He Faded Out of the Relationship

He Faded Out of the Relationship

by collegegirlNk

dating and relationshipsMy ex and I dated near three years, mostly long distance. The first year was fine. He loved me to death, a nice gentleman, spoke to me nearly every day. Of course, half the time we spent arguing over pointless things but in the end we always got a good laugh out of it.

Then things started going downhill for him which changed him through and through. He started hanging with the wrong crowd and treating me badly, disrespecting me and such. Soon after he got out of the crowd, his grandmother died who he was close to then a few short months later his mom died from a wreck. He was so devestated and depressed. He couldn’t sleep over nightmares and so he would call or text me and I would stay up with him talking no matter school night or not.

Eventually he started pulling further away from me and he just faded out of the relarionship. He wouldn’t tell me how he was feeling, he became snappy and moody. He even quit some of his favorite hobbies over the situtation. I know everyone handles deaths differently and I gave him space did all I could to help him because I have been in similar situation before, but nothing seemed to help. Sometimes he even went to the point he wouldn’t argue with me anymore. He would just tell me the famous words “Whatever, do what you like.”

He was slowly crushing my heart and it nearly killed me being so far from him not being able to help him more. His mood continued to sour worse. He soon started leaving big gaps between communicating with me days sometimes weeks. I finally gave in almost two years later by breaking up with him. Even then, he didn’t even seem to care that much, he told me it was probably for the better.

So here I am a few months later still wondering if I did wrong or right on my part, I still care about him but the guy who I fell in love with and who loved me in return isn’t there anymore. Now and then, the last few months of the relationship he would act his normal self for a few mins but then slip into back being Mr Grump.

I’m coming into near a year since the breakup and I got myself back to not dating because I am one of those girls who likes being independent and not very thrilled about most guys who attempt to woo me.

As for my ex, I hear rumors from friends and lately he has been trying to re-establish contact with me online over the last month so it pretty much was a sad ending for us both, but as he said perhaps it was for the best.


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