The Ring

The Ring

by F.G.B. – 13 yrs. old

dating and relationshipsIt has been a year, but still, memories are very fresh, as if it happened yesterday. It was September 2013.

I had my boyfriend, his name is Ash. We’ve been together since we’re children. Actually, we’re childhood sweethearts. He courted me when I was 11, and with no 2nd thought, I answered him “yes” for I had loved him since we’re children.

Many of our friends told us that we look good together, that we’re compatible. Our parents knew about our relationship and they approve of this, they even support us and give us some points on how to make our relationship last. Everything went so well.. almost perfect.. but something happened during my birthday, it was our anniversary.

September 8, 7:00 in the morning: he called me, greeting me, “happy anniversary.” My heart sank in joy. He had always remembered it, and then I replied “happy anniversary too.” After that, I’ve been waiting for him to greet me happy b-day but he didn’t. He bid me good-bye on phone and when he was about to hang-up the phone, I told him “wait!” He asked me what, and then I said “do you remember something? aside from our anniversary?” Then he responded “No. nothing” After that he hung-up the phone. I felt sad, for all of the years we’ve been together, this is the first time he’d forgotten about my b-day.

Is this because of Jane? I asked myself, because there are rumors spreading in our campus that Jane and Ash are dating. Some of my friends even showed me pictures, which I denied and told them they’re just friends..

When school ended, we went to the mall, ate together and watched movie as usual. We exchanged gifts as usual, he gave me a box with a heart shaped necklace that can be opened to put pictures inside. But I only received 1 and it is for our anniversary, even though today is my b-day.

When we’re walking on the road, with many buses and cars passing by, I asked him, “Don’t you remember something?”
“Uhm… nope.” he replied

It broke my heart. How come he’d forgotten about my b-day??

“I hate you!! it’s also my b-day you know! yet, you forgot it!! you’ve forgotten about your promise!” 3 months ago, he’d promise to give me a ring for my birthday.

“Maybe, it’s true that you and Jane are dating!” I continued, and then I threw the box with the necklace in the road. He went to pick it up with a face so sad, and then suddenly a car is coming after him, and them BOOM! He laid there with blood spilling everywhere. I shouted for help. I went beside him and wiped the blood in his face while tears run down my cheeks. Then, he smiled weakly, and giving the box with the necklace to me and said “Happy anniversary and happy b-day, keep this..” then he collapsed.

When we’re in the hospital, his parents soon arrived, sobbing and everything. I was waiting outside the E.R., waiting for the doctors result. The doctor came out and said he’s alive, but he’s 50-50.. he was moved to ICU.

I was inside his room, holding his hand and then I notice that I’m still holding the box with the necklace. I opened the pendant, instead of our picture, a note was written there. FLIP THE PAPER INSIDE THE BOX. Under that paper, was a gold ring, just a simple one, and there’s our picture with a note, it said:

My dearest Grace,

I hope you like this ring, this is what I promised to you, I’m sorry if I didn’t greet you happy b-day in the morning and pretended I forgot it. I just wanted to surprise you. I love you so much, you’re the sunshine of my life, you’re the moon of my night. I know we’re too young, but I want to tell you that I want to marry you when we grow up.

I’m sorry if you believe that I and Jane are dating, but we’re not. I am only begging for her help, for she knows what kind of ring you like. I’m sorry if it’s just simple, I don’t have enough money and I don’t have enough things to sell, but I hope you like it. Happy anniversary and happy birthday!! Remember that I’ll always love you.. for my heart is always with you.


While reading this, tears are running down my cheeks and I can’t believe what I was reading. He’s just trying to be romantic with me and yet, I was so childish and I caused his accident. I wear the ring and the necklace. I kept the photo in my pocket, and I leaned forward to kiss him in his forehead. I whispered in his ear:

“I’m so sorry I am childish, I should have been mature. I love you, and my heart is also with you, and yes, I will marry you when we’re fully grown-up. Always remember you’re my first and last true love in my life.”

Those we’re my exact words to him, and after I said it to him, he gently opened his eyes, he looked at me, he smiled weakly and said:

“I’ll always love you, my sunshine”

Then slowly, his eyes closed, his hand slipped in mine and he died.

Yes, it has been 5 months, but still, I love him. I promised to myself I’ll never love other boy again, for my heart is with him. I still can’t move on. My morning is cloudy, for there’s no sun. My night is very dark, for there’s no moon. It’s too late now that I’d realized, material things are nothing, compare to the love you are receiving.

Until now, I keep the ring he had given me. Even though I’m just 13 years old, I don’t call my experience a puppy love, but true love, yes, true love. Now that Ash had left me in this dark and hideous world, I don’t know my purpose for living. I will live, but I promised my self never to fall for others, for Ash is the only one for me.


Our Love Advice to You

Time heals all wounds
by: Trina

Oh Grace,

This story made me feel so sad for you. I wish I could be there in person to hug you and tell you everything will get better.

Unfortunately, knowing that one day you’ll be able to move on and celebrate Ash’s life but living a great life yourself brings you no comfort right now.

It is important for you to remember him and remember your love. It’s also important to grieve and sit quietly with your loss.

The sun will come out again, I promise! But it will take awhile til you’ll be able to see it.

For now, just be strong and keep your promise to keep living and feel lucky that you were able to share many perfect moments that most people will live their whole lives and never witness.


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