry About

by Jena
(Huntington Beach, CA)

dating and relationshipsI met a PHD attorney on-line on We talked, emailed and he appeared to be a man of character. He had a regulated personality (Selman’s 5th Perseptive). In other words someone that should have it alllllllll together at age 62.

We decided to meet in San Clemente and he would drive to Del Mar for the Kentucky Derby horse races and then on to do something fun for the rest of the afternoon.

He pulled up in an old car, dressed in jeans/ok, clean look. He was pleasant and nice to me, but not my match, but I decided to give it a try. I was kind, nice, and happy the entire time.

Long story short, after the race he took me to a after race meet-up with his friends. A lovely group of gambling alcoholics. He had drink after drink and I lost count. He was totally “DRUNK” and offered to drive me back to San Clemete. I refused. I’m a Nurse and nooooo way would I drive with someone drunk.

I tried to drive him home, but he didn’t know the way. He became verbally abusive in the car and after driving 25 minutes with him, I decided to turn back to the restaurant. I didn’t know what else to do with him. I tried to order dinner for both of us. Two plates showed up at the table and the man got up and left. Where he went, I had no clue.

I decided to leave. I got a taxi to the train station but I missed the last train and couldn’t get back to San Clemete that night.

I began to cry in desperation!!

As it turned out, I believe God sent two SD college students who were at the station that offered to drive me to San Clemente… 35 minutes on the 405 away!

NEVER AGAIN! Terrible Scary Ordeal and never again will I agree to meet someone again that far away without my car.


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I’m Over It

I’m Over It

by Carla Guadalupe Becerril Salgado
(Temoaya, Mexico)

dating and relationshipsOkay I am only 16 years old I just broke up the person that I wanted to be with the rest of my life. It hurts mostly because we ended up so bad I told him that I hated him, that I was sorry I ever met him that I was glad that we never got serious. He said he didn’t care. Once, we both thought that we were in love. We wanted to get married and we wanted to have kids later on in our lives but it all crumbled to bits.

This is my story: so my family and I moved back to Mexico in 2008 we were excited at the moment but it didn’t last for me I entered in a new middle school where I met my ex. I was only 12. I had a big crush on him and I found out that he did too. We started dating but he was a year ahead of me so he left me behind when he graduated.

I was very sad but he visited me once in a while. One day just playing around with my friends, I kissed one of them. His brother saw me and told him. We broke up. Yeah, I know that I am a horrible person for doing that.

2 weeks later we got back together. He looked for me and told me that he loved me. I told him that I was so sorry and I truly was. I admit that I messed up but when we started to date again he was a real jerk. He made me do things that I didn’t want to do and got punished for them. This lasted a year or so. I was hearing a lot of things from others; that he was cheating on me, that he didn’t love me anymore, that he didn’t want to be with me. I didn’t care about that because I was blinded by my feelings.

A month before I graduated from jr. high, he broke up with me and I knew he was with someone else. He even took her to my graduation. It was horrible so I cried for months. When I went to high school I still had feelings for him. It sucked. Then he started to try to talk to me. I didn’t want to know anything about him but somehow 4 months later, we got back together. We talked a lot. I was the one who wanted to know how he was and then he said that the second time that we were together it was only to make me pay. I took him back anyway. what an awful decision. I know that was wrong doing that as I write. I realize that leaving him isn’t so bad. He was some cost…

We were great for a while. I only wanted to be by his side and love him. We had so many plans for the future. I was going to finish college and we were going to live together then get married far away from here like in the fairy tales, but I didn’t trust him and that was a problem. We had a lot of fights and it looked as if we didn’t love each other anymore. Two days ago I broke up with him because I finally saw how much he hurt me. At this point, he only treated me like crap. I felt like I was worth less than nothing. Now, I’m over it. I feel better now I know that I was sincere and I know I’ll do great things in life.

If someone reads this they’ll probably think I am crazy; that I only hurt myself. They’ll say that I am too young for this, but I’m not. And I’m glad that at least for once I experienced love true love even if I was the only one that felt it.


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He Used a Coupon

He Used a Coupon on our First Date!

by DolphinGirl
(Florida Keys)

dating and relationshipsI met this guy on Catholic Mingle and he seemed sweet. We had all the same interests and he had a boat. I’ve always wanted to learn how to waterski so I was excited he was willing to teach me.

We chatted for about a week and both decided it was time to do that first in-person meet up.

This is where things got weird.

I suggested we go to this new mexican place downtown. Everyone who had gone there said is was fabulous and the drinks were outstanding. He stuttered a bit and said we should go to an Indian place he knows about.

I told him that my body really doesn’t agree with curry. It’s like the only thing I can’t eat. He insisted we go there and convinced me there are a lot of things on the menu that don’t have curry in them. He said it will change my mind about Indian food.

Reluctantly, I agreed to go. We had our date set for Wednesday night and I must say I looked fabulous!

He showed up in this suit that was much too small for him and it made him look silly, but he was cute enough so I decided to see what might happen next.

There wasn’t much on the menu I could actually eat so I had some raita and pita bread and started drinking. He insisted a get an entree and ordered something for me. The talk at dinner was interesting, but I couldn’t stop staring at his tiny little suit.

When it came time for the check, He pulled out a coupon for a free entree when one of equal value is purchased! He only drank water so he said, “This will cover my part of the check and here’s $3 for the tip.”

I was floored! Who brings a coupon on the FIRST DATE? AND he made me order something so his meal would be free!

What a freak!

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Days are looking better

Days are looking better

by Gina, 28
(New York)

dating and relationshipsIt sucks to have your heart broken. I dated this guy for a year and he broke up with me because he didn’t see a future with me. I really liked him, I’ve never felt like that about someone else before. I miss him because he was such a great guy.

I always felt like I was lucky to have him, that it was a dream and then I woke up and he was gone. That day when he broke up with me replays in my head, it was awful. He broke my heart in half and I closed our book in that moment and never spoke to him again.

He made me feel beautiful, like I could do anything, be anyone.

Now its been 5 months…and the tears have dried up. I cried everyday on the subway to and from work, that whole hour for 3 months.

I know we’re over and finished, I don’t want to be with him but the pain is there.

I’m waiting for it to be totally gone.

And now…well, I am on my way to being over him.


Our Breakup Advice for You

Go Girl!
by: Samantha

Breakups take the best parts of you away. And I know now it feels like you’ll never love that way again, but you will. It just takes a little time.

In the mean time, it’s time to start being interested again.


That’s right! You’ve gotten through the “wet” stage and learned that you can put eyeliner back on again, so now it’s time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do!

Take some classes. Go on some trips. Discover your world. This breakup is not the end of you, it’s the end of the old, boring you who never followed her dreams and never got anything she really wanted.

Get out there and do something awesome. That train commute can be spent typing away on a laptop for your very own website. Ever thought of Parasailing…?

Whatever it is, it will make you heal faster when you are passionate about something new.

There’s a great book called Heal My Heart that I think you’ll LOVE.

Keep on track and know we’re her to help!


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The Final Breakup

The Final Breakup

by Vesper, 14

dating and relationshipsI know this might sound ridiculous.

I’m 14 and from England. me and my boyfriend broke up a month ago and I’m still in bits

we were so close, we had so many memories, i loved him soo much, i would die for him. we broke up a couple of times in the past but he would come running back to me. so this time i thought he would. but he still hasn’t.

what happened: one day he went to Cadets and didn’t say bye or anything, then i got these texts after he finished saying ‘suck me baby’ so i texted back saying “who is this.” he didn’t text back so i was getting a bit worried. so i bbm’ed his best friend saying “where’s sam(my ex)” and he bbm’ed back saying he’s cheating on me with this girl that i hated, and then he told me to look at my wall on facebook. he posted a picture up of sam and this girl pretending to have sex.

Because of what i heard i was scared, so i had a go at sam and the next day he texted me saying “we’re over and this is the last time I’m breaking up with you.” i was heartbroken and still am.

now we’re not talking and he hates me and has another girlfriend. all his friends text me saying ha HATES you and is NEVER going to get back with you. because he came back before i still have hope. i just hope one day that he finds out what he’s missing. thanks 🙂

any help in the meantime?


Our Dating Advice to You

Sucks Being 14
by: Roberto

I’m not about to tell you anything you really want to hear…

When a dude is 14, he’s about as distractable as humans can possibly be. I was a cruel monster at that age and although I had some pretty deep relationships, as soon as the next interesting thing happened, I was out of there. I still feel a little guilt for the way I ended some of those relationships (sorry Nancy!). But at the time, I didn’t care and thought I was cool for being such an ass.

Girls mature way faster than guys and in no other situation can this be proven over and over again.

I’m not sure you can ever have another chance to be with Sam since his friends are already involved and he won’t want to look like a wimp to them by taking you back.

Right now, you should focus on healing after a heartbreak and think of ways to grow from this turmoil.

It sounds like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders so don’t do anything that looks like a step backward.

Take some time to rediscover yourself and good Luck!


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Meant to be

Meant to be

by Janice, 35

dating and relationshipsMy boyfriend and I were meant to be. He and I met when we were 15 and 16 through mutual friends. I thought he was funny, a bit of a smart@ss, but a good guy.

All through High School we got along great. I thought the world of him, just never thought of him romantically. He and one other guy we knew were the two guys I thought the world of… the other incidentally later married my best friend!

After High School he got mixed up with an older woman, had kids, was married and had several relationships and jobs that didn’t work out. I moved away, spent the next few years spinning my wheels, not really doing or amounting to anything, just partying because I had no direction. I got mixed up in a few relationships that were definitely destructive to me. I kept changing jobs because I still did not know what I wanted.

Little did I know that he was basically doing the same thing in another part of the country. Three years ago I saw an old picture of him in a group on facebook. I wondered where he was, how he was. I typed in his name….nothing came up. Months later I was getting ready for bed one night. I decided to go on facebook before bed. I had a friend request….guess who it was???

I instantly let out an ‘OMG!’ He was online and we talked for a few minutes. Over the next couple of weeks we talked more. It didn’t take long to realize that he, even though he never said anything, had been thru a lot. I was scared to ask. I decided to drive down to where he was living to see him.

I must admit I was a little concerned as to who I would find after 13 years but I went because something in me told me if I do anything in this life I need to do this! We were really happy to see each other. It was awkward at first for sure, but it got easier. We were watching TV and talking when we both noticed at the same time that we were both singing the same old country songs on a time life commercial.

Thats where it all started… we soon discovered that we liked almost all the same things. We would spend six hours a night on the computer or the phone. Every couple of weeks one of us would travel to see the other. Finally after 4.5 months of that, he moved in with me. My parents were not impressed even though I was 33 at the time.

That’s when things started to get hard. My mother wouldn’t talk to me for a year. I became very depressed and gained alot of weight. For Christmas that year, he saved his money and got me the instrument that I have wanted since I was a kid. He was there every day when I cried. He was patient, understanding, and comforting. I helped him sort out some things in his life that were messed up and he gave me the encouragement and love to overcome some of the emotional trauma’s that I had put myself thru.

Together we make a pretty good team. 2.5 years later, we are still together, still love each other as much as we once did and we are the best of friends. We don’t do anything without the other person. I have never been the type to spend every waking minute with someone but he is so easy to have around. We rarely argue or fight and when we do its over as soon as it starts…

We have the same kind of kindness about us and we think the same way about alot of things. What one doesn’t have the other does. I’m not patient and I get overly emotional, he stays calm. He doesn’t do well under pressure and with critical thinking but I do. We couldn’t be any more well suited for each other. Had I only seen 20 years ago what I see now, we wouldn’t have missed out on the years in between. That doesn’t matter because all the years and all the miles between us and we found each other again.

I have never met a guy that I couldn’t imagine living without except for him… We were simply meant to be!


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Seducing The ONE

Seducing The ONE

by Sarah
(Upstate, New York)

dating and relationshipsWell, like lots of women, I have had a dream guy in mind for years. Tall, blond, blue eyes, and adventurous, to name a few items on my list. I live in a rural area where it is hard to meet new people. This led me to try online dating sites.

At first I was a little hesitant to go out with anyone, not sure what to expect. Eventually I started going on some dates. They were all bombs. It would be so hard to sit through dates with guys that I just wasn’t into.

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it usually turned out to be a dud before the first date was even over. I probably went on about 20 dates with different guys, and then… I found him. The guy of my dreams pulls up in his car, and I was speechless.

He was everything that I want in someone, smart, funny, and unbelievably handsome. I pulled out all the subtle tricks I know. I made prolonged eye contact, even when it felt so intense I thought I would melt. I mirrored his body language.

We made jokes and had great conversation. He seemed interested, but unsure if he should make a move. When he mentioned his “messy” hair, I took the opportunity to touch it and say how great it looked and how hot curly hair is. When he made a playfully mean joke I lightly punched his arm and sauntered away with my sexiest walk to the ladies room.

By the end of the date he was right where I wanted him, but he thought that he had done it all. So when he went in for the kiss it was a no-brainer.

I have had some experience being a “booty call” in the past. So when he tried to have things go further than our intense kissing make out session, I pulled together all my willpower and said that I had to get going, because I had plans to meet friends later. I actually had no such plans, but it worked. He called me the next day and asked me when we could meet again.

I am so glad I found this site because it has helped me to identify where I should go from here. He is a definite keeper, so the game of seduction continues…

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Can Guys and Girls Really be Friends?

Can Guys and Girls Really be Friends?

dating and relationshipsby Missylove
(Birmingham, UK)

There is this guy, we are very close friends. I’m sort of the only female friend he has. We always chill with each other and every friday we have movie night at mine. He helps me when i really need him like finding me a house, a job, places i can go for holiday…

Basically we are very close and i have a big crush on him.

I kept it secret for months. I don’t know if he likes me or not. He gives me signals that he also like me but I don’t trust them. Right now I’m on my holiday too Sweden where we both came from but we live in the UK.

During my holiday, i wanted to tell him how i feel so 3 days ago i emailed him telling him that I like him and he hasn’t replied yet! He hasn’t got a number for me and I don’t even know if he read my email or not. I don’t know why he hasn’t replied. plz help…!!!!! And plz tell me can guys and girls really be friends?

What does it take for a guy to really care about his friend who’s a girl? And how do I know if he likes me or not?

please help me I’m going mad’s always in my head..and i can’t stop thinking negative…


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He Was My Best Friend

He Was My Best Friend

by Dani
(New Hampshire)

dating and relationshipsBack on October 31st, me and my friend, Jessica, went to a place called Charming Fare Farm in Candia, NH. We went on this hay ride and it was just me and my friend on the cart.

All of a sudden, these 2 maniacs jumped onto the cart and scared me. They had bats and masks on so I was terrified. I jumped into my friends lap and I was crying. (you may find no connection from this to the rest of the story but I promise it will make sense)

Later in November/early December, my friend Amber invited me into a private chat room. In the chatroom there were a couple of my friends and some boy whom I didn’t know. I didn’t talk with him in the chat and this happened almost everytime we got invited into a chatroom. Amber, my friend, was talking to him one night and I asked who it was. She said, “His name is Mikey. Last summer, our friend Devon met him at Canobie (an amusement park located in Salem NH) by saying ‘i really want a highfive’ and he turned around and gave her a highfive.'”

After that, Amber introduced us on Myspace. We started talking more often. Me and Mikey got pretty close and we both had a crush on each other, but we didn’t date cause we hadn’t met each other… or so we thought(by the way,he lives about 30 minutes from me so it wasnt super long distance).

One night on the phone, we discovered the person at Charming Fare farm that scared me WAS Mikey. How ironic! We continued to get close, but then he got into a relationship but they broke up a couple months later.

BUT while they were dating, she put him through a lot, by liking other guys and just being very rude. According to him,that’s when his feelings got really strong for me. So FINALLY almost a year later, we met.

We went to nightmare new england together. That night we kissed twice… just a peck and we held hands and he held me and it was all perfect. He was flirting by picking me up and bringing me to the monsters walking around.

It was so perfect so we went again a couple weeks later with a bunch of friends. We kissed a lot, again just pecks. It was exactly the same except more kissy and lovey. He told me he was in love with me. I loved him too and we both wanted to be together.

A month later, he got into a relationship with his current girlfriend, Marissa aka Zombie(she calls herself that). Mikey had told me it was because the distance and once I get my license we will date. Later, I found out the real reason. His friend Phelan had told Mikey that I sent Phelan dirty pictures of me, which was not true. I asked Phelan about it and he denied it, so I showed Mikey the ‘evidence’ and we started getting lovey again(keep in mind he was still with his gf).

He told me we will be together and he still has all his feelings for me, but at the time he was trying to lose them cause he thought I was the one lying.

Last month, I told him i didn’t want to wait and he has to chose (also remember he’s in love with me and only likes her alot) and he said he doesnt know. I was ready to forget about him, but he told me not to. He was working on losing feelings for Marissa to make it easier on himself but also her.

Me and Mikey planned on losing our virginity to each other, but then he had sex with marissa (he put it in her, but took it out because it hurt her too much) So it was kind of like having sex?

He told me he will choose who he wants, and if it’s me he will lose her in 2 weeks at most.
A week later, Marissa found out about me and Mikey. We denied it.

The next day (my birthday) I saw I was deleted from his myspace so I called to ask wht was going on,but he didn’t answer. Jessica drove me there
only to have Mikey tell me that he’s chosing his girlfriend.

This sucked but I was more worried about our friendship. He has yet to talk to me,he didnt say happy birthday and apparently he just needs space. I have no idea what I did wrong and no idea why he won’t talk to me. I need help because he is my best friend and I still feel we have something.

There is this one song I played the night we met and it follows me and him around… all the time. I feel it’s a sign, and also how we met is so crazy that I feel there’s more. I’m not suicidal. I’m actually an optimist, so I try looking on the bright side of everything:)

I just want the best, most honest advice I can get.


Our Love Advice to You

Don’t be blind
by: Roberto

Unfortunately, you’re discovering the difference between what people say and what people do.

The best advice, actions speak louder than words! Sure he said he loved you and only liked her, but he’s dating her. Some of this can be chalked up to the fact that she lives in his town and you (without a car) might as well live in France. You are both young and it’s simple economics to date a girl that you can be with a lot more.

All is not lost! You don’t have to give up on Mikey. Once you get a car, and he starts driving, things might have a better chance. Right now, it’s your job to put him on the back burner and start living your life again. Stop MySpace stalking him and just be cool. Right now, he thinks that he will always have you if things don’t work out.

Never allow a guy to think this way about you… ever! He has to know that he will lose you if he ever acts like a jackass. It will make him want to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Who knows, this might just be your first love who grows out of being an idiot kid and looks you up years later (when he’s actually ready to rock your world).

Play now. Let him go. He might come back if you drop him completely.


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